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Quotation1.svg Jump onto the leaves by pressing the buttons displayed on the screen. Reach the rainbow for a bonus! Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight (Game Rules), Sonic Shuffle

Over the Rainbow is a VS 4 mini game in Sonic Shuffle.


Quotation1.svg Make sure you press the right button You'll make it across if you press the button while it's displayed. Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight (Advice), Sonic Shuffle

In this mini game, the players must jump from one batch of lily pads to the next. One of four buttons is displayed at the top of the screen (DreamcastA.png, DreamcastB.png, X Button Dreamcast.png, or Y Button Dreamcast.png). The button displayed must be pressed in order to jump to the next lily pad before the timer surrounding the button finishes. Pressing the wrong button or not pressing it in time will make the player fall and lose. As the game progresses, the button pops up quicker, with less time to press the corresponding button.

The last player standing wins 30 rings.

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