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Nominatus Rising

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"Nominatus Rising"[2] is the seventy-fifth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 9 April 2017 in France and on 15 April 2017 in the United States.


Eggman’s nemesis Nominatus is back. With the help of his two virus minions he tries to take over the world… from outside the computer![4]



Races and species:





In his workshop, Tails has gathered his friends to announce a revolutionary new technology. They are at first unconvinced, simply seeing the fox's Build-it Box, but Tails goes on to show them his laptop, which has a rotating model of Ms. Tomatopotamus onscreen. He then activates the Build-it Box, causing Ms. Tomatopotamus herself to appear from a bright flash of light. Tails reveals that he has modified the Build-it Box to allow for the ability to create three-dimensional manifestations of digital characters in the real world; he also mentions that he has put a file-size throttle on the machine, which results in said characters being smaller than normal.

Knuckles attempts to get Ms. Tomatopotamus to come to him, but she instead spits a tomato in his face and begins to run all over the workshop, forcing Team Sonic to chase her around; they are unaware that one of Eggman's Spy Bots is watching them, allowing Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot to watch the chaos unfold from the safety of Eggman's lair. Upset that this particular scenario is not about him, Eggman sets off to attack Hedgehog Village, with his minions following. He is unaware that he himself is being spied upon in cyberspace by Nominatus, who informs his minions, Retro and Beta, of his plans to use the Build-it Box as a means of entering the real world and conquering it.

Meanwhile, Team Sonic tries and fails to get Ms. Tomatopotamus under control until she finally sits in Knuckles' lap and falls asleep, thanks to the echidna's gentle nature. However, the peace is short-lived, as Mayor Fink informs them via Tails' laptop that Eggman is attacking; they leave to stop him, with Knuckles bringing Ms. Tomatopotamus along. With no one around, Nominatus hacks into Tails' laptop, starting the Build-it Box and bringing himself to the real world alongside Retro and Beta. He quickly notices their smaller size and decides they must go to Tails' laptop to disable the file-size throttle, but their tiny stature turns what would be a simple walk for a normal-sized being into a long journey.

In the Village Center, Team Sonic has just won another battle against Eggman, forcing the evil scientist and his minions to retreat in the Eggmobile. With him taken care of, they decide to return their focus to Ms. Tomatopotamus running amok. Back in Tails' Workshop, Nominatus and his minions continue their journey, but are suddenly menaced by a relatively gigantic kitten that makes them its playthings until they can force it out of the workshop with a broken rubber band and a tinfoil ball charged with Nominatus' electrical abilities. Nominatus then orders his minions to give him a boost onto the table so he can reach the laptop, but it is not enough; it is at that moment that a bird flies into the Workshop and grabs him until he uses his abilities to manipulate it into a ride, allowing him to reach Tails' laptop, deactivate the file-size throttle, and return them to normal size.

Elsewhere, at Meh Burger, Team Sonic is watching as Ms. Tomatopotamus uses the restaurant's plates as target practice (much to Dave the Intern's disapproval). Suddenly, Ms. Tomatopotamus grows huge as a result of Nominatus' tampering. Tails realizes something is amiss with the Build-it Box and leads the team back to his workshop, where he notices the Build-it Box and his laptop are gone (and Knuckles admits to placing sea bass under the floorboards, explaining the animals that got in earlier). He decides to review the security camera footage and (among footage of Knuckles' sea bass trickery and Eggman sneaking in and mischievously rubbing his armpit with Tails' mouse) spots Nominatus, Retro, and Beta; the team, though not recognizing them, quickly assumes that Eggman is responsible for their appearance. As such, Sonic orders Tails and Knuckles to confront Eggman at his lair while he, Amy, and Sticks deal with Nominatus.

In the forest, Nominatus and his minions are dragging along the Build-it Box and Tails' laptop, with Nominatus detailing his plans to destroy all life using Tails' technology, until Sonic, Amy, and Sticks appear from behind a log; Nominatus uses his abilities to hold them in place, but they brought along Ms. Tomatopotamus as backup, and she spits a tomato at Nominatus, breaking the trio out of his hold. However, he quickly uses Tails' laptop to summon an army of his Caterpixels. Meanwhile, Tails and Knuckles confront a pajama-clad Eggman in his lair and accuse him of Nominatus' appearance, despite his initial confusion over it. Tails shows him the security footage, and Eggman, recalling that Nominatus betrayed him and hacked his technology a year earlier, decides they must stop him.

Back in the forest, Sonic, Amy, Sticks, and Ms. Tomatopotamus are having trouble dealing with Nominatus (who also summons blasters for Retro and Beta to use) and the Caterpixels until Eggman, joined by Tails and Knuckles, shows up with an army of Badniks; they and the now-reunited Team Sonic temporarily join forces to deal with the threat. Nominatus, undeterred, begins to