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Operation Toasty Beak

A baby penguin with a sweater, the goal of Operation: Toasty Beak.

Operation: Toasty Beak is an event mentioned in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a charity event with the goal of bringing warm sweaters to needy baby penguins.[1]


TV series

Toasty Beak Shirts

Sweaters to be delivered to the baby penguins.

Seeking to help freezing baby penguins in the tundras, Operation: Toasty Beak was launched to bring these birds sweaters. However, funding was lacking for the jet fuel to deliver the sweaters, so fundraisings were made. A volunteer for the project, Amy Rose gathered some savings which Orbot and Cubot nearly tricked her into giving them. However, the guilt-ridden duo returned her money (along with their own) once they heard of Operation: Toasty Beak.[1]


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