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Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Oil Ocean Zone

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2013)
Oil Ocean Zone

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Robotnik's refineries are pumping at full steam. Crude oil has turned the ocean black! Can Sonic keep his footing on the slippery catwalks and bursting steam vents?

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)[1]

Oil Ocean Zone (オイルオーシャン[2] Oiru Ōshan?, lit. "Oil Ocean") is the seventh Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, its various ports and remasters, and the lock-on game Knuckles the Echidna in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It is also either the seventh or eighth Zone in the 2013 remaster of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. As with most other Zones in this game, Oil Ocean consists of two standard Acts with a boss fight at the end of Act 2.


Oil Ocean Zone is a refinery owned by Dr. Robotnik on West Side Island. The background features various brown buildings underneath an orange sky with a few clouds and a white sun with an effect that causes it to "wiggle" from side to side. The platforms here are purple and yellow, with green and yellow silo-looking structures. The bottom of Oil Ocean Zone is flooded with oil that has polluted the ocean.


During his takeover of West Side Island, Dr. Robotnik took control of Oil Ocean Zone, polluting the nearby regions and filling the Zone with Badniks.

Oil Ocean Zone soon after became either the seventh or eighth Zone that Sonic and Tails would travel through to put a stop to Robotnik's operations. On their journey through the Zone, they eventually locate the doctor in the Eggmarine, which they have a battle against. After his vehicle is defeated, Robotnik flees, while Sonic and Tails head to Metropolis Zone.


The oil does afford Sonic a means of survival should he fall off the level. While the hedgehog cannot swim in water, the gloopy hydrocarbons mean the player will not sink as long as they keep jumping. Often, floating fans will provide a means to get back to solid ground.

In addition, the Zone hosts strange Cannons, which throw Sonic back and forth around the Zone. Flame-propelled gas-burn platforms also provide a means by which to gain altitude (and access secret monitors on occasion).


Act 1

The entire Act on the bottom is a large oil pit, which acts much like quicksand. At the beginning, the road bends down to the first disintegrating platform, forming a long gap. The next road has another disintegrating platform half-way which can be cleared quickly. At the end is an Octus. The road then drops to a slippery oil tub. Past that is a set of spikes and a gap leading over to some steps. Atop of this is another Octus, protecting the next obstacle: a flame-launching solid platform that can crush the player if they get underneath it. Once the platform has lifted itself into mid-air, the player can jump to the left to find a hidden floating platform section, containing twenty Rings in total. To the right are two disintegrating platforms. There, on either side of the next platform are fans directly below them that can help the player back up. The next gap has yet another disintegrating platform, leading to some steps. Up there, two Octus sit atop the last two steps, with the second one in front of a flame-launching platform. Immediately after, to the right of that is a Shield monitor parked in the corner. Also, at the top of the ascent is a disintegrating platform that lead to the next road. The road then bends down slightly with a quarter slant. Fourteen Rings are lined up along this trail. Later, at the end of the road is a gap with a fan below, followed by a disintegrating platform. From here, the path branches into two routes:

