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The Parasite Snake is an enemy that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. They are a model of Destruction Troops created by Lyric the Last Ancient, with the ability to reboot Commando Husks.


The Parasite Snakes have snake-like bodies composed of grey threats held together by brown metal binds. They have a yellow eye with a slit-like pupil for a head, four collapsible lids for eyelids, and an appendage on the tip of their tail resembling a rattlesnake's.


Over a millennium ago, the Parasite Snakes were made by Lyric the Last Ancient to help with his plans to destroy the earth. When Lyric was imprisoned before fulfilling plans, the Parasite Snakes were shut down.[1] However, Lyric left some of them behind as a contingency plan so those that found them would set him free to learn the Parasite Snakes' secrets.[2] They were eventually found by Dr. Eggman who made them a part of his army, but after Lyric was freed, he reactivated and/or reclaimed his Parasite Snakes.

The Parasite Snakes are not as common as the Swordsman Troopers, but still one of the more common enemies. They are first encountered in Lyric's Tomb. In gameplay, the Parasite Snakes always appear in groups by emerging from small holes in the walls or ground.

In gameplay, Parasite Snakes attack by jabbing their target with their head. However, they are extremely weak, being defeated with one or two hits. What makes them dangerous is that they can reanimate Commando Husks, creating stronger and tougher enemies. When spotting one, the Parasite Snakes will head towards a Commando Husk and crawl into it, which will activate the Commando Husk a second afterwards. To prevent this, the player can either destroy the Commando Husks or the Parasite Snakes before they reach it. When a Parasite Snake is defeated, it releases a single Ring.

After Team Sonic defeated Lyric, all the Parasite Snakes were subsequently scrapped.


Basically, the Parasite Snakes are mindless and silent drones unwaveringly loyal to Lyric the Last Ancient, having been programmed to obey his every command.[1] Regardless, their loyalty is only superficial as the Parasite Snakes are only inanimate machines adhering to their programing, meaning their allegiance easily shifts when others takes control of them.

Powers and abilities

While not physically strong, the Parasite Snakes has the ability to reboot deactivated robots by inhabiting them.


  • The Parasite Snakes' name was not revealed in the final version of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. However, their name is listed in an unused biography for the game.[3]


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