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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Hello. I hope you are having a non-cursed day. I am not.

— Old Tucker, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Old Tucker is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an millennium-old anthropomorphic turtle from Slowpoke Isle and residential farmer who mistakenly took the easy route to grow his village’s crops.[1] Thanks to Team Sonic though, Tucker was able to correct his mistake in the past and ensure himself a happy life.


Young Tucker

Old Tucker is an anthropomorphic turtle with green skin and golden eyes. He possesses a brown shell with a tan underbelly and a raised edge behind his neck that resembles a collar. As a young man, Tucker was as tall as Sonic. His shell's underbelly was also more round with a few grooves and his neck was thinner. His skin was also more brightly green and without wrinkles. His attire back then consisted of teal gloves, black boots and yellow safety glasses.

A thousand years later, Tucker had aged noticeably, but is slightly taller. Both his skin and shell have become darker and paler. His shell is also more round at the bottom with more groves and displays wear, most noticeably having a recess in its collar and a cut on the right side of the underbelly. His neck is also thicker, but hunched forward. His current attire consists of a straw hat with a red band, tattered brown gloves and camel moccasins with brown straps.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

In his youth, Tucker was a scientist who participated in a project to improve upon his people's fertilizer formula for their crops in Slowpoke Isle. Tucker worked on the formula in Lyric's Weapon Facility, but he mistook some poison for boysenberries when their crops were to be planted. As a result, the crops mutated into deadly weeds that destroyed every plant around it and infested Tucker's village. These plants came to be regarded as a curse that would plague Tucker and his family over the next thousand years.

In the present day, Tucker moved to Cliff's Excavation Site to look for something from the Ancients which would let him correct his past errors. Eventually, he met Team Sonic, whom he told his history to, and requested them to keep a lookout for anything the Ancients had to change his past.

True enough, Sonic and Tails found a time machine that took them into the past where they met Tucker's younger self and stopped him from taking the poison. In gratitude, young Tucker gave them a Power Glyph. Due to this change, history was altered so that Tucker came to live a perfect life as his village prospered. Back in the present, Tucker would return to Slowpoke Isle and welcomed Team Sonic when they passed through his village.


Old Tucker is a happy go lucky farmer who, despite having some setbacks, is able to spread his funny, southern charm with the villagers.[1] In the unaltered timeline though, he would sometimes appear sad and lonely due to the mistake he made with the crops, which he would liken to having "cursed" days.

Power and Abilities

Being a former scientist, Tucker is supposedly a quite intelligent individual, though he would make simple mistakes like mistaking poison for boysenberries. He also has an incredibly long lifespan, having lived for over a thousand years.




"Anything you can do will help. I hope you find something in your future, that will help my past."
—Old Tucker at Cliff's Excavation Site, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
"Why you are right, it does say poison. I would have made a HUGE mistake."
—Young Tucker in Lyric's Weapon Facility.
"I can't image my life being any better. I'm the luckiest turtle in the world! What a charmed life, I have led."
—Old Tucker in Slowpoke Isle, should the player have completed his side-quest.
"Hi! Guess you didn't find a way to go back in time and fix my problem? No wonder, time travel is impossible."
—Old Tucker in Slowpoke Isle, should the player have failed to complete his side-quest.


  • If the player is unable to complete Old Tucker's side-quest before reaching Slowpoke Isle, his village in that area will be overgrown with red thorn bushes that cause damage upon touch and block the passages to different collectibles. If the player does complete the side-quest though, they will have free access to the entire village.
  • Tucker is the second organic character introduced who lived at the time of the Ancients and is still alive, the other being Lyric.
  • There appears to be a slight inconsistency towards young Tucker's identity; the Objective list name him as Young Tucker and Sonic recognizes him in Lyric's Weapon Facility, but when entering the unaltered Slowpoke Isle, Tails says that Young Tucker is in fact Tucker's ancestor.
  • Young Tucker looks exactly like the other turtle inhabitants on Slowpoke Isle.
  • An unused character profile for Old Tucker in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric say that he was once a great scientist. It also says that a few weeks prior to the events of the game he wandered into Cliff's Excavation Site where he would stay away from the camp, always looking around for something around the Abandoned Research Facility and seeming kind of sad and lonely.


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