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The Oil Ocean Zone is a location that appears in Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a Zone on Mobius. It is basically a massive oil derrick located out at sea. It yields such tremendous amounts of surplus oil that it pollutes the waters surrounding it.


Sonic and Tails traveled to the Oil Ocean Zone to assist Red and his workers with the cleanup of the Zone after Dr. Robotnik's second attempt to conquer Mobius. After Sonic quenched an nigh-uncontrollable fire that threatened to spread across the Zone, Red assigned him to disarm the Zone's traps and defenses. However, Sonic was ambushed by an Aquis that forced him into an oil pool and tried to burn him alive by igniting the oil. Sonic became Super Sonic and survived through, destroying the Aquis before targeting his own friends. Tails managed to calm Super Sonic down enough for him to turn back to Sonic though, after which Sonic proceeded with his assignment.[1]

After taking over Mobius, Robotnik recaptured the Oil Ocean Zone. When Robotnik installed the Pump, a device that increased the oil production to pollute all of Mobius, Sonic and Tails traveled to the Oil Ocean Zone and deactivate it. However, Robotnik messaged that it was a trap to lure Sonic there while he activated a bomb that would destroy the entire Zone along with Sonic, causing further pollution. With only 30 seconds to go, Sonic fanatically searched the Zone for the bomb. Incredibly stressed and with only 14 seconds left, Sonic accidentally ran off a ledge and transformed into Super Sonic. Super Sonic managed to find the bomb and contain it in a cocoon of speed moments before it exploded, saving the Oil Ocean Zone and turning back to normal at the same time.[2]

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