Quotation1 Passive Combatant - Becomes invincible when he's squatting, so he's very passive. Quotation2
— Description, Tails Adventure Japanese manual[2]

The Passive Combatant (消極的戦闘員 Shoukyokuteki Sentouin?)[2] is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventure. They are anthropomorphic avian foot soldiers of the Battle Kukku Empire who uses firearms.


Passive Combatants are humanoid birds slightly taller than Tails. They have sharp orange beaks and feet, and a white plumage. Their large heads are covered by emerald green helmets which are shaped like a shark fin and have black goggles. They also wear green torso armor and have blue spats on their feet.

Powers and abilities

The Passive Combatants are able to use laser weapons and have passable marksman skills.


The Passive Combatants wears a thick set of armor which can protect them perfectly from harm when in the right position. Each also wields a laser gun for a weapon.



In Tails Adventure, Passive Combatants are found in Coco Island and Battle Fortress, where they appear either in groups or individually. These enemies avoid direct confrontation and snipe from some very obvious hiding places. When attacking, they quickly rise up for a couple of seconds to fire a projectile before ducking down again to repeat the pattern. If the player is not close to them, they only duck up and down. In Battle Fortress, they are positioned so they can fire from small holes.

While ducked down, the Passive Combatants cannot be damaged, so the player must wait for them to stand up before they are vulnerable. Upon being defeated, a Passive Combatant may drop a Ring for the player to pick up.



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