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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For Octopus Bot's counterpart from the Mirror Dimension, see Octopus Bot (Mirror Dimension).

Octopus Bot is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is an octopus-based robot created by Dr. Eggman that can be ridden like a vehicle,


Modeled after an octopus, Octopus Bot has a red cup-shaped cockpit with a wide lower section as a head. It also has ten grey tentacles hanging below the head, and a small beak on its undercarriage. Inside its cockpit are the control panel with a pair of steering handles, rear-view mirrors and a change cup.[1] The head has a dark windshield, a round and yellow "mouth" on the front resembling a barrel, and a yellow vent on each side. Its tentacles are flat and segmented with yellow joints and spikes. Covering the cockpit are small yellow spikes.


TV series

Season one

Octopus Bot was first deployed by Dr. Eggman for a battle with Team Sonic. The doctor ambushed the majority of the team with Octopus Bot, but Sonic kept it distracted while his friends fought back. Tails attempted to use his his plane's Unbolterizer on Octopus Bot, but missed. After Octopus Bot knocked Tails' plane away, Sonic snuck up from behind and tore apart its wiring. His creation defeated, Eggman fled in Octopus Bot's escape pod.[2]

Having being rebuilt, Octopus Bot was sent on a rampage by the Lightning Bolt Society when they messed around in Eggman's lair. With Octopus Bot out of control, Team Sonic fought it until they decided to go after the Lightning Bolts.[3] Octopus Bot was later piloted by Cubot to the city hall where it provided Eggman with ink for the approval stamp that let him rule the Village, though the stamp was destroyed.[4] Another time, Octopus Bot was hijacked by Dave the Intern after he imprisoned Eggman, to fight Sonic. However, Dave could not sheer Octopus Bot properly, making it crash through the Village. Wanting to stop the misuse of Octopus Bot, Eggman begrudgingly told Sonic of its override switch, which Sonic used to stop it. With Dave gone, Eggman salvaged Octopus Bot.[1]

When Team Eggman (Eggman's league of local villains) attacked Team Sonic, Octopus Bot was used by T.W. Barker to battle Knuckles as he lured the echidna away from his team. Although it had the upper hand at first, Octopus Bot was still beaten by Knuckles, who used its tentacles to wrap up the Chameleon.[5]

Season two

When Octopus Bot got infected by malware from Hypnobot, who made it join other infected robots in an attack on Hedgehog Village, Orbot and Cubot (both of whom were infected too) took control of it. Sonic, however, took Octopus Bot out shortly after the attack began.[6] When Eggman later had to keep Sonic from delivering the doctor's order from Meh Burger to his lair within three minutes, in an attempt to humiliate Sonic for his incompetence at delivering his order on time, a rebuilt Octopus Bot would act as an obstacle at Eggman's lair. However, Octopus Bot was taken out in a flash by Sonic when it attacked him.[7]

Powers and abilities

Octopus Bot is capable of midair flight, though it is noted to be rather slow. It possesses ten extendable tentacles, giving it a wide attack range and multiple limbs to strike with. Octopus Bot also has remarkable physical strength, capable of smashing through a stone wall and knocking an aeroplane off-course with a single strike of its tentacles.[2]

Octopus Bot is equipped with black ink cartridges that lets it excrete ink like a real octopus, which it can shoot as either small squirts with pin-point precision or in large puddles. While its ink has no offensive power, it is useful for disorienting foes and creating surfaces for them to slip on.[1][4][5] As an Eggman robot, it is also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[8]


Octopus Bot's override switch.

Octopus Bot has a manual override switch hidden just between its upper and lower beak. When pulling this switch, Octopus Bot will automatically shut down, although it can easily be reactivated from its cockpit.[1] Its many tentacles are also vulnerable to being tangled up.[2]

Being an Eggman robot, Octopus Bot relies on Eggman's lair to provide it with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then it will too.[8]


  • Octopus Bot's name is actually inaccurate; a real-life octopus possesses eight tentacles, while Octopus Bot possesses ten tentacles, making it more akin to a squid.
    • Ironically, the nickname Sonic came up for Octopus Bot was Squid Bot.[2]
  • According to Dr. Eggman, Octopus Bot's ink cartridges cost a fortune.[1]





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