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A Giant Palm Plant.

Palm Plants are plants that are located in both Frog Forest and the Lost Jungle, in Sonic Heroes.


These plants are not affected by the black frogs. Inside the tunnel of the Palm Plant, Glowing Mushrooms can be found when the area is too dark. The plants also possess formidable metal spiked balls, which are located inside the second Palm Plant. Inside that plant's tunnel are item balloons. The teams do not say anything before falling into the tunnel, and when the player's team is inside the second plant, there will be a grinding object which they can utilize without falling.

In Lost Jungle, the Palm Plant has purple glowing mushrooms inside the tunnel. When playing as Team Chaotix, the tunnel is blocked by a door, so they are unable to enter the plant.


  • It's possible to enter the first tunnel of the Palm Plant in Frog Forest with all teams with an Action Replay code. Other teams can enter the tunnel in Lost Jungle with Team Chaotix with a glitch or Action Replay.



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