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Norman (ノーマン Nōman?) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an anthropomorphic polar bear and a member of the Vikings who reside at Blizzard Peaks in the north of Blaze's world.

On Southern Island, speaking to Norman can allow the player to enter the Viking Cup, where the player can compete in time/score-trial courses with the Wave Cyclone, Ocean Tornado, Aqua Blast, Deep Typhoon, and even replay the Johnny's Race stages.


For an unspecified amount of time, Norman resided in the ice house village on Blizzard Peaks. During the events of Sonic Rush Adventure, when Captain Whisker and his crew showed up on Blizzard Peaks following their escape from Sonic, Blaze, Tails and Marine on Haunted Ship, Norman joined the rest of the Vikings in fighting off the pirates outside the village. Despite their efforts, Norman and the other Vikings' battle with the pirates came to an end when Whisker and his crew used their machines to freeze them in solid ice. Captured in ice, all Norman could do now was to await his inevitable death.

Some time afterwards, Norman and the other Vikings were saved when Sonic and his friends arrived on Blizzard Peaks, having come there to enlist the Vikings' help in the fight against the pirates by asking them of what they knew about them, and managed to drive off Whisker and his forces off the island. Norman and the other Vikings were then thawed out from the ice by Blaze's pyrokinetic abilities, and Norman personally thanked Sonic and his friends on behalf of all the Vikings for saving them. After having told them of how he and the others came to be frozen in ice, Norman was asked by Tails if he knew anything about the pirates, and Norman told them that he had heard the pirates say that their hideout was in some ancient ruins, which Norman was rather convinced of despite not paying much attention to the legends surround the ruins.

With peace returning to Blizzard Peaks, Norman accompanied Sonic and the others back to Southern Island, where he took residence at the Ocean Tornado docks.


Norman is a friendly and accommodating person. He usually ends his sentences with the word "yup."


  • Norman is named for the Normans, a kingdom of Vikings who inhabited France.