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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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All toads take the high road.

— Og, "Og Man Out"

Og[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic frog and a former member of the Froglodytes. A peace-lover among a horde of villanous scum, Og would flee from his home to start a new life on Seaside Island.


Og is a green-skinned and slimy anthropomorphic frog whose head and body come together in an almost indistinguishable oval shape. He has black eyes with horizontal pupils and pale yellow sclera, pronounced brows, thick green lips, and a grey underbelly. His forearms are thick and his hands have four fingers while his feet have three toes. Each of his digits also has webbing between them and round dots on their tips. He also have warts on his arms and back. Og's attire consists of a white vest tie-dyed in turquoise, orange and magenta, dark grey wrist bracelets, and a necklace featuring a peace sign-like symbol.


TV series


Og sticking out from his people.

Born into the Froglodyte tribe in their sealed-off caves, Og had a difficult childhood growing up as he was never able to fit in with his people. Uncomfortable with the Froglodytes' way of life, yet forced to follow it, Og lived a miserable existence in the caves.[3]

Season one

Before the Froglodytes made a break-out attempt from their caves, Og came down with a sickness. As such, he stayed home while his tribe battled Team Sonic and rearranged the furniture they had acquired for their caves.[2]

Season two

Og comes to Team Sonic's aid.

While moping around, Og noticed Drill Bot's drill dig into his bedroom, creating a passage to the surface. Taking this opportunity to start a new life, Og fled to Seaside Island. Desperate for food (and later bandages), Og broke into Meh Burger and a shop before crashing unannounced in Amy's House, where he would meet Team Sonic. Though the team understood Og after hearing his story, Sonic suspected he was a spy. Og thus came with Sonic to be watched, only for his annoying behavior to get him passed between team members until Sticks got him. When other Froglodytes then invaded the Unnamed Village, Og, despite being accused of being a part of this, helped Team Sonic force his people back into their caves and seal their entrance off. Og then made peace with Team Sonic and would leave to find a home.[3]

Og eventually returned to help Amy, Knuckles and Sticks battle some malware-infected robots overrunning Hedgehog Village. As Og and co. got overwhelmed by the robots though, the villagers would come to their aid, allowing them to hold out until the robots withdrew.[4] Og later spent some time chilling at the rec center until said location got closed. Fortunately for him, Team Sonic got it reopened.[5] Some time afterward, Og would serve as a meditation teacher for the students in Amy's anger management class.[6]


Born an atypical kind of Froglodyte, Og is easy-going, patient, free-spirited, laid-back, friendly and spiritual. Unlike his violent and aggressive people, Og is a zen-like individual who favors peace and tranquility. He thus encourages others to follow a similar path of calmness and peacefulness and always approaches people with good-hearted intentions. Some of his interests include playing the pan flute, meditating using mantras and practicing martial arts. Og also has great respect for Mother Nature and is a full-fledged vegan.[3]

Og pretty much marches to the beat of his own drum, having distanced himself from societal restrictions, and says and does whatever he has on mind. As a result, he often asks questions about authority and subjects that would not (or should not) occur to other people. He also does not feel comfortable being told what to do. Whenever Og deems someone too traditional or too attached to the group norm, he refers to them as a "conformist." Nonetheless, Og does not bear any ill will towards such people by default and respects their standpoints, although this can be taxing for him in the long run. Like Sticks, Og also does not trust technology, believing that all machines will one day turn against society and destroy everything.[3] Regardless, he is comfortable enough around technology to use devices like hoverboards.[5]

Og is by no means consciously inconsiderate, but his unrestricted inhibition and aloof attitude make him come off as somewhat impolite to others. This has led to him do things like intruding unannounced and igniting a campfire in Amy's House, keeping Sonic awake at night, and insulting Tails' inventions. However, this is only because it does not occur to Og that his actions may rub people the wrong way before he has been told about it. Once Og has been made aware of it, he will correct himself without arguing.[3]

Despite being raised as a warrior and his noticeable combat skills, Og is a pacifist.[4] He does not like to fight, nor does he believe that violence is the answer, and he tries to steer people towards non-aggressive solutions. However, he is willing to go into all-out brawls if it is for a righteous cause, showcasing a strong sense of justice and dedication to the greater good.[3]

Powers and abilities

Og's spin attack.

Contrary to his peaceful nature, Og is an extremely capable combatant, having defeated an army of trained Froglodytes on his own. He is highly proficient in an unspecified form of martial arts and is very swift and agile, capable of making high leaps and fluid dodges almost instantaneously. He also has great reflexes, having grabbed his drill instructor's whip-like tongue from midair.[3]

Og has demonstrated an affinity for improvisation and weapon proficiency, utilizing everyday objects like brooms and ladders as melee weapons with great efficiency and in creative ways. Og has also demonstrated the ability to perform the spin attack, a technique where he curls tightly into a concussive ball to ram foes.[3]



Og fighting against his people.

The Froglodytes are Og's people, yet he holds no loyalty towards them despite spending the majority of his life with them. Being as free-spirited as he was, Og was never able to fit in with the other Froglodytes, nor did he have any interests in their customs. He would also often question his people's culture, such as their military's methods and their religion. Despite all this, Og was forced to follow his people's customs, making him see them all as conformists. Also, any attempt Og made to make life more bearable for him in the Froglodyte Caves was met with harsh rejection. Despite all the mistreatment he got though, Og would never stand up to his peers. As such, Og's life with the Froglodytes was ridden with misery.[3]

Og's distain for the Froglodyte life was what made him escape to the surface. It was also there that Og would finally face his people, telling them that they were giving themselves a bad name before forcing his people back home, during which he got payback at his old drill instructor.[3]

Team Sonic

Og hanging out with Team Sonic.

Og's first meeting with Team Sonic was less than ideal, in part due to the morally ambiguous activities Og had recently committed and the team's past with the Froglodytes. While most of the team only warmed slightly up to Og after hearing his story, Og quickly established a good friendship with Sticks the Badger, who could relate to his dealings with conformists. Although most of the team would later blame Og for setting the other Froglodytes free, Og did not hold it against the team and even helped them stop his people. Afterward, Team Sonic came to trust Og as a valuable ally, while Og admitted they were all "pretty righteous" (although most of them were still hard for him to bear in the long run).[3]




"I'm not like those other guys, My name's Og. I come in peace and stuff."
—Og, "Og Man Out"
"Does anyone really think that this giant frog sculpture cares if we kneel? I'm just sayin'..."
—Og's thoughts on his people's religion, "Og Man Out"
"I'm sensing a lot of negative energy from you, man. Have you ever considered that maybe violence isn't the answer?"
—Og taking to his drill instructor, "Og Man Out"
"No need to be so aggressive. Mother Nature's got a way, man. Be patient, and she'll provide you with what you need."
—Og giving Knuckles advice on how to get coconuts, "Og Man Out"
"Hey, I don't like fighting, but I'll do it for a righteous cause, and you are all pretty righteous!"
—Og's viewpoint on fighting, "Og Man Out"
"Normally, I'm a pacifist, but today, I'll be passing fists."
—Og preparing to fight, "Robots From The Sky Part 3"



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