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Team Sonic Racing
Ocean View

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Ocean View is a race track that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is based off the track of the same name from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.


Ocean View is located on a beautiful tropical sea coast filled with ancient white and red ruins. The main racetrack is located on an elevated stone track that leads around the ruins. The land outside the track is flooded with seawater on each side. In addition, different islets and cliffs can seen dotting the sea here and there. A big robot-squid swaying its tentacles around can also be spotted along this route. Waterfalls can also be seen emerging from the top of some of the islets, and an orca will sometimes jump out of the water. A massive rainbow can also be seen from everywhere on the track. Around the starting/finishing line are also floating grandstands with Chao on them that cheer for the racers. In that same location are also a few Wisps.


Ocean View remains fairly simple in terms of design. The only noteworthy gimmick is the lawns in the corners of the track which only Technique-Type characters can drive across without losing speed. In terms of obstacles, there are Kaos which will literally flatten the racers, causing them to take damage and slow temporarily.


Map of Ocean View.

The race starts with a series of corners that lead uphill. On the right side of the second swing is a grass field, which Technique-Type characters can cross over in order to take a shortcut. Alternatively, the player can take a hidden shortcut around this area. More specifically, at the very beginning of the race, just before the first turn to the left, there will be a hole in the barrier on the right side the racetrack's edge. The player can enter this aforementioned hole in order to arrive on an unseen route where they have to cross two platforms suspended in the air without falling into the sea. After crossing these platforms on this hidden route, the player will land on an uphill route. By following it, the player will arrive at a ramp which they can jump off of and return to the main track, getting acceleration from aerial stunts in the process.

From here on, the player will follow the main route for a while, which will eventually turn left for a long time and lead to a fork in the road. The route on the left is shorter, but it has three rows of Kao rolling across it. After avoiding the Kaos, the player will then have to turn left in order to reach the home stretch. The route on the right at the fork in the road on the other hand is longer, but free of obstacles. This one leads through a large loop before coming to an abrupt end, which the player can jump off of in order to reach the main route and the home stretch. During this jump, the player can pull off several stunts. At the point where the two routes reconvene, the road will turn to the left and lead straight to the finish line.

Ocean View also has its own mirror image version of it where the left and right sides are interchanged.



Promotional screenshots



Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Ocean View: Intro Fly-by" SEGA / Jun Senoue & Richard Jacques 0:19
"Ocean View: Lap Music" SEGA / Jun Senoue & Richard Jacques 3:53
"Ocean View: Final Lap" SEGA / Jun Senoue & Richard Jacques 2:11
"Ocean View: Goal" SEGA / Jun Senoue & Richard Jacques 0:09



Team Sonic Racing Ocean View (Amy) 1080 HD

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