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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Outer Forest

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An eerie course around the grounds of the notorious Curien Mansion. Enjoy a micro-tour of the mansion's interior before taking in the surrounding graveyards and the old church. Hey! Who left those headstones there?!

— Track description

Outer Forest is a racetrack that appears in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. It is one of three tracks in the game that are based on Curien Mansion, as well as the second course in the Graffiti Cup.


As opponents race along this long, dirt path that leads up to the courtyard fountain, zombie types shamble about the roadway. Weapons can knock them away, but racecars don't serve the same purpose unless boosting at the moment. By taking advantage of the generously wide trail, racers can pick off zombies. They can drift around the first turn, release a boost into the first zombie, then keep drifting and boosting to take several of them down each lap.

Around two-thirds of the way through the course, the road bends sharply toward the right, while in the background, there appears a path leading away from the main road. By breaking through the fence that blocks the path, the player can race along it, bumping more zombies along the way before flying out from a high ledge and returning to the proper racecourse.


For Curien Mansion-located courses, such as Outer Forest, the following tracks can be selected:

  • Into the Dark
  • Aura of Dread
  • Theme of the Magician
  • Restoration of Terror
  • Hope With Doubt

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