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Sonic Boom
Og Man Out (transcript)

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This is the transcript from the Sonic Boom episode, "Og Man Out".

[Scene: Seaside Island, sunset.]

[Drill Bot is drilling a hole in the ground with Eggman watching from his Eggmobile. Orbot and Cubot are also digging holes with their spades.]
Dr. Eggman: We've been digging all day! It's no fair! Ancient Mech suits seem to be spread all over the island like easter eggs, but I can't even find one.
Orbot: Perhaps you should just build one yourself?
Dr. Eggman: But then I'm building instead of you digging. Now dig, you dig?
Sonic: Eggman!
[Team Sonic confront Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: I'm not bothering anybody I'm just digging.
Sonic: Seems pretty harmless.
Dr. Eggman: Harmless? I'm the world's greatest supervillain! Robots, show them how harmless we are.
[Two Mantis Bots pick up some sunflowers and show them to Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: Brainless robots don't understand my colorful repartee. I meant ATTACK!
[Eggman's Badniks approach Team Sonic. Team Sonic prepare their weapons and fight off the Badniks. Sticks charges and slides under a Scorpion Bot. As soon as it turns around, Sticks destroys it with her cub. Sonic tries a jumping spin attack on a Beetle Bot, but its shield blocks it. As soon as the Beetle Bot lands, Knuckles punches it away. A Mantis Bot prepares to attack Amy but she swings it away with her hammer. Tails presses a button on his belt that unleashes an Enerbeam. He flings it around two Scorpion Bots and tugs it, trapping them together just before they shoot their flamethrowers at him. The flamethrowers misdirect and destroy more Badniks. Eggman grunts in anger.]
Dr. Eggman: Drill Bot, [Points his finger at Sonic] finish them.
[Drill Bot confronts Sonic. Sonic gasps at the size of it. He notices a foot coming down towards him and dashes to dodge it. Sonic does a jumping spin attack that detaches Drill Bot's drill arm. The drill creates a deep hole in the ground.]
Cubot: Looks like he's been "disarmed"! Haha.
Dr. Eggman: First thing I'm doing when we get home is installing mute buttons.
[Eggman retreats with Orbot and Cubot. Team Sonic celebrate and walk home. Meanwhile, A green gas plumes out of the hole Drill Bot's drill arm made. A Froglodyte's hand is seen, and two glowing eyes appear.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Dave the Intern walks in behind the counter while whistling and spinning the keys around his finger, but discovers to his horror that the restaurant has been ransacked for food.]
Dave: [Gasp] Sweet special sauce! We've been ransacked!
[Sonic walks in]
Sonic: Whoa, what happened here? Looks like a wild animal got in.
Dave: Nah. We run tests. Animals won't eat this stuff.
[Amy and Knuckles spot footprints on the ground.]
Amy: Look at this. It's some kind of footprint.
[Sticks crawls on the ground and follows the footprints while sniffing. The rest of Team Sonic follow her. They lead up to Male Fennec, looking cross and putting hands on his hips.]
Male Fennec: Thank goodness you're here. Six hours too late.
Tails: Well, we're here, now. So, what did they take?
Male Fennec: Not much. Just a couple of bandages, and my faith in humanity.
Sonic: No harm, no foul. Onward.
[Sticks falls down on all fours and begin sniffing while following the footprints. Team Sonic continue to follow Sticks.]

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

[The trail of footprints continue to Amy's house.]
Tails: Pretty impressive, Sticks. You were able to follow the scent all the way here.
Sticks: Nah. I followed the footprints. This sniffing thing is just for effect.
[Knuckles opens the door to the house. Tails picks up a crumpled piece of paper off the floor.]
Tails: Whoever the culprit was, they sure like Meh Burgers.
Knuckles: [Frowning] Truly. An evil nod of this world.
[Knuckles and Tails frown at each other. Amy looks around her home.]
Amy: [Sighs in relief] Well, at least everything looks to be in order.
[Amy sits on her couch but touches some slime, making her jump back off.]
Amy: Argh! My couch has been slimed!
[Sticks sniffs the floor and then the slime on the couch. ]
Sticks: Looks like our mystery robber snuck in here and napped on Amy's couch while she was away.
[A flushing noise is heard from the toilet. Amy panics while Sonic pulls the curtain covering for the toilet half open, revealing Og.]
Og: Whoa. Hey, ever heard knocking?
Sonic: Oh, oops sorry. [Closes the curtain, but changes his mind] Hey, wait a minute!
Sticks: It's a Froglodyte!
Og: [Panicking] Froglodyte, where?! [Calming down] Oh, you mean me. I'm not like those other guys, My name's Og. I come in peace, and stuff.
Sonic: Yeah, and you'll be leaving in pie-ces! [Quieter] Ooh, that sounds pretty harsh when I'm not talking to a robot.
Amy: What are you doing here?
Og: Let me tell you my story. Gather round the campfire.
[Amy notices a fire has been started in the middle of her living room.]
Amy: You started a fire in my living room?
Og: Ssh…
[Og begins a flashback]

[Scene Change: Froglodyte Caves, Frogymandias chamber.]

