Quotation1 This enhanced Omega Shot releases fireballs while Omega is in mid-jump. Quotation2
— Sonic The Hedgehog: Official Game Guide

The Omega Launcher (オメガランチャー Omegaranchā?) is an attack used by E-123 Omega in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). When using this technique, Omega launches fireballs at opponents.


When performing the Omega Launcher, Omega jumps into the air, where he reconfigures his wrists into small cannons and launches a destructive orange fireball directly at surrounding enemies from one of his arms.[1]

When using the Omega Launcher in gameplay, the player can attack frontal enemies over a longer range and can deal enough damage to defeat an Iblis Worm in one hit, although the shots are not very accurate. To use the Omega Shot in gameplay, the player must press PSSquareButton/XboxX during a jump.


  • The Omega Launcher is listed as one of Omega's special skills on his profile on Sonic Channel.[2]


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