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A battleship of considerable power. Use the guns on the smaller, faster enemies and save the cannons for the bigger ships in Captain Whisker’s fleet. Use the flamethrower for extra damage and snatch up Rings.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog Encyclo-speed-ia

The Ocean Tornado[1] (オーシャントルネード号 Ōshan Torunēdo Gō?) is a sailboat/paddleboat from Sonic Rush Adventure and the second vessel that can be used in the game. A heavily armed navy vessel, this watercraft can not only can travel much longer distances than the Wave Cyclone, but also packs enough firepower to take on even the strongest of Captain Whisker's pirate ships. It was constructed by Miles "Tails" Prower as his second vessel, and was used by him, Sonic the Hedgehog, Marine the Raccoon and later Blaze the Cat to sail longer distances across the oceans of Blaze's world. It can however not travel in shallow waters.


The first plans for the Ocean Tornado was laid out in the beginning of Sonic Rush Adventure. After constructing the Wave Cyclone, Sonic, Tails and Marine began hunting for Materials that would allow them to construct better and larger vessels in order to explore more of the sea. After the trio made it to Machine Labyrinth and found some Bronze Material, Tails was able to construct the Ocean Tornado. It was built with the specific purpose of allowing Sonic to travel further than with the Wave Cyclone. It would then remain as the group's main boat.

Materials needed

To build

The following Materials are needed in order to construct the Ocean Tornado:

First upgrade

The following Materials are needed in order to upgrade the Ocean Tornado for the first time:

Second upgrade

The following Materials are needed in order to upgrade the Ocean Tornado for the second time:

  • 5 Green Materials
  • 5 Bronze Materials
  • 5 Black Materials


In gameplay, the Ocean Tornado works much different than the Wave Cyclone. During the travels, the Ocean Tornado moves forwards on its own, while the player controls the side-mounted weapons to attack Captain Whisker's pirate forces.


  • Gun Turret: Described simply as "guns" by Tails, the gun turret fires standard projectile rounds. It is used mostly on lightly armored, fast ships and aircraft as well as destroying projectiles and bombs sent by enemies. Larger and more powerful enemies can deflect gunshots, unaffecting them. It has six rounds per magazine, but reloads incredibly fast.
  • Cannon: The cannon dishes out heavy damage against armored targets but it cannot be fired rapidly. It has 3 cannon balls per "magazine" but still only takes a fraction of a second to reload.
  • Flamethrower: The flamethrower is used to pick up lines of rings. The flames stay for about a second before disappearing. This is useful for dealing extra damage while pummeling a battleship with the cannon to destroy it faster. It has a very long reload time. It can be upgraded (the player can choose to upgrade it by going to Tails) so it has more fuel per magazine and the flames stay longer.

In other media

Archie Comics

Blaze and Marine about to rescue Shadow on the Ocean Tornado.

While Marine and Blaze the Cat were aboard the Ocean Tornado in the middle of the ocean, they found a drowning Shadow the Hedgehog who had just been kicked into the water by Metal Sonic. Marine and Blaze brought him aboard the ship where he explained how he and Metal came to their dimension.

They then traveled to Southern Island to find Metal Sonic attacking it in his search for that zone's Eggman. Shadow tried to turn Metal against Eggman, but was unsuccessful. Shadow and Blaze attacked Metal and launched him up into the air. Marine then used the Ocean Tornado's cannons to completely destroy Metal Sonic, leaving Shadow temporarily stranded until Blaze gave him her Chaos Emerald. (SU: #1)

Following the timeline reboot caused by the Super Genesis Wave, the Ocean Tornado is now virtually identical to its game counterpart.


  • Even though it is classified as a sailboat, the Ocean Tornado's construction lends itself more to the form of a paddle-wheeler.







  1. Sonic Rush Adventure (Nintendo DS) United States instruction booklet, pg. 16.

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