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Sonic Boom
Nominatus Rising (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode "Nominatus Rising".

[Scene: Seaside Island, day.]

[Camera views Tails' Workshop. Inside, Tails is typing on his laptop while his team watches.]
Tails: Once in a great while, a technology comes along that is so groundbreaking, so revolutionary-
[The scene shows the Build-it Box. Cut to Sonic.]
Sonic: Is that just your Build-it Box?
Tails: With one crucial improvement!
[Cut to the laptop screen, showing a rotating 3D model of Miss Tomatopotamus.]
Knuckles: Woah, that's Miss Tomatopotamus! The game that shattered gender architypes by putting a little red bow on the pre existing design! What's she doing on your screen?
[Cut to Tails pressing a button with his mouse. The laptop screen flashes and the light follows the path of the tube to the Build-it Box. The light flashes again. Cut to Knuckles, who puts some sunglasses.The light stops flashing and the smoke clears. Miss Tomatopotamus walks forward and sits down.]
Tails: With this upgrade to the Build-it Box, I'm able to materialise three dimensional manisfestations of characters from video games!
[Cut to Sonic.]
Sonic: There is a certain princess in a castle that I would like to meet.
[Cut to Amy who growls at him as Knuckles takes off his glasses and kneels towards Miss Tomatopotamus.]
Knuckles: You're cute you know, for a pudgy little crime against nature. Smaller than I expected though.
[Cut to Tails and Amy.]
Tails: That's because I set a file size throttle on the machine.
[Cut to Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Here kitty kitty kitty!
[Miss Tomatopotamus shoots a tomato at him. Knuckles wipes it off his face. Miss Tomatopotamus then runs around the workshop, with Knuckles and the rest of the team chasing her around. A Fly Bot drops in and spys on the team.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Inside the lair Eggman, Orbot and Cubot are watching the events. Cut to Eggman.]
Eggman: [sarcastic] Ohhh, the gang got a little pet hippo this week! What a fun adventure! [serious] That has nothing to do with me. Time to change this narrative!
[Eggman turns off the screen and he, Orbot and Cubot walk away. Eggman growls. A short horizontal black line blinks on the screen. As the camera zooms in, the line forms another dark screen and Nominatus looks around before grinning. Behind the screen, Nominatus looks at Eggman's room through another screen.]
Nominatus: If Eggman thinks the narrative is about him, [presses the screen] he's got another thing coming! [turns to Retro and Beta] Retro! Beta! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
[Cut to Beta.]
Beta: Ehh square pixels make us look fat?
Nominatus: [angrily] NO!
[Another screen pops up, showing Team Sonic chasing Miss Tomatopotamus. The screen zooms over to the Build-it Box. Cut to Nominatus.]
Nominatus: That fox's invention is our chance to finally escape this virtual prison, and infect the real world!

