Party supplies are various items that are intended to be used for a party, such as invitations, tableware, party favors, and balloons. The following are the list of Sonic-themed party supplies.

Name Image Description
Classic Sonic Invitation Card
This is a classic birthday card with a poem inside it, ending with an invitation.

The poem reads:

He's burning
Sneakers churning
He's zoomin' fast
Blastin' past
With wishes
Just for you
Sonic X Mylar Party Balloon
This is a Mylan (metallic) balloon used for parties. It is around 34 inches tall.
Sonic Lunch Plate
This is a Sonic paper lunch plate.
Sonic Deluxe Party Kit Sonic Deluxe Party Kit A huge kit that contains all required tableware for 8 guests. For an additional charge, it also comes with favor kits and extras to complete the party. There are 4 versions of this kit, entitled "basic party kit", "super party kit", "deluxe party kit" and "ultimate party kit". The super, deluxe and ultimate kits come with a special tablecloth that isn't available as an individual item.
Sonic Giant Wall Decals Sonic Giant Wall Decals A set of easy-to-apply decals to stick on a wall. It contains a 4-foot tall Sonic decal with four small Ring decals, and an 'S' emblem as seen on many other party supplies and the Sonic the Hedgehog logo. An alternate version features Tails instead of Sonic.
Sonic Stand-Up Sonic Stand-Up A huge stand-up of Sonic. It is unassembled in its package but is easy to build. It is not meant to be a decoration nor a centerpiece, but can be used for a photograph. It is considered oversized by and is therefore only available in the USA.
Sonic Party Favor Kit Sonic Party Favor Kit A kit containing empty favor boxes and items to fill them with. The items are flying disks, bouncy balls, tops, notepads, crayons, tattoos and stickers. All of the individual items can be purchased separately, except the tops and crayons which are exclusive to this kit.
Sonic Goody Bags
These are goody bags which each consist of two temporary tattoos, an Air Heads fruit chew, a bucket of blue slime, a spinning top, a blue bouncing ball and six character stickers.
Sonic Empty Favor Boxes Sonic Empty Favor Boxes A set containing 4 easy-to-close favor boxes for loot bags. Items to put in the boxes are not included, but can be purchased separately. Each box features Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman and the 'S' emblem on its sides.
Sonic T-shirt Sonic T-shirt A shirt that can be purchased from It is only available in four sizes. An adult version as well as larger sizes are coming soon.
Sonic Invitations Sonic Invitations A set of 8 invitations in the style of Sonic. They are in neat card shape. The invitations read "You're invited... to a Sonic the Hedgehog party! For, Date, Time, Place, RSVP".
Sonic 'Thank You' Cards Sonic 'Thank You' Cards A set containing 8 Sonic-themed "thank you" cards. These cards have a very similar design to the invitations and feature a large space inside to write a message.
Sonic Stickers Sonic Party Stickers A set containing 4 sheets of Sonic character stickers. The stickers feature 4 characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow. One sheet of these stickers is also in the favor kit.
Sonic Tattoos Sonic Tattoos A set containing 8 tattoos featuring Sonic and Tails. Sonic's pose depicts his artwork from Sonic Classic Collection, while Tails' pose matches his sticker. All are temporary. Two of these tattoos are also in the favor kit.
Sonic Flying Disks Sonic Flying Disks A set of three 3.5 inch Frisbees featuring Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles. One of these disks is also in the favor kit.
Sonic Bouncy Balls Sonic Bouncy Balls Two bouncy balls, one featuring an embroidered Sonic on the inside and the other featuring the Sonic the Hedgehog logo.
Sonic Place-mats Sonic Place-mats A set of 4 place mats, each featuring Sonic, Tails and the 'S' emblem. There are games and activities to play on the back.
Sonic Plates Sonic Plates A set of 8 plates featuring a large Sonic and a tiny Sonic the Hedgehog logo. They are designed for serving savory food.
Tails Dessert Plates Tails Dessert Plates A set of 8 plates featuring a large Tails. As the name suggests, they are smaller plates specifically designed for serving cake and other desserts.
Sonic Napkins Sonic Napkins A set of 16 napkins featuring Sonic, useful for cleaning up and serving. Dessert napkins featuring Tails are coming soon.
Sonic 'S' Emblem Cups Sonic 'S' Emblem Cups A set of 8 cups featuring the 'S' emblem as seen on many other party supplies. The cups originally featured Sonic, but this was removed.
Sonic Notepads Sonic Notepads A set of 8 notepads featuring the 'S' emblem as seen on many other party supplies. They were criticized at first as they didn't come with drawing utensils, so they now come with crayons. One of these notepads is also in the favor kit.
Sonic Centerpiece Sonic Centerpiece A moderately large centerpiece featuring Sonic, the 'S' emblem and rings. The images on the sides are embossed to create a 3-D effect. This centerpiece replaced the Sonic Mega Collection centerpiece. The rings near the top are in the same formation as the favor boxes. Assembly is required for this product.
Sonic Hanging Centerpiece
This is a party centerpiece to be hung on the ceiling.
Sonic Party Streamers
These are glittering party streamers with discs on the end of them. They comprise of blue, red and yellow.
Sonic Piñata Sonic pinata A kids' piñata shaped like Sonic. It depicts artwork from Sonic Advance 3
Sonic Chaos Emerald Sours SourEmeraldCandy A tin shaped like Classic Sonic's head which contains candy sours that resemble Chaos Emeralds.
Sonic Water Gun Sonic Party - Water Gun A blue and yellow water gun that sprays water up to 20 feet. It features the Sonic logo.
Sonic 18-inch Foil Balloon Sonic Party - Balloons A foil balloon that is 18 inches in diameter and features two different pieces of Sonic artwork from the games.
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