  • If the player falls down here, they will slide down the oil slide, towards the Act's oil pit, with a fan helping them reach the platform. Parked on the right is a Super Ring monitor. After that, the player needs to cross some gaps, most of them with aid from the fans. They will then come across a disintegrating platform and a step. Up the step is a horizontal fan keeping the player at bay in intervals. Beyond that are then some elevators that can take the player up to a short road on the left. Another elevator will then take the player up to a quarter slant on the right. There, there will be a wall with a Spring in the corner. However, the player must be wary of an Octus atop this wall. After defeating the Octus, there will then be another elevator taking the player up the net wall. There, there is a blocking fan and an oil slide, leading to a Star Post. Stepping on and off of it though will let the player drop down, allowing them to collect a Super Ring and an Invincible monitor; however they will be forced to take the lower route as described below:
  • If the player gets across, they will encounter a set of spikes guarding the next flame-launching platform. The player will then encounter two Aquis along the road to the elevator. From there, the next long gap will have a disintegrating platform and two aiding fans. They will then be stalled by a fan before reaching the next elevator. Afterwards, beyond the set of spikes on the right is another Aquis, followed by a gap, with a fan, along the next road section towards the following elevator. There is also another small gap with a fan, before the road turns into an oil slide, leaving the player slide down the slide uncontrollably until they reach the end. A Star Post can be found at the end of this slide.
    • Beyond the Star Post is a gap. The road then leads to a series of three flame-launching platforms which will pop into the air one at a time, awarding twelve Rings at the peaks of their jumps. Up there is also a platform with a disintegrating platform preceding it. Afterwards, past the spikes is another small gap with a disintegrating platform at the end of it, which requires a small jump and some momentum to avoid hitting the floating section and falling down the oil slides. Enough speed will allow the player to jump off the wall via the quarter slant and lands on the next disintegrating platform beside the small floating section. Jumping over the gaps to the left will lead to the elevator, where two Aquis will take shots at the playable character. Along the road on the right are then some spikes protecting the next gimmick: a Cannon which will propel them between Cannons to a different area. Eight rings and a Shield monitor parked on the left can be collected here, but they will also be confronting two Octus Badniks, the latter atop the second step. The road then turns into an oil slide which will send the player falling into an oil slide pit. To the left of this pit at the end are some spikes, and to the right is an octus and a Super Ring. To reach the right side, the player must charge up multiple Spin Dashes to gain enough velocity, while being wary of the Octus' shots. Simply drop down there and head right, without touching the Cannons, and there will be a One-Up monitor parked in the right corner. To the left of the next drop is the penultimate section described below. Past the spikes on the left is then a gap with a disintegrating platform which leads to a downward elevator, where they will encounter an Aquis.
    • After a series of oil slides, the player will land in the oil pit. Here, the player must jump onto the disintegrating platform to head to safety. The player must then go up a series of steps, during which they will encounter an Octus. There is also a Super Ring monitor underneath the final step. Atop the next wall, which can be reached via the local flame-launching platform, is an Octus on a downward step. The positioning of this Octus means the player can only jump to dodge its shots. After that, the player will encounter three more flame-launching platforms, each one atop a wall that is too high to reach with a Spin Jump. After taking the third platform into mid-air, the player should reach the ledge on the right, which is a long road with a disintegrating platform, some spikes and two Aquis Badniks. Fall off however and the player must go back to the left via the oil pit and start over again. An elevator will then take the player upward, where an Aquis will be encountered. After defeating the Aquis there will be another Cannon with an Invincible monitor parked in the right corner, transporting the player to the penultimate section. There, the player will find a series of gaps and spikes to cross, along with an elevator that will descend downward. Furthermore, Underneath the low point of this elevator is a Star Post and a yellow Spring. After crossing the pair of spikes, the player will encounter three more Octus on the downward steps, guarding the Cannon which will send the player to the last section. The road on the right will have an Octus guarding the elevator. After that, past the blocking fan, is a long road leading to some spikes protecting the last flame-launching platform. Take this elevator to ascend the wall and reach the Goal Plate.

Act 2

The Act opens up with a simple road with two disintegrating platforms and fans below that help the playable character back up if they fall down from the platform. Immediately after the second platform is a step with a reverse yellow Spring, an Octus, and a set of spikes. The player will then encounter two Aquis before coming across an elevator. Below the platform for this elevator is a Super Ring and Shield monitor, with an upward-aligned yellow spring alongside them. Also, over the next step are four flame-launching platforms. Two of them are self-controlled and cannot crush the playable character, but they can launch the player up to different areas of the Act.

