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This event exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Operation: Catfish is an event that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures and its spinoffs. It was a mission launched by the Guardian Units of Nations to stage a wedding between Rachel and her fiancée, Randall, in attempt to capture Sonic the Hedgehog.


Film series

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Following the foundation of Guardian Units of Nations, which was an organization meant to deal with extraterrestrial threats, the organization decided to stage a wedding in Hawaii between Rachel and their agent, Randall, in order to move closer to Sonic the Hedgehog and his human sympathizers, believing that the former was still a threat following the incident in San Francisco. Unbeknownst to the organization, along with Walters himself, Randall secretly broke the first rule of undercover work by truly falling in love with Rachel. After agreeing to marry each other, they decided to have their wedding in Hawaii, the location where Sonic will be lured into if he showed up. Initially though, only Tom and Maddie, Sonic's abiders, showed up for the wedding.

At the wedding ceremony for Rachel and Randall, several G.U.N. agents would attend the fake wedding as guests of Randall, groomsmen, and even the minister overseeing the ceremony. When Sonic and Tails crashed the ceremony by coming through a Ring with a wave of snow from Siberia however, the G.U.N. agents dropped their cover and incapacitated Sonic, leading to Sonic and Tails' capture. Commander Walters would show up as well and explained the story behind Operation: Catfish as the agents revealed their affiliation. At Walters' behest, Randall showed his G.U.N. badge, too, much to Rachel's indignation. As Tom attacked the G.U.N. agents to save Sonic, however, he was restrained by Randall and apprehended, too. As Maddie tried defending Sonic, Walters turned a deaf dear and ordered the G.U.N. agents to guard Sonic, Tails, and Tom in the hotel until a helicopter could arrive to take them to an unknown location. A scorned Rachel proceeded to demand answers from Walters, prompting him to reveal the purpose of G.U.N. During this exchange, Walters learned from Maddie about the probable return of Dr. Robotnik, who had been deemed dead since his disappearance. Walters thus contacted his agents to investigate the matter.

Though Operation: Catfish appeared to be a success from then on, the operation soon unraveled due to Maddie and Rachel. While G.U.N. agents patrolled the hotel, Rachel and Maddie armed themselves with Tails' gadgets and infiltrated the hotel. After dispatching an agent with an anti-gravity gadget, Maddie and Rachel split up, with Rachel going after Walters and Randall while Maddie went to rescue Sonic, Tom, and Tails. As G.U.N. surrounded Maddie when they discovered her intrusion however, Rachel saved Maddie by taking the agents out with another Tails gadget. As Rachel proceeded to confront Randall and Walters, the latter tried to stop her with a taser, only for Randall to take the shock for her. Walters would then surrender after Rachel displayed the power of Tails' laser gun to him. While Walters got bound and gagged, however, Rachel reconciled with Randall after he confessed that his love for her was real. Meanwhile, Maddie freed Sonic, Tails, and Tom.


  • Operation: Catfish's name is a reference to how the name "catfish" is used as a metaphor for a person who seduces another with a fake profile, which in this case refers to Randall luring Rachel into a fake wedding.