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An Orca from Sonic Runners

Orcas (commonly referred to as killer whales[1]) are large aquatic mammals in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. These large, non-anthropomorphic animals populate seas and coastal parts around the earth. In numerous games since Sonic Adventure, Orcas appear as large obstacles that pursue Sonic the Hedgehog through many beach oriented Zones, most notably Emerald Coast. Depending on the game, the sequences with Orcas may include automated spectacles.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure


The famous orca scene from Sonic Adventure.

The orca first appears in Sonic Adventure in Emerald Coast. It chases Sonic across the wooden planks on the water in the famous "Orca Chase".

Sonic Heroes

In Sonic Heroes, two orcas appear at Seaside Hill and jump over the road just beyond the third island. They are smaller than the first one and don't seem to have a grudge against Sonic, serving as background visuals.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), the orca appears in Wave Ocean and again chases Sonic across wooden platforms. Sonic hangs onto its dorsal fin and gets flung off when Tails closes the gate to keep the orca inside.

Sonic Generations

Nintendo 3DS

In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, at Emerald Coast, the orca is once again chasing Sonic (Classic in 2D and Modern in 3D). With Classic Sonic, it appears halfway through the stage, where it will chase him across a broken bridge. Sonic must run and jump across the bridge it to avoid getting eaten or falling in the water.

With Modern Sonic, the orca is more aggressive. At the end of the stage, it jumps out of the water in a last attempt to eat Sonic. When this happens, the player must press DSB as much as the screen prompts them to do in order to avoid the orca's bites and finally reach a platform where the orca bangs its head and falls back into the water.


In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, in Seaside Hill, the two orcas return to help the Sonics. With Classic Sonic, they help him get across the water after he is launched from a cannon. With Modern Sonic, they sometimes jump out of the water when they see him running through and help him reach the end of the level after he gets launched off a ramp.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Orcas return in the sequel to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in the Ocean View where they will do flips above the track to get to the ocean, but cannot interact with the track or the playable characters.

Sonic Dash

The Orca appears in beach parties this game jumping from one side to the other as part of the scenery.

Sonic Runners

In Sonic Runners, the Orca appears as a Rare Speed Type buddy which destroys platforms and increases Ring appearances for every 200 (100 same Type) combos.

Team Sonic Racing

In Team Sonic Racing, an orca appears in the backgrounds of the Ice Mountain, Ocean View and Whale Lagoon stages. Compared to other games, the orca is twice the standard size.

In other media

Archie Comics

SU 52 Whales

Sonic referencing to the famous "Orca Chase" scene in the Archie Comics.

In the Archie Comics published Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comic crossover event, Worlds Collide, specifically in Sonic Universe #52, Sonic, Mega Man, Proto Man, Tails and Rush venture through the Skull Egg Zone, which contains numerous references to the Mega Man and the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series'. In one panel, Sonic and the others are walking over a boardwalk, when Sonic comments "If we get jumped by a whale out here, I swear..." This is most likely a reference to the infamous "orca chase" scene that appears in Sonic Adventure and later in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

The comics also feature Akhlut, a cyborg Orca who serves Dr. Eggman as an underling. The original version was leader of the Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion, which was composed entirely of cyborg Orcas, while the Post-Super Genesis Wave reality featured Akhlut as leader of an Egg Army unit in the Great Blue Realm. Unlike the game Orcas, Akhlut is capable of speech.







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