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Panic Puppet Zone

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Looks like Robotnik hasn't even had time to place the Flickies into robots here. Sonic must be catching up to that evil genius! Bounce on the containers to free the Flickies inside, and make sure to avoid the bubble guns infesting the area.

— United States instruction booklet, Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn)[1]

Panic Puppet Zone is the seventh Zone of Sonic 3D Blast. As with the other Zones in this game, Panic Puppet consists of two standard Acts followed by a third Act containing only the boss fight.


This Zone is the core of the Doctor's operation on Flicky Island; a massive military/industrial complex bristling with conveyor belts, turrets, and trapdoors. At the very center of the Zone lies a gigantic, Robotnik-shaped tower, reminiscent of the one constructed in Stardust Speedway's Bad Future in Sonic the Hedgehog CD.


After defeating Robotnik at the Gene Gadget Zone, Sonic chases the doctor to the Panic Puppet Zone.


Panic Puppet Zone has a different Act structure to the preceding Zones; the first Act has Sonic rescuing Flickies that have not been turned into Badniks yet, and are simply held captive in containers instead of Badniks (Robotnik had no time to turn them into Badniks). The Flickies that need to be rescued include two blue Flickies, one purple Flicky, one red Flicky and one green Flicky.

In the second Act, there are no Flickies to free, and all the player must do is reach the end of the Zone. Robotnik has deployed an army of robots to stop Sonic in his tracks, and there are only a few Rings to be found in the Zone.

In terms of gameplay, it is essentially a palette swap of Gene Gadget Zone but with different Badniks and a few new features.


Act 1

Sonic has to rescue five Flickies total to proceed towards the goal. This time, the Flickies will be stationed inside glass containers scattered all around the stage. Gimmicks include levers to change the direction of conveyor belts, and elevators to transport Sonic to different portions of the base (one of which is a one-way direction). A secret, breakable wall can be found which contains a hidden room that houses a few Rings and an Extra life monitor.

Act 2

This Act does not have any Flickies to rescue, so Sonic simply has to make his way to the top of Robotnik's Tower while avoiding numerous traps and enemies from the previous Act. The only new trap appears to be a wall laser that periodically shoots lightning (its light at the top may hint at its activation). An Extra life monitor is hidden near the "stomach" portion of the tower. Near the end, a square shaped floor will open up once Sonic passes through it. However, this is not a pitfall trap of any kind. This is merely to prevent Sonic from returning back to the previous area(s). There are two sets of these he will pass through to signify the end of the Act (the second set is actually two separate floor panels on different paths. Even though they are separate paths, these two floor panels will be activated at the same time).

Act 3

Sonic drops down from the ceiling and prepares to fight Robotnik.


The third Act is the boss inside the Robotnik statue itself. It consists of three parts; the first part has the arms of the robot designed as spiked maces. Sonic must get near one to lure Robotnik into dropping it, then hit the flashing siren on the arm's shoulder to damage it.

The second part uses flamethrowers; the same fire that the Doctor weaponized for use in Volcano Valley Zone. When Robotnik's machine blows flames, Sonic must hit the flashing shoulder-pad again.

In the last part, Robotnik uses an ice cannon. The cannon can shoot multiple frozen bullets that bounce around on the floor and spread out. Sonic must stay in the corner of the cannon that's firing, as the pellets don't tend to ricochet in that direction.

Each flashing shoulder-pad must be hit a total of three times each in every part. After the player beats Dr. Robotnik, the normal ending of the game begins. However, if the player has collected all of the Chaos Emeralds, the text that accompanies the final boss's appearance is different, and Sonic will be transported to the The Final Fight.


  • The music for Act 1 in the Sega Mega Drive version was used in the opening sequence of Sonic 3D Blast and would later be remixed as one of the tunes for Twinkle Park in Sonic Adventure.
  • There was a different theme for Panic Puppet Zone in the Sega Saturn version, which has also been reused - it was remixed heavily for Lost Impact in Shadow the Hedgehog, and was lightly remixed for Metropolis in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and one of the boss battle music tracks.
    • The Act 1 theme of Panic Puppet Zone is absent in the Japanese version of the game, and the Act 2 theme plays in both acts.
  • The title music for Sonic Mania has the exact same notes as the main melody of the music from Panic Puppet Zone Act 1 from the Sega Mega Drive version of Sonic 3D Blast.
  • Much like Gene Gadget Zone, Tails and Knuckles are not present in this Zone.




Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Panic Puppet Zone Act I Jun Senoue, Tatsuyuki Maeda 3:17
Panic Puppet Zone Act II Tatsuyuki Maeda 2:52
Panic Puppet Zone Act 1 Richard Jacques 2:54
Panic Puppet Zone Act 2 Richard Jacques 2:49


  1. Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn) United States instruction booklet, p. 11.

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