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The Party Mode map

Party Mode is a special mode of Sonic and the Secret Rings and is accessible from the game's main menu. The mini-games are the main focus of this mode. In all of this, Party Mode offers forty mini-games. The mini-games are accessed through a number of different modes which are labelled as "attractions". Omochao acts a guide through each attraction.


Party Mode is designed for four players at once, with computer players filling in for any absent humans, similar to the Mario Party series and Sonic Shuffle.

By default players can choose from Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose. Additionally, Shadow, Cream, Silver and Blaze can be unlocked as prizes for gaining a certain amount of Fire Souls in Adventure mode.


The mini-games revolve around the motion controls of the Wii, however the Nintendo GameCube controller can also be used for players 2-4. Player 1 must use the Wii remote. To use a Nintendo GameCube controller, plug it in the slot for the respective player.


World Library

The World Library allows you to scroll through the mini-games and play them one by one as you please.

Additionally it contains the Final X Adventure which is unlocked after obtaining all the fire souls in adventure mode. In Final X Adventure you go through as many mini-games as you can before losing one. Once you lose one to a computer opponent, your game ends and your high-score is recorded.

Tournament Palace

Each player is placed in four different windows in a castle and you must duel the person beside you.

Simply proceed and see if you can beat your opponents. Settings include the ability to configure the amount of games you play to allow for longer or shorter gameplay. One, three, or five rounds per duel can be changed.

Treasure Hunt

Players play mini-games and depending on the place they earn, they'll be able to travel along the board.

  • 1st Place earns you a 9-space movement.
  • 2nd Place earns you a 6-space movement.
  • 3rd Place earns you a 3-space movement.
  • 4th Place earns you a 2-space movement.

Players must locate the treasure Omochao indicates. It's okay if you fail to find the correct treasure as they'll remain in the same place even under the next treasure search unless someone changes the order. Large event spaces in the middle of each area (which must be landed on to reap the benefits) will allow you to influence the game either by moving you to the space of another player, shuffling all the treasure chests (frustrating for others but a great move if you're behind) or to search for a different treasure. There are twelve treasures in all.

First player who successfully locates three of the required treasures is the winner. The list of treasures include the following:

  • Gold coin
  • Silver coin
  • Gold bars
  • Jewel
  • Ring
  • Necklace
  • Dagger
  • Crown
  • Goblet
  • Jug
  • Lamp
  • Carpet

Genie's Lair

This attraction pits players in a lair of genies with a room full of treasure chests. Players that win a mini-game will be able to choose treasure chests to open and possibly earn some points. All opened treasure chests will remain open once the round has ended.

Once all the treasure boxes containing items (and not traps) have been found, the game will end.

Treasure boxes will contain one of the following items:

  • Silver Coin: 1-point value
  • Gold Coin: 3-point value
  • Gold Bar: 5-point value

They could also contain traps that will make you forfeit your turn, make you lose all your points and possibly have another effect on the game:

  • All the points you would have earned are given to another player.
  • All treasure chests will be shuffled around (Opened boxes will remain opened).
  • All treasure chests in the area will be opened and their contents will be temporarily visible to all players.

World Bazaar

The first unlockable attraction. Players use rings earned from mini-games to bid on Carpets that are being auctioned off. This game involves quite a bit of strategy, as you need to know when to buy which carpets and when to refuse them.

Every time you play, some carpets will be worth more than others due to their rarity. Some carpets can be extremely rare yet others may be very common. The common carpets will be worth less and less in the end as the game progresses. The rare carpets will be worth much more if only a few people bid on them.

At the end of the game (depends on how many rounds you set it to–it goes up to 20 Rounds), what carpets are really worth in the end is revealed to all players. The winning player is the one who earns the most points in the end.

Also, if you set this on in the configurations of this game, the King will choose a random carpet that will actually be worth double than it actually is. Hope for the rare ones–if you placed a bid on that one, that is.

Pirates Coast

Players take the roles of captains of their own respective pirate ships. Players must race to the secret treasure location at the end of the map by moving along the track. Players move based on their placement in the mini-games that are played every round.

  • 1st Place earns you a 10-space movement.
  • 2nd Place earns you a 6-space movement.
  • 3rd Place earns you a 4-space movement.
  • 4th Place earns you a 2-space movement.

The fastest you can complete the game in is either six rounds, if you get the right items. Some areas on the track will feature different Events that greatly affect gameplay.


  • Headwind - Your spaces can be divided in half on your next turn.
  • Tailwind - Your spaces can be doubled on your next turn.
  • Whirlpool - You'll miss your next turn.
  • Giant Fish - You'll be moved even more spaces.
  • Storm - You'll have to move back a certain number of spaces.


Fire Soul Unlockables

Fire Souls found in Adventure Mode are used for unlocking new attractions, mini-games and characters for Party Mode. Here's a list of all the unlockables that can be found in this mode (in the order you unlock them):

  • Mini-Game #22: Aim! Big Crossbow
  • Mini-Game #28: Sink 'em! Pirate Ship
  • Mini-Game #12: Row! Canoe Race
  • Mini-Game #29: Reel! Battle Fishing
  • New Character: Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Mini-Game #30: Thrust! Bone Knight
  • New Character: Cream the Rabbit
  • Mini-Game #31: Cross! Balance Race
  • Mini-Game #37: Watch out! Trap
  • Mini-Game #32: Put it out! Big Fire
  • New Attraction: World Bazaar
  • Mini-Game #33: Fly! Ptero-Rider
  • New Character: Silver the Hedgehog
  • Mini-Game #34: Spin! Propeller Race
  • New Character: Blaze the Cat
  • New Option: Extreme Difficulty
  • New Attraction: Final Adventure X


  • Party Mode was created by a different team of developers from those that worked on Adventure Mode in Sonic and the Secret Rings.
  • All mini-game names start with an interjection.
  • All of the music that is played during the party games are named some form of clothing. ("Purple Pants", "Yellow Sneakers", "Blue Shirt", etc.)
  • Cream is the only character in the Party Mode that is not in Sonic and the Black Knight.