The PK mark, or Psychokinesis mark,[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It is a green, mystical mark that can be triggered by Silver the Hedgehog to create new paths.


The PK mark is a green mystical mark identical to the glowing marks on Silver's gloves. It can always be found on the ground.


The PK mark appears in all of Silver's Action Stages and a few Town Stages. Their primary function is to create new paths for the player by using Silver's psychokinetic abilities. For this purpose, the PK mark can create several different effects, such as creating a bridge from surrounding objects that will be surrounded by a cyan aura, open doors, launching Silver or things up and unlocks cages. To activate the PK mark in gameplay, the player must use Psychokinesis directly on top of it by pressing R1ps3/Xbox-Button-RT, or Silver may just do the animation for using it without actually activating it. In some cases, the PK mark is guarded by Iblis's Minions. After the PK mark is used once, the objects it caused to move around will be permanently frozen in their position.


  • Objects that are made to be used by the PK mark cannot be grabbed by Psychokinesis even before it is activated by the player.


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