[All the Froglodytes, except for Og, kneel before the Frogymandias statue.]
Og: [As the narrator] The Froglodytes were all conformists, man. I don't know why, but I just never fit in.
Og: Does anyone really think that this giant frog sculpture cares if we kneel? I'm just sayin'...

[Scene Change: Froglodyte Caves, training areas.]

[The Froglodyte Drill Sergeant watches the Froglodyte train. He then spots Og, who is not doing anything.]
Sergeant: What is your major malfunction, tadpole? Get out there and fight!
Og: I'm sensing a lot of negative energy from you, man. Have you ever considered that maybe violence isn't the answer?
[Sergeant sticks his tongue out at Og and flings him into a crate containing spears.]

[Scene Change: Froglodyte Caves, food court.]

[Og and the other Froglodytes are lined up at the cafeteria.]
Og: [As the narrator] We all have to eat the same mystery slob.
Og: Is there a vegan option?
[The flashback pauses]
Sonic: Wait, you're vegan? Then why'd you get all those Meh Burgers?
Og: Oh man, there's no meat in those things. Just shredded newspaper and library paste.
[The flashback resumes. Og receives the mystery slob in spite of his request.]

[Scene Change: Og's room.]

[A depressed Og sits on his bed.]
Og: [As the narrator] I was miserable man, until a miracle came from above.
[Drill Bot's drill arm comes through the roof, revealing a tunnel to the surface. Og smiles as the flashback ends.]

[Scene Change: Amy's House.]

[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks are listening to Og's story while Amy is stomping out the campfire in her living room.]
Og: So I escaped to the surface.
Sticks: You poor thing. I know just what it's like to be surrounded by spineless conformists all the time.
Amy: [Angrily] Just because you've had a difficult childhood doesn't give you an excuse to go breaking into places like Meh Burger!
Og: Oh, I'm sorry, man. No harm intended. I was starving.
Tails: That doesn't explain why you broke into that shop.
Og: I cut myself on one of those "Meh Meal" toys. Those things are dangerous man. So I had to snag a bandage, then I got tired and needed a place to crash, man.
Amy: Well, you can't stay here. It's gonna take me weeks to clean up all this slime.
Sticks: You can stay at my burrow. I got a whole room dedicated to slime.
Sonic: No way! Let's just say that he is just gonna open up the door to the Froglodyte Cave and let all his buddies out. Nah. You're coming with me, "man", so I can keep an eye on you.

[Scene Change: Sonic's Shack, night.]

[Sonic and Og walk to Sonic's Shack.]
Sonic: I'm beat. I'm gonna catch some Z's.
[Sonic falls asleep on his hammock. However, Og wakes him up by playing the panflute.]
Sonic: You think you can do that some other time?
Og: Oh sure thing, sure thing. [Meditating] All toads take the high road. All toads take the high road. All toads take the high road. All toads take...
Sonic: Do you mind?!
Og: Oh, right. Sorry.
[Og continues to make noises in front of Sonic while practicing martial arts. Sonic, who now has blood-shot eyes, has had enough.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, night.]

Sonic: [Low voice] He's your problem now.
[Sonic slams the door, leaving Og and Tails inside Tails' Workshop.]
Tails: Let me show you around my workshop. This is my Auto-adjuster 3000! [Presses a button]
Og: Couldn't you just adjust things manually?
Tails: Uh... I guess so, but take a look at this!
[Tails bends down and picks up one of his handheld inventions.]
Og: I'm telling you that stuff's gonna destroy us all. Just look at the Ancients. The Froglodyte Caves are littered with their "techno-trash". Mech suits everywhere, man.
[Tails grunts in anger. He picks up a can-opener. Og tuts and shakes his head at Tails.]
Tails: What?! It's just a can opener! It's perfectly safe!
[Tails presses a button on the can opener, activating it. The machine shakes and the lid on the can flies across the room and almost hits Tails' head. He ducks to avoid it. The lid sticks onto the wall of Tails' Workshop.]
Og: The machines are turning against us, man.

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, beach, day.]

[Knuckles is punching a palm tree while Tails pushes Og over to him.]
Tails: [Low voice] Good luck.
[Knuckles continues to punch the tree.]
Og: Does that tree, like, owe you money or something?
Knuckles: Well, not this one. I'm just trying to get one of those wily coconuts. They're a lot smarter than they look.
Og: No need to be so aggressive. Mother Nature's got a way, man. Be patient, and she'll provide you with what you need.
[Knuckles frowns at Og then stares up at the palm tree. All the coconuts are still hanging up there. Og lies down. Knuckles waits by the tree for a whole day but still nothing happens.]
Knuckles: [Screams in anger] I wasted a whole day out here thanks to you. Come on!
[Knuckles drags Og across the sand. Suddenly, several coconuts fall off the tree.]

