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The Orange Wisp is a creature that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a type of Wisp.


The Orange Wisps have rocket-shaped bodies, with two green eyes lined up vertically. Instead of tentacles like most other Wisps, they instead have three sphere-like structures on their bottom.



At some point in the past, the Orange Wisps, along with their other fellow Wisps, and their planet came under the threat of Dr. Eggman. Fortunately, they were saved by Sonic the Hedgehog. Afterward, a bunch of Orange Wisps and other fellow Wisps settled down on Sonic's world where they would help out the residents of Sonic’s world whenever they could.[1]

At some point after the Wisps settled on Sonic's world, an Orange Wisp was Whisper the Wolf's partner on the Diamond Cutters mercenary team. This Orange Wisp would help out Whisper by powering her Wispon on various missions. It was joined at Whisper's side by the other Diamond Cutters' Wisps after Mimic betrayed and murdered the rest of the group's members. From there, it began helping to power her Variable Wispon under various circumstances.[2][3]

The Eggman War

During the war between the Resistance and the Eggman Empire, Resistance soldiers would use Deployment Pods to send willing Orange Wisps onto the field in order to help on the battlefield.[1]

Near the end of the Eggman War, Barricade Town, which served as a hub for Wispon distribution, was saved and subsequently conquered by mercenary duo Rough and Tumble. As a result of the duo taking over, many Wisps, including several Orange Wisps, were hoarded in Deployment Pods and Wispons by the two skunk brothers.[1]


In Barricade Town, the Orange Wisps found salvation when Sonic and Knuckles arrived to stop Rough and Tumble. During the heroes' subsequent fight with Rough and Tumble, the Orange Wisps and their fellow Wisps were convinced by Sonic to not let the two villains boss them around. As such, the Wisps in Rough and Tumble's Wispons left them, leaving their arsenal powerless and allowing Sonic and Knuckles to defeat them. Afterward, the now-liberated Orange Wisps decided to stick around and help the villagers defend their town by powering their Wispons.[1]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

The Orange Wisp and its friends defending Whisper, from Sonic the Hedgehog #8.

During a trip to one of Dr. Eggman's bases, Whisper and her team of Wisps (the Orange Wisp included) encountered Sonic and Silver. Despite Whisper's initial mistrust, once her Orange Wisp and other Wisps openly greeted Sonic, Whisper chose to team up with the duo. When the newly-formed trio then took on a horde of Badniks, Whisper's Orange Wisp came to Whisper's defense when she was at the mercy of the robots. Fortunately, Sonic and Silver destroyed the Badniks before they could harm them.[3]

Battle For Angel Island

When Whisper joined the Resistance on a mission to liberate Angel Island from the Eggman Empire, her Orange Wisp and other Wisps came along with her and aided her in battle. After accomplishing their mission, Whisper's Orange Wisp celebrated their victory with Whisper.[4][5][6]

Bonds of Friendship

When Jewel the Beetle and the exhibitions at the Mineral Museum got stolen by the Babylon Rogues, Whisper's Orange Wisp helped Whisper and Tangle get Jewel and the stolen goods back by powering Whisper's Variable Wispon. Afterward, it helped clean up the museum and return all the stolen stones.[7]

Tangle & Whisper

The Wisps support Tangle in her quest for adventure, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #1.

Another day at the Mineral Museum, while Whisper explained who Mimic was to Tangle and Jewel, Whisper's Orange Wisp inspected a mural of the Master Emerald. It later worryingly saw Whisper's Pink, Cyan and Green Wisps nearly drop some minerals. The Wisps soon gathered around Tangle to look at pictures of Mimic impersonating Sonic. When Tangle decided she should help Whisper catch him, the Wisps supported the lemur. After Whisper initially refused, the Wisps surrounded Tangle, eager for her to join them on the mission. Following this, Whisper agreed to let Tangle accompany her and the Wisps celebrated.[8]

Later, after Tangle and Whisper encountered Mimic, the Orange Wisp listened to Whisper as she told Tangle of her past. The Wisps soon convinced Whisper to allow Tangle to see what Mimic did to the team. Later, the Orange Wisp helped create a message to give to Mimic so that he would easily find and challenge them again. When Mimic followed them to the Diamond Cutters' former base with a Badnik horde, Whisper used the Variable Wispon's Rocket Mode to destroy the base's landing pad. She and the Orange Wisp took a moment to lament having to damage their old home before Whisper resumed her attack on the Badniks. After the girls managed to defeat Mimic, the Orange Wisp joined them in going to Tails' workshop to have him imprison the shapeshifter.[2][9]

The Last Minute

In efforts to subdue the Zombots of Central City, Whisper used her Orange Wisp for her Variable Wispon's Rocket Mode. After a considerable amount of usage of the mode, the Orange Wisp became quite tired.[10]

In Spiral Hill Village, Whisper became hysterical upon learning from Sonic that Tangle got infected by the Metal Virus. Her Orange Wisp helped Amy and other Wisps drag the wolf back to the Rescue Shuttle when she tried to run back into the village. In the shuttle, the Wisps tried to comfort Whisper as she cried into Cream's lap.[11]

All or Nothing

The Orange Wisp accompanied Whisper and Silver to Orchardville. It and the other Wisps (aside from the Cyan Wisp) held up prisms for Whisper to fire her laser at so that it could bounce off them and hit Zor. After collecting Zor's Chaos Emerald, Silver, Whisper and the Wisps returned to Angel Island. After Super Sonic and Super Silver reversed the effects of the Metal Virus on the world, the Zombots were cured. This included Tangle, who was soon happily swarmed by Whisper, Whisper's Orange Wisp and the other Wisps.[12][13]


Being Wisps, the Orange Wisps are peaceful, helpful, and friendly of nature, and enjoy spending their time with others. They get especially well along with the good people of Sonic's world, whom they will gladly help out whenever they need them.[1]

The Orange Wisps are not much for fighting. However, they are nonetheless brave and good-hearted. As such, they do not approve of amoral behavior and will not stand idly by when their friends need them.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Orange Wisps are able to levitate in midair at will, which serves as their main method of transportation.[1]

The Orange Wisps are able to generate and store their own unique variant of a powerful energy inside their own bodies. The Orange Wisps can as well pass on a fraction of this energy by phasing into the recipient.


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