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Paint Kits[1] are objects that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are unlockable Car Cosmetics that modify the color scheme of race cars.


As their name implies, the Paint Kits are different color palettes that can be applied to different race cars. Each Paint Kit consists of a preselected variety of colors to choose from.


In Team Sonic Racing, Paint Kits are Mods that make aesthetic changes to a playable character's race car, meaning they have no impact on a race car's stats.

The Speed Star with the Mirage Saloon Theme applied, from Team Sonic Racing.

In gameplay, Paint Kits allow the player to change the color of the different parts of any playable character's race car. Each Paint Kit is a predetermined set of colors consisting of typically four distinguished colors that are themed after a certain subject, such a character's color scheme or the color scheme of a location from the Sonic series. Each of the four colors in a Paint Kit can be selected as any of the three primary colors that make up the color scheme of each race car (the player may even select the same color multiple times). The three colors that make up each race car's color scheme are named Color 1, Color 2 and Color 3. There is also a fourth color for the race cars called Glow, which has an additional fifth color to choose from for each Paint Kit. However, Glow is only available to race cars that have glowing Performance Parts equipped.

In order to use Paint Kits in gameplay, select a character or a Preset to modify under the "Customize Car Cosmetics" option in the Garage.

When starting out the game, the player will have a limited selection of Paint Kits to choose from. However, by purchasing Mod Pods or by progressing through Team Adventure, the player can unlock additional Paint Kits to use. A total of twenty-eight Paint Kits are available in the game.

List of Paint Kits

Paint Kit Colors
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Amy Paint Kit
Big Paint Kit
Blaze Paint Kit
Casino Park Theme
Chao Paint Kit
Eggman Paint Kit
Final Fortress Theme
Glacierland Theme
Green Hill Theme
Hydrocity Theme
Knuckles Paint Kit
Metal Sonic Paint Kit
Mirage Saloon Theme
Music Plant Theme
Omega Paint Kit
Planet Wisp Theme
Rooftop Run Theme
Rouge Paint Kit
Sandopolis Theme
Seaside Hill Theme
Shadow Paint Kit
Silver Paint Kit
Sonic Paint Kit
Stardust Speedway Theme
Studiopolis Theme
Tails Paint Kit
Vector Paint Kit
Zavok Paint Kit


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