Orange Rocket, Blast Off! (つらぬけ!オレンジ・ロケット!! Tsuranuke! Orenji Roketto!!?, lit. "Pierce through! Orange Rocket!!") is the fifth and final Challenge Act of Planet Wisp Act 2 in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is unlocked after clearing every Stage in the modern era and is playable only as Modern Sonic.


This Challenge Act is similar to the final section of Planet Wisp Act 2 in design. Here, the player will encounter Buzz Bombers and Egg Pawns carrying axes that try to block the player's way. The player will also have access to a large number of Orange Rockets for reaching higher locations and destroying platforms marked with said Color Power's mark that block the player's path. There will also be Ring formations and blue and yellow "!" signs along the way that indicate the appropriate place to use the Orange Rocket.


Sonic facing the Egg Pawns.

The player starts the act trying to use the Orange Rocket to reach higher sections filled with enemies. Along the way, the player must keep an eye on Egg Pawns (and sometimes Buzz Bombers) trying to hit them from a distance. Once on the top section, the player should see three rotating platform sections that they need to scale to collect another Orange Rocket residing on one of the platforms. Once activated (in the proper place), the Color Power will transport the player to a section with several breakable platforms with more Orange Rockets, and even Bombs on them. These Orange Rockets are needed to reach a higher section that begins to collapse and will crush the player unless they escape with another Orange Rocket.

The last sections of this Act become like a puzzle that requires more thinking. After escaping the collapsing section, follow the path on the left to enter the penultimate section. This area is filled with missiles that the player must evade while using the Orange Rocket to reach an overturned Switch on the right and open the path to the final section. From here, the player needs to time their Orange Rocket to catch the Goal Ring which is placed on a breakable moving platform above the ground.



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