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— Manual, Sonic Lost World (Wii U)

Parkour[1] is a moveset that appears in Sonic Lost World. It enables the user to perform certain moves to traverse on walls and ceilings.


Parkour allows the user to run, climb, grip and jump on horizontal or vertical surfaces by using several different specialized moves. With these moves, the user can navigate difficult terrain, reach hidden pathways and collectibles, evade attacks and maintain their momentum. Generally, the Parkour moveset can only be accessed whilst using the Dash technique.

List of Parkour moves

Wall Climb

Main article: Wall Climb (Parkour)

Sonic using the Wall Climb.

The Wall Climb[1] allows the user to run up almost any wall in Sonic Lost World. Typically, walls colored black and white cannot be climbed on. To use Wall Climb, the player has to hold WiiU-Button-ZR.png to Dash towards the specific wall without stopping.

Wall Jump

Main article: Wall Jump

Sonic using the Wall Jump.

The Wall Jump[1] only occurs during a Wall Climb; when the player is nearby another wall to their left/right, the player can press WiiDSA.png/DSB.png to jump from wall to wall.

Side Step

Main article: Side Step (Parkour)

Sonic using the Side Step.

The Side Step[1] occurs only during a Wall Climb; when the player needs to move left or right as they climb a wall, they can tilt the left analog stick or Controlpadds.png in the desired direction, then press WiiDSA.png/DSB.png to quickly hop to either side.

Wall Run

Main article: Wall Run

Sonic using the Wall Run.

The Wall Run[1] allows the user to run perpendicular on walls for a limited time. To use Wall Run, the player has to hold WiiU-Button-ZR.png to Dash diagonally towards a wall.

Wall Spin Dash

Main article: Wall Spin Dash

Sonic using the Wall Spin Dash.

The Wall Spin Dash[1] only occurs during a a Wall Climb or Wall Run; If the player needs a boost while running on a wall, they can press WiiU-Button-ZL.png (HD version) or Snnwiidsxbuttondisco.png/ButtonIcon-3DS-Y.png (Nintendo 3DS version) to go faster. While the technique can only be performed once during a Wall Climb, there is no limit to how many times the player can Wall Spin Dash during a Wall Run.


Main article: Hang

Sonic using the Hang.

The Hang[1] allows the user to grab on to handles and vines on a ceiling and swing across. After reaching the ceiling by using Wall Climb in the HD version, the player can press Snnwiidsxbuttondisco.png/Snnwiidsybuttondisco.png to grab ahold and use the analog stick to move. The player can also hold WiiU-Button-ZR.png whilst moving to move faster.


Main article: Vault

Sonic using the Vault.

The Vault[1] allows the user to vault over approaching low walls while Dashing. In the HD version of Sonic Lost World, the player can Vault by holding WiiU-Button-ZR.png to Dash toward a low wall.

Vault Dash

Main article: Vault Dash

Sonic using the Vault Dash.

The Vault Dash[2] only occurs during a Vault; in the HD version of Sonic Lost World, the player can press WiiU-Button-ZR.png during a Vault to Vault Dash right after climbing the ledge.


  • In real life, parkour is a sport that involves people performing tricks, usually in dangerous situations, (for example, performing a front-flip from one roof to the roof of a lower building, followed by a roll) all to keep one's speed and momentum.
  • If Parkour is used to climb walls for an extensive amount of time in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World, the user begins to sweat.
  • According to an interview with Takashi Iizuka during Summer of Sonic 2013, Parkour might possibly not be used in future Sonic games due to the moveset being specifically designed for Sonic Lost World.[3]


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