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The Nrrgal Drone (ナーガルドローン Nāgarudorōn?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. They are slug-like slime creatures that are members of the N'rrgal species who lives on the N'rrgal Colony. They serve as the worker class of the N'rrgal society.


The Nrrgal Drones can only be encountered on the N'rrgal Colony. After returning to the N'rrgal Colonly from the Zoah Colony and obtaining the Chaos Emerald from the N'rrgals, the Nrrgal Drones cannot be encountered again.

The Nrrgal Drones' basic attack involves them jumping at an opponent and enveloping the opponent in their own slime-composed bodies for a few moments, before retreating. This attack can not only damage the player, but can also fully restore the Nrrgal Drones' own Health Points and has a chance of inflicting Curse on the target, given that they land a successful hit. Their POW moves are Water Shield and Drain Life, which can inflict Weaken and Leech.

Due to the Nrrgal Drones' ability to fully restore their own Health Points with one attack, they are one of the more infuriating enemies in the game. However, they have the lowest value for their armor stat, making them highly vulnerable to attacks. To best defeat a Nrrgal Drone in battle, the player has to focus on targeting one Nrrgal Drone at a time and defeating it, before moving on to the next or distract them, causing them to miss their attacks.

Power and Abilities

As members of the N'rrgal race, the Nrrgal Drones are energy eaters, meaning they can absorb energy from machines and the life force from their opponents, which serves as their main defense. This gives them a powerful regenerative capacity, allowing them to completely rejuvenate themselves with just one attack.

The Nrrgal Drones can reproduce asexually by splitting themselves into two to form a pair of new worker drones, which makes them ideal frontline soldiers, or agglomerate together to produce even more fearsome opponents or higher beings, such as Nrrgal Warriors or the N'rrgal Queen.


HP 2[1]
HP 145[2]
Speed 27[1]
Attack 27[1]
Defense 31[1]
Luck 8[1]
Damage 20[1]
Armor 0[1]
Resistance Water (50%)[1]
Lightning (50%)[1]
Weakness Ice (25%)[1]
Wind (10%)[1]
Fire (25%)[1]
Earth (10%)[1]






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