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The Park Token[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a collectable object which can be used to unlock cosmetic items.


Park Tokens are large spinning gold-colored tokens. Also, emblazed on each side of a Park Token is a sun/Ferris wheel with a five-pointed star in the center.


Sonic in front of a Park Token, from Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

In Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Park Tokens appear as a collectable item in Acts and on the Result Screen. In the Acts, the amount of Park Tokens in each Act varies. However, all of these Park Tokens are put in set positions which can be reached by the player. On the Result Screen on the other hand, earning an A or S-Rank will instead net the player one or three Park Tokens for collection.

When a park Token is collected, a jingle will play, and it will be added to the player's Park Token counter. Park Tokens can be spent at the Options Satellite to unlock cosmetic items.[1]


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