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Inside, Team Sonic is still chasing Miss Tomatopotamus. She fires a tomato causing Sonic to slip, while Knuckles pounces on her, but misses and hits the wall. Cut to Tails, who summons his enerbeam and tries to lasso the creature, but ends up tying Amy and Sticks. Miss Tomatopotamus runs towards Knuckles, and licks him before finally lying down on his lap.]
Amy: Huh. Guess all she needed was a little love.
Knuckles: I was voted "Sensitive Soul of the Month" by Hulking Brute Magazine.
[An alarm sounds. Tails runs to his laptop and presses a button, showing Mayor Fink on the screen.]
Mayor Fink: Sonic! Eggman's attacking the village!
[Cut to Knuckles.]
Knuckles: [pets Miss Tomatopotamus] Who wants to see a battle when they can watch a small animal peacefully sleep on someone's lap?
[Cut to Mayor Fink, when an explosion is heard and he screams. The laptop is switched off.]
Sonic: Sorry Knux, can't leave the village hanging. No matter how cute Miss Tomatopotamus is.
[Amy, Sonic, Tails and Sticks run out, with Knuckles carrying Miss Tomatopotamus along. Cut to the laptop screen, now showing Nominatus.]
Nominatus: Launch the procedure!
[There's a flash of light, which goes through a tube to the Build it Box. Another flash of light occurs as Nominatus, Retro and Beta enter the real world. Cut to Nominatus.]
Nominatus: Now, time to conquer the world! [laughs evily] Wait, what the-
[The camera zooms out to reveal that Nominatus, Retro and Beta are in a small size]
Beta: You're a lot shorter than I expected boss.
[Cut to Retro]
Retro: You ever notice how people you meet online always look different IRL?
Nominatus: That fox must have put a sizing throttle on his machine. If we reach that laptop, we can disable it, and scale us up to normal!
[The laptop is shown, and the camera zooms out to show the distance and obsticles. Cut to Beta.]
Beta: All the way over there?
Nominatus: It's just a few feet, how long could it possibly take?
[Nominatus, Retro and Beta start walking. Theme simular to Lawrence of Arabia plays. Cut to the three of them walking with sunlight. The three of them stop as Nominatus takes off his cape and ties it on his head before continuing walking. Cut to the three of them on a raft, with Retro and Beta rowing it over a spilt puddle of water.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Team Sonic are finished with their battle and Eggman arrives with the Eggmobile. Team Sonic get into their fighting stances.]
Eggman: What's the use of spying on Sonic when I can't get something out of it? Aside from the feeling of being a part of his life in filling my emotional void...
Cubot: We're here for you boss.
Eggman: [annoyed] Don't rub it in.
[Eggman, Orbot and Cubot drive the Eggmobile away. Cut to Team Sonic.]
Sonic: Alright! With that little distraction out of the way, we can get back to what I can only assume is our main obstacle this week, that adorable little hippo thing.
[Cut to Fastidious Beaver running away from Miss Tomatopotamus as she shoots tomatos. Team Sonic laughs.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Nominatus, Retro and Beta have reached the laptop and are panting. Suddenly, a cat appears and jumps down from the window frame.]
Beta: Ohhh no, he's got a guard kitty!
[The cat picks up Retro and shakes him around before throwing him away. Retro hits the ground and is held down by the cat's paw. The cat gets irritated when Beta tries to hold it's tail. It shakes it causing Beta to take some hits.]
Beta: It's more ferocious than any foe we've ever encountered!
[Beta falls off the tail exhausted. He gets up, and a ribbon hits him. He holds it. Cut to Nominatus holding a tinfoil ball.]
Nominatus: Follow my lead you digitized dimwits!
[Nominatus zaps the ball, walks over and uses the ribbon as a catapult and fires the ball at the cat, causing it to jump out of the window. Cut to Nominatus.]
Nominatus: Alright enough yetting around, gimme a boost!
[Retro goes on top of Beta first.]
Retro: [climbing on Beta] Yeah, alright c'mon, yep, almost there, [sits] Alright now your turn!
[Nominatus climbs on Retro.]
Retro: Oh my face, [Nominatus climbs on his ear] OW that's my ear, boss!
[The three of them are still too small to reach the tabletop. Suddenly, a bird swoops in and grabs Nominatus and flies around the workshop.]
Nominatus: [annoyed] Is this a workshop or a petting zoo?
[The bird flies towards the boiler, cut to Nominatus covering his eyes in fear.The bird's flight causes Nominatus to hit the boiler, the table, the wall, and the table again. Cut to Nominatus, who zaps the bird with electrical energy startling it, allowing Nominatus to jump on the bird controlling it.]
Nominatus: Now, you will do my bidding!
[Nominatus guides the bird out of the window. Cut to Retro and Beta, who hear Nominatus crashing into several trees before coming back inside the workshop.]
Nominatus: Okay, I think I got it figured out!
[Nominatus guides the bird and jumps off when it reaches Tails' laptop. He presses the button and light flashes, restoring all three to their normal sizes.]
Retro: Hey we look different, have I been working out?

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Team Sonic are with Miss Tomatopotamus. Sticks throws a bunch of plates up in the air, and Miss Tomatopotamus fires tomatos and destroys them. Team Sonic cheers. Enter Dave the Intern.]
Dave: [irritated] Hey, hey! Only paid customers are allowed to destroy those plates!
[Suddenly the light flashes and Miss Tomatopotamus is big, crushing Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Little help?
Tails: Something must have malfunctioned with my Build-it Box! We better get back to my Workshop.