  • If the player ignores the Cannons and instead continue along the road, they will encounter a fan, followed by an oil tub. At the end of this section is a green Spring, which works much like those in Casino Night Zone, except that they require that the player pushes down on Controlpadds.png. If the player builds up enough momentum, this Spring will take them along the quarter-slant up the wall, where they can bounce off and land on a disintegrating platform above. If the player mistimes their momentum-charge late, they will hit a yellow Spring and must start over again. Beyond the step with the green Spring, the player will then encounter a pit, where two spike obstacles that move from side to side and bounce off one another. Afterwards, following the pit are some ordinary spikes protecting an elevator. From there, there will be a long road, with some fans, that leads to a oil slide. A well-timed Spin Jump at the end of this slide will award the player two Super Ring monitors. Otherwise, the player is more likely to touch the red Spring and go up.
  • If the player takes the first Cannon, the player will come across a spiky obstacle pit, followed by a green Spring which can be used to spin up a long wall. From there, to the right, is a longer pit with two spike hazards. An Aquis will also shoot at the playable character by the time the player reaches the end of this pit, along with some regular spikes. From here, take the elevator. From here, the road leads to an oil slide that leads towards a tunnel.
  • This section can be accessed via the second Cannon and by moving on from a disintegrating platform. The player will then encounter two Octus, one on each step. From there, a quarter slant will lead the player to a spiky obstacle pit. After that, there will be a series of descending elevators, protected by three Aquis. The next area is described two paragraphs below.
    • By taking the second Cannon and falling down with the disintegrating platform the playable character lands on, the player will battle two Aquis while going down a downward trail, which is followed by a blocking fan. The path will then lead to a quarter slant, where the player will encounter an Octus, along with a set of spikes. Here, the player will find a Cannon that can launch them to another high area of the Act. Up there, there will be some hidden items inside the corners of the gold pipes, including a yellow Spring on the right side, which will grant the player enough rightwards momentum to collect a Power Sneakers monitor. Take the hidden Spring again with the item. After that, the player will arrive on along a road where they will find an Invincible monitor. If the player drops off the edge aligning to the wall on the left from there, they will find a One-Up monitor. The player will also find two Cannons that will take them to the last part of the Act, described in the last paragraph, although the one on the right side is quicker. If unsuccessful, the player can take the descending elevator nearby, which has a horizontally-aligned fan guarding the next one. The player can then reach the Star Post and take the Cannon, which will transport them to the platform past the large oil slide on the right.
      • The section after the series of elevators, which can also be accessed via the red Spring, has a fan blocking it, along with spikes and two Octus. In that same area is also group of oil slides will send the player down to the bottom of the Act. However, enough rightwards momentum will allow the player to reach the Star Post. After that, the Cannon on the right will send the player to the last section. At the end of this section is a gap, covered by a fan. After that, the next Star Post will appear. The player will then encounter an Aquis, followed by another disintegrating platform with a fan. After that, a trio of Octus will attack the playable character. To the right in this area, the player will then encounter a rare gimmick: a cup on a swing which will carry the player back and forth. By utilizing it and then jumping off of it, the player will land in a large oil pit. Here, a fan and a disintegrating platform can be found towards the end. After using these elements, the player will come across two sets of spikes and another Aquis. Following that, there will be another gap, marked by a disintegrating platform, followed by four flame-launching platforms, each one atop of a wall that is too high to reach with a Spin Jump. Jumping off the first one in mid-air will help the player reach the floating platform above, thus enabling them to break a Super Ring monitor, while the third elevator has an Invincible monitor above it. Be wary of the Aquis however, which will shoot at the playable character during this. From there, an elevator on the right will send the player up to the area above. Here, beyond the spikes is an Aquis and an Octus, which is placed on a lower step, protecting a Super Ring. Afterwards, the player will be falling down a long oil slide. If the player is lucky at the end of this slide, they will reach the ledge above on the left. There, an elevator will take them to an area with four monitors: Three Super Rings and one Invincible. This is followed by a green Spring and an Octus atop of a step. From there, past the spikes is the Cannon, which will transport the player to the last section.
        • If the player is not lucky, they can jump over the gap on the left marked with a downward step and a disintegrating platform, which leads to an elevator. At the top of the elevator's ascend is then a set of spikes and another gap, where an Octus is situated, guarding the Cannon which will transport them to the last section. From there, the player may need to battle two Octus Badniks on two incoming steps and slide down a oil slide. Across the pipes to the right is then a spiky obstacle pit. After that, the player will be sliding down three slides. Notably, on top the second slide is an Octus and a Shield monitor in the corner. Also, on top the third slide on the left is the final Star Post. From there, there will be a long road with a step, followed by a disintegrating platform and a gap. After that, the player will arrive in the boss arena.


Main article: Eggmarine

The Eggmarine, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

The boss of Oil Ocean Zone is the Eggmarine, an oil-faring submarine that deploys a variety of weapons, including a spiked harpoon and periscopic laser cannon. It is damaged by attacking the cockpit while it resurfaces.

In other media

Books and comics

Sonic the Comic

The Oil Ocean Zone, from Sonic the Comic #7.

In the Sonic the Comic comic series and its spin-offs published by Fleetway Editions, the Oil Ocean Zone is one of the many Zones on Planet Mobius. Over the series' run, Sonic and Tails came to this Zone twice to stop hazards to the environment that it was on the verge of unleashing, and in both cases Sonic was transformed into the psychotic Super Sonic.

Archie Comics

The Oil Ocean Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog #228.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the first incarnation of the Oil Ocean Zone was a refinery called the Oil Ocean Refinery which was a fueling station for the Death Egg Mark 2 and was guarded by the Great Desert Dark Egg Legion. During the "Genesis" story arc, a more faithful presentation of the Oil Ocean Zone appeared.


  • The Zone is also known for a particular bug that causes Sonic's speed to be accelerated and jumping ability to increase, granting him greater speed and jumping ability of Super Sonic.[3]
  • There is also an exploit that can be done in which if the player executes a Spin Dash in the oil, they can bypass under some of the platforms allowing the Acts to be completed faster, although if the player is not fast enough, Sonic can sink in the oil and die. In the 2013 remaster, a wall has been added to prevent this and the player is unable to perform the Spin Attack and Spin Dash while running on the oil.
  • The wrecking ball from the original Sonic the Hedgehog can be placed in Debug Mode. In the prototype, it is shown that it was a scrapped gameplay mechanic.
  • In the pilot for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series, a background looks similar to this level.
  • Oil Ocean Zone makes an appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog (Shogaku Ninensei) Chapter 10 from the Sonic the Hedgehog manga, though as a promotional screenshot of the game. Curiously, it has the sprites from the Simon Wai prototype.
  • In the original Mega Drive version of the game, putting the fourteen Continues cheat code on the Sound Test would make Oil Ocean Zone's theme, "StH2 Oil Ocean Zone ~Mega Drive Version~", play through the entire game.





Act 1

Act 2


Name Length Artist(s) Music track
"StH2 Oil Ocean Zone ~Mega Drive Version~" 1:55 Masato Nakamura



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