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Norris Wimple from Sonic the Comic #108. Black and white art by Roberto Corona and colouring by John M Burns.

Norris Wimple is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is probably the biggest nerd on Mobius. He first appeared in Sonic the Comic #102, but was not named until Sonic the Comic #108. He was created by Lew Stringer. He lives at his mother's house.


Norris is tall and thin, with red hair and spots on his face. He wears thick glasses and an olive green anorak.


Norris Wimple first appeared during the freak weather that had been caused by Windy Wallis. He panicked in the belief that this was the "Curse of Doctor Robotnik", as chronicled in his magazine Doom & Gloom.[1]

He later turned up as a Badnik spotter, noting down the serial numbers of Badniks (which didn't exist, meaning he had to make them up). This hobby made him an easy target for Badniks, particularly when he dressed up as Sonic with the intention of seeing one up close, and he had to be rescued by Amy Rose and Tekno on two separate occasions. After the second rescue, he finally realised that Badnik spotting was dangerous and decided to take up a new hobby: measuring and listing the boot marks of sports players.[2] In gratitude, he also took Amy and Tekno to a Fabian Vane concert, where he became so excited that he threw his shirt at the stage. He was disappointed when the concert was cancelled, particularly when Amy and Tekno were invited backstage and he was not.[3]

A while later, he appeared on TV for making a possible UFO sighting, even though he had yet to get the film developed. D.R.A.T. (the Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe) thought that this photo might be of a secret weapon being developed by Robotnik instead of a UFO and set out to get the film off of Norris. However, Amy and Tekno managed to save him once again, and when the film was developed it turned out that Norris had mistaken Tails for a UFO in the first place, so the photo was worthless (except to Tails, who thought it was a good likeness).[4]

When Norris' main rival, Ryan Baggit, imprisoned Sonic in an energy bubble so that he could add Sonic to his collection, Norris challenged Baggit to a trivia quiz for Sonic's freedom. Baggit accepted, but quickly defeated Norris, who did not recall how Sonic had defeated the Master Sentinel. However, Sonic subsequently managed to free himself. Afterwards, people started asking for Norris' autograph because he'd helped Sonic.[5]


Norris Wimple has numerous geeky interests, including (at various times) Badnik spotting, measuring the bootprints of sports players,[2] UFO spotting, and more.[4] He frequently believes outrageous stories, such as the existence of the "Curse of Doctor Robotnik",[1] and has a habit of putting himself in danger in order to take part in his bizarre hobbies.[2]


  • The anorak that Norris Wimple wears is a visual gag, since anorak is British slang for people with extreme social awkwardness who display strong interests in niche subjects, often to the point of obsession. The word thus indicates an extreme form of geek, much like Norris himself.
    • Norris Wimple also has a striking similar appearance to the titular character in the 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Norris' Badnik spotting hobby is a reference to real world train spotting.
  • Norris' favorite singer used to be Fabian Vane.[3]


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