North Cave is a location mentioned in the Sega Master System version of Sonic Chaos. It is an obscure area on South Island.


Sonic Chaos

Accordingly, the North Cave once held six of the Chaos Emeralds until Dr. Robotnik stole the red one. Flicky the Bluebird was the first to learn of this theft.[1]

In other media

Sonic the Comic

In the Sonic the Comic series, the North Cave is an area within the Frozen Zone where Sonic stored the unstable Chaos Emeralds until Captain Plunder stole them.


  • The North Cave is not mentioned in any Game Gear material of Sonic Chaos, including the Japanese release. Its implied existence may be exclusive to the western Master System version.


  1. Sonic Chaos (Master System) AU instruction manual. "It was Flicky the Bluebird who had the answer: “The Chaos Emeralds are missing from the North Cave!”."
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