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"Og Man Out"[1] is the sixty-seventh episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 18 February 2017 in the United States and on 8 April 2017 in France.


The gang becomes suspicious when Froglodyte Og comes to the surface world. They fear their suspicions may be correct when a Froglodyte army arrives in The Village.







The episode begins with Eggman watching Drill Bot drill for Ancient mech suits, bemoaning that despite them being scattered around Seaside Island, he has had no success in finding one. Just then, Team Sonic arrives to stop him, only for Eggman to state that he is not harming anyone and simply digging, with Sonic convinced that such an act seems harmless; Eggman, offended by the term, immediately orders his robots to attack, but Team Sonic easily destroys the robots with help from Tails' Enerbeam. Eggman then orders Drill Bot to attack, but Sonic saws through its drill arm with his spin attack, where it digs into the ground and leaves a large hole. Defeated once again, Eggman leaves with Orbot and Cubot, and Team Sonic high-fives in celebration and walks off, failing to notice a mysterious figure emerge from the hole in a green mist.

Later, Dave walks to the counter at Meh Burger, only to notice the place has been ransacked for food, which Team Sonic investigates. A trail of slimy footprints leads away from Meh Burger, and Sticks sniffs it over to a nearby business, where the Fennec Male mentions that his bandages were stolen. Sticks continues sniffing the trail to Amy's House with the others continuing to follow her (though she mentions she was only following the footprints and the sniffing is only for effect), and they notice wrappers inside. Amy goes to sit down on her couch, only to sit in some slime left on it; Sticks sniffs it and comes to the conclusion that their culprit must have slept there. The team hears a flushing sound from the toilet stall; Sonic walks over and pulls aside the curtain to reveal a Froglodyte inside. While the team is surprised and initially hostile towards him, he introduces himself as Og and assures them he is here in peace unlike the other Froglodytes, beginning to tell them his story.

Og narrates that he never fit in with the other Froglodytes in their caves, questioning why they bow to the giant statue of Frogymandias, being berated by the Froglodytes' drill instructor for being a pacifist, and getting served mystery slop in the cafeteria despite asking for a vegan option (at this point, Sonic interrupts to ask why he ate Meh Burgers despite being vegan, but Og mentions that there is no meat in the burgers-- only newspaper clippings and library paste). Og then goes on to say that an opportunity allowing him to escape to the surface presented itself, which is visibly shown to be Drill Bot's disconnected drill arm smashing through his bedroom wall and giving him a path out. Back in the present day, Sticks sympathizes with Og, knowing what it is like being surrounded by "spineless conformists", but Amy tells him that having a rough childhood does not excuse him ransacking Meh Burger; Og explains he did not mean any harm and that he was just hungry. Tails adds that he still stole from the nearby shop, but Og explains that he cut himself on a Meh Meal toy, so he had to grab a bandage. He then explains he was tired and needed a place to sleep, so he went to Amy's House. Amy refuses to let him stay over, since it will take her weeks to clean up the slime he left. Sticks offers to let Og stay in her burrow, having an entire room dedicated to slime, but Sonic refuses to allow it, since he believes Og could be a Froglodyte spy sent to open the door in the burrow that the Froglodytes nearly escaped from the last time Team Sonic encountered them; instead, he decides to have Og live with him so he can keep an eye on him.

That night, Sonic brings Og to his shack and, tired from the long day, lies in his hammock to sleep, but Og continually makes loud noises during his nighttime routines, despite Sonic asking him to stop repeatedly. At the end of his rope, Sonic brings Og to Tails' Workshop, passing responsibility of the Froglodyte to Tails. Og criticizes Tails' inventions and is concerned that technology could destroy them all, mentioning the Ancients and their mech suits scattered all over the Froglodyte caves. An annoyed Tails next brings out a can opener that he deems harmless and attempts to open a can only for its lid to shoot out and embed itself in a wooden beam, further convincing Og. Later, on the beach, Knuckles is punching a tree when Tails shoves Og over to him, wishing him luck. Og observes Knuckles punching the tree and asks why he is being so violent with it; Knuckles explains he is trying to get coconuts, but Og is certain that violence is not the answer, instead asking him to wait for Mother Nature to provide him with what he needs. As Og lies down to rest, Knuckles waits a full day for coconuts to fall, only to become frustrated with Og when that does not happen, dragging him off (and just missing the coconuts finally falling from the tree). Later, Knuckles angrily throws Og into Sticks' Burrow and slams the door shut; Og tells Sticks that her friends are too caught up in their routines, a sentiment she agrees with.

Meanwhile, in the Froglodyte Caves, the Froglodyte Drill Sergeant enters Og's room and notices his escape route; later, in the Village Center, the Froglodytes emerge using Drill Bot's drill arm and are ordered by the Froglodyte Drill Sergeant to search everywhere for loot and valuables, causing panic amongst the villagers. Amy walks onto the scene soon after, calling Sonic on her Communicator to scold him for allowing Og to cause an attack, but Sonic answers with the rebuttal that he brought him to Tails. Tails also denies responsibility by saying he gave Og to Knuckles; the echidna chimes in as well and reveals that he took Og to Sticks' Burrow, to the others' shock. Sonic runs there to inform Sticks of the invasion, once again accusing Og of being a spy sent to open the door to the caves; his accusation falls to pieces, however, once he notices that the designer shelf the team blocked the door with after their last encounter with the Froglodytes remains undisturbed.

Back in the Village Center, the Froglodytes cause destruction all around, and Team Sonic is unable to handle their superior numbers, but Og comes to their rescue, singlehandedly fighting the Froglodytes off using martial arts and the environment around him. He then confronts and defeats the Froglodyte Drill Sergeant who, after Og is joined by Team Sonic, orders the Froglodytes to retreat into the hole they dug, which Knuckles blocks with a massive boulder to prevent them from returning. Later, Team Sonic eats with Og at Meh Burger, with Sonic apologizing to him for his earlier distrust. Amy asks why Og chose to fight despite being nonviolent, to which he answers that he is willing to fight for a "righteous cause" and that he finds them "pretty righteous". Tails (worriedly) asks if that means he is staying above ground; he confirms this, but he wishes to search for his own home, saying to Sticks that the others are a little too much to handle over elongated periods of time, though she assures him that it is something he can get used to.



Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Cherchez l'intrus Spot the intruder
Italian A caccia di rospi Hunting for toads
Polish Żaba Ba Og The Frog
Spanish (Latin America) Og, el inadaptado Og, the misfit
Ukrainian Наш гість Оґ Our guest is Og


  • Nine days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[3]
  • The title of this episode is a parody of the title for the 1947 film noir Odd Man Out.
  • This is the second Sonic television episode to be written by a previous contributor to the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics.
  • Sticks acting like she was tracking Og's scent when following his footsteps might be a reference to how Sticks appeared to sniff out the Rock-cyborg when she was just sniffing the grass while following the cyborg's footsteps in Sonic Boom #1, a comic which happened to have been written by the same writer for this episode.
  • Froglodyte Drill Sergeant's line "What is your major malfunction, tadpole?" is a reference to R. Lee Ermey's quote in Full Metal Jacket.


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