[Scene Change: Sticks' Burrow, day.]

[Sticks is playing the banjo. Suddenly, Knuckles arrives and throws Og into Sticks' Burrow before angrily slamming the door. Sticks pulls Og up.]
Og: Your friends are too caught up in their rules and their systems, man.
Sticks: Tell me about it.

[Scene Change: Froglodyte Caves.]

[The Froglodyte Drill Sergeant angrily bangs on Og's door.]
Sergeant: Og! Open this door, you worthless little pollywog!
[Two other Froglodytes barge the door open. They all run and discover Drill Bot's drill.]
Sergeant: Assemble the horde.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[A rumble is heard as Drill Bot's drill comes out of the ground. The sergeant and the Froglodytes invade the area.]
Sergeant: Loot their valuables! Flip their tables! Riffle through their sock drawers!
[Lady Goat screams and runs away, dropping her shopping. The Froglodytes investigate her shopping. Amy notices this and immediately contacts Sonic on her Communicator.]
Amy: Sonic! The Froglodytes have invaded the Village! How could you let Og do this?!
Sonic: Me?! I dropped him off with Tails!
Tails: Not my fault. Knuckles had him last.
Knuckles: Nuh-uh. I sent him to Sticks' place!
Amy, Sonic and Tails: You did what?!
Knuckles: [Nervous] Oh, um... [In foreign accent] You dialed the wrong number?
[Sonic dashes off to Sticks' burrow.]

[Scene Change: Sticks' Burrow, day.]

[Sonic forcefully opens the door while Sticks and Og are playing their respective instruments.]
Sonic: [Angrily] Those cave toads invaded the village! Og was a Froglodyte spy all along! He must've opened the door to their cave!
[Sonic rushes into the room in the back of Sticks' Burrow.]
Sonic: Aha! What?
[Sonic notices that the door to the Froglodyte Caves are still blocked by a piece of furniture. Sonic scratches his head and runs back.]
Sonic: Which is... why it's... s-still closed and blocked off?
Sticks: Hey. Crazy baseless allegations are my thing.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Villagers continue screaming across the Village while they are being chased by Froglodytes. Mayor Fink is chased by three of them. More Froglodytes are stealing TVs from a nearby store. One froglodyte destroys the Ice Cream Vendor's stand, leaving him upset.]
Ice Cream Vendor: [Sobbing] Why?
[Amy tries to swing two Froglodytes with her hammer but misses both, causing her to spin herself away. Tails deploys a net from his Tailsmobile and pins three Froglodytes to a wall. However, they slide through the net, leaving Tails disappointed. Knuckles throws a Froglodyte.]
Knuckles: Chuckles] Anyone else want a piece?
[Suddenly, four Froglodytes ambush him, followed by two more.]
Knuckles: Argh! I said any-one!
[Sonic and Sticks are surrounded by multiple Froglodytes.]
Sticks: There's too many of them!
[Og jumps down in between them, halting all the Froglodytes.]
Og: Dude. You're giving Froglodytes a bad name. Well, worse name than Froglodytes.
[Sonic and Sticks run off and the Froglodytes surround Og. Og fights off all of them. He then picks up a broom and defends himself against two more Froglodytes wielding spears. He loses his broom but quickly rolls over to retrieve it. He kicks the broom into his opponents' feet and takes them down. He then jumps next to a ladder. As another enemy approaches him, Og whacks him with the ladder, along with two more froglodytes. He then throws the ladder and knocks out a line of enemies. He then spin attacks into the next two froglodytes and confronts the Froglodyte Drill Sergeant.]
Sergeant: You've gotten on my last nerve, tadpole!
[The Sergeant uses his tongue to attack but Og grabs it in midair, and tugs it towards him. He punches Sergeant up in the air, making him land in a heap of Froglodytes, knocking them all out. Og and Team Sonic taunt their enemies.]
Sergeant: Fall back! Retreat!
[All the Froglodytes retreat through the hole they came through. Team Sonic and Og watch them leave, and then stand back as Knuckles drops a giant rock, blocking the hole.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

Sonic: You know, Og. You really saved our butts today. Sorry I was such a buzzkill earlier.
Amy: But I thought you said you weren't a fighter.
Og: Hey, I don't like fighting, but I'll do it for a righteous cause, and you are all pretty righteous!
Tails: So... does that mean you're staying?
Og: Yeah, but I think I'm gonna get my own pad. These guys can be a bit much in large doses.
Sticks: Nah. You get used to 'em.