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, day]

[Cut to Team Sonic looking inside the workshop, with Miss Tomatopotamus waiting outside. Cut to the empty section of the workshop, where the Build-it Box used to be.]
Tails: Something fishy's going on...
[Cut to Knuckles]
Knuckles: Alright I confess, I hid a dozen sea bass under your floorboards. I was wondering when you would notice.
[Cut to Tails and Amy.]
Tails: Well that explains the animal problem. [a moose is next to him] GO ON! GIT! [the moose walks off]
Tails: But what I meant was that my laptop and Build-it Box are missing! Better check my security cam.
[Cut to Sticks and Sonic.]
Sticks: You mean you've been spying on us the whole time? What about my right to privacy? [puts a paper bag over her head] Much better.
[Cut to the security cam fast forwarding and showing Knuckles entering the workshop, looking around before putting the sea bass under the floorboards and laughing. The camera fast forwards the footage again, this time showing Eggman sneaking inside the workshop, and looking around before laughing and rubbing the mouse in his armpit and laughing again. Cut to Tails.]
Tails: Ew! Aw, whatever.
[Tails fast forwards the footage again until he comes across the right scene. Cut to the cam showing Nominatus, Retro and Beta stealing the laptop and the Build-it Box.]
Amy: Who're those guys?
Tails: Usually when a bunch of weirdos show up in town, there's one guy behind it.
Knuckles: Old Monkey.
Sonic: No. Eggman. Tails, Knuckles you pay the good doctor a visit. Sticks, Amy and I are gonna track those build-it box theives.

[Scene Change: Forest, day.]

[Nominatus, Retro and Beta are walking in the forest. They drag the Build-it Box along with them, while Nominatus holds the laptop.]
Nominatus: I'll start by destroying the Village, and then the cities, and then I'll eradicate the rest of this balanced insanity! And all with a little help from-
Beta: Your best friends?
Nominatus: [irritated] No you 8-bit imbecile! I was talking about that two tailed furbag's Build-it Box!
Beta: [turns around] Yeah... that's what I meant too.
[ Just then Sonic, Amy and Sticks enter from behind.]
Sonic: Not so fast Egg-uh... hornhead!
Nominatus: Who dares oppose Nominatus? Viral sensation and destructor of worlds?
[Cut to Sonic and Amy]
Amy: Viral sensation? You mean like that cute sneezing panda?
Sonic: Or all those weird pictures of me?
[Cut to Sticks.]
Sticks: Or... I don't know, what do they have on the internet, some kind of dancing hamster with a pizza head?
[Cut to Nominatus.]
Nominatus: [angrily] ENOUGH!
[Nominatus fires a laser that prevents Sonic, Amy, and Sticks from moving.]
Nominatus: You non-digital lifeforms are powerless against me!
Sonic: Thankfully we've got some digital help!
[Miss Tomatopotamus jumps out of the bush and fires a tomato hitting Nominatus. Sonic, Sticks and Amy get down from the tree trunk. Cut to Nominatus wiping the tomato from his face, opens the laptop and types in it.]
[A flash of light from the Build-it-Box reveals the Caterpixels.]
Nominatus: Behold, my Caterpixels!
[Cut to Amy.]
Amy: You'll never get away with this! Oh! "Caterpixels" That's actually pretty clever.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Inside, Knuckles and Tails break down the door only to find Eggman in his pajamas arranging his beakers.]
Eggman: What? I like wearing comfortable clothes when I'm working.
[Cut to Tails.]
Tails: Can't be unseen. [closes his eyes for a moment] [angrily] Spill it Eggbreath! Why did you send those goons to burgle my Workshop?
Eggman: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Tails: Don't play dumb with us!
Knuckles: Yeah, that's my job! Show him the footage T-Dawg!
[Tails shows Eggman the footage]
Eggman: That's the no good cyber clown who betrayed me and took over my lair last year, we gotta stop him! But uh first let me put on some pants.
Knuckles: Eh, pants are overrated.

[Scene Change: Forest, day.]

[Amy fights a Caterpixel using her hammer, but it dodges every hit. Sonic tries Spin Dashing the Caterpixel, but it curls up and protrudes its sharp corners, repelling Sonic.]
Sonic: Ow! Digital minions are tough to destroy. Anyone out there know a good cheat code?
[Miss Tomatopotamus fires tomatoes at the Caterpixels' heads. Nominatus grunts in anger as he types on Tails' laptop, making the Built-it Box generate two small laser guns. Retro and Beta pick the laser guns up and starts shooting at Miss Tomatopotamus. She shoots one more tomato before the lasers push her back.]
Nominatus: What should I materialize next?
[Nominatus types on Tails' laptop.]
Amy: [Worried] If we don't stop him soon, he'll have an army of formerly digital minions under his control!
[A rumble is heard in the background as Eggmna and his Badniks arrive at the scene.]
Dr. Eggman: There's only room for one supervillain in this town, Nominatus!
Nominatus: I couldn't agree more, Eggman!
[Nominatus uses electrical telekiesis on Eggman's robots, breaking them down. The camera cuts to four charging Caterpixels. One of them gets stopped by a Mantis Bot. Another fights a Scorpion Bot, but it gets thrown away by the Scorpion Bot's pincer. The Scorpion Bot stands on its legs and shoots a flamethrower at two more Caterpixels, blowing them back. The camera cuts to Knuckles being surrounded by group of Caterpixels. He punches holes in the ground and flees. Sticks comes in and kicks the Caterpixels into Knuckles' holes. Miss Tomatopotamus fires more tomatoes at the Caterpixels while resisting lasers with her cheek. With the Caterpixels blinded by the tomatoes, Amy breaks them with her hammer. Sonic Spin Dashes and knocks Retro and Beta's laser guns out of their hands. Sonic then stands in front of Retro. Beta tries to punch Sonic, but hits Retro instead when Sonic Spin Dashes out of the way.]
Nominatus: As soon as I press this button, I'll unleash a flurry of more digital minions! Thae likes of which you've never--
[Tails' laptop gets struck by a small fireball, knocking it out of Nominatus' hands and detaches the cable connecting the laptop to the Built-it Box.]
Nominatus: Ow! Aw, crud.
[Tails catches his laptop.]
Dr. Eggman: Little advice. Save your victorious boasts for after the execution of your evil scheme. [Miserably] Trust me, I learned that lesson the hard way.
[Sonic Homing Attacks a Caterpixel and Amy swings at another Caterpixel with her hammer. The Caterpixels retreat to Tails' Build-it Box. Tails flies over and presses a button on the Built-it Box that sucks all of the Caterpixels into the Built-it Box.]
Retro: I ain't going back behind no firewalls! Let's blow this joint!
[Nominatus creates a barrier and he, Retro and Beta run away. However, Tails types on his laptop and Eggman presses on his wrist controller, which shrinks Nominatus, Retro and Beta.]
Nominatus: No! I've been throttled! You can impose data caps on me, but where do they end? [Higher pitched voice] Its a slippery slope. A slippery slope! [Inaudible squeaky voice]
[Miss Tomatopotamus is also shrunk in size. A Beetle Bot drops a cage on Nominatus, Retro and Beta, trapping them. Nominatus bangs on the wall of the cage in desperation. Eggman's Eggmobile grabs the cage with his Eggmobile's attraction ray.]
Dr. Eggman: Looks like you're coming home with me.
[Eggman flees with the cage. Knuckles holds Miss Tomatopotamus on his arm and tickles her.]
Knuckles: And you're coming home with me.
Tails: But Knuckles, you don't have a home.
Knuckles: Well, yours smells like rotting fish. So there!

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Eggman drops the still-miniature Nominatus, Retro and Beta in a terrarium.]
Nominatus: I'll be back! And my vengeance shall be swift and terrible!
Dr. Eggman: Feeding time!
[Eggman sprinkles food into the terrarium for the trio. Nominatus growls as the trio eat their food.]
Beta: For prison food, this ain't so bad.
[The screen fades to black.]