The Orb Result screen.

The Orb Result is a game screen that appears in the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed. It displays all of the collected Dark Gaia Force Orbs that the player has collected throughout the course of the game. Essentially a giant, rotatable wheel, this screen appears after the player finishes a stage or mission as Sonic the Werehog.


Collecting enough Dark Gaia Force allows the player to unlock special skill moves while on the Orb Result screen. However, skill moves is not the only thing the player can obtain with the Orb Result, but instead upgrades for the Health, Attack and Unleashed Mode statuses. The following list shows all of the moves the player can obtain via collecting enough Dark Gaia Force:


  • The insignia for the Sonic the Werehog Life icon appears in the center of the screen.

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