The Number Rings[1] are recurring objects in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are a set of unique rings that reward the player if they are collected in the right order.


The Number Rings resemble giant green floating numbers surrounded by a circle of smaller green dishes. They always appear in sets of five, each of them displaying a different number from 1 to 5.

In gameplay, the player can earn in-game bonuses by collecting all five local Number Rings in descending order of their display value (first collect the Number Ring showing "5", then the one showing "4", then the one showing "3" and so forth). The playable character merely has to walk into the Number Ring to collect it. If the player obtains the Number Rings in an incorrect order, the remainder of the Number Rings will disappear and the player will miss out on a reward.

Game appearances

Sonic Lost World

The Number Rings first appeared in the Wii U/PC version of Sonic Lost World. In gameplay, the Number Ring sets appear within a general area inside a Zone. Should the player successfully collect all Number Rings, they can earn a 1-Up. If the player fails to collect them in the right order however, they will all disappear and not reappear until the player restarts the Zone.

The Number Rings are typically placed in areas with an emphasis on running or Parkour.

Sonic Forces

Number rings 5 3 4

Number Rings in Capital City.

In Sonic Forces, the Number Rings' appearance and function are identical to that of Sonic Lost World. In gameplay, Number Rings only appear in subsequent playthroughs of a stage after all the Red Star Rings of that stage have been collected. After collecting all five Number Rings, the player is simply awarded bonus points and after the stage is finished, the player can then start to collect Silver Moon Rings in subsequent playthroughs. When playing the stage again, the Number Rings take on a faded appearance but can still be collected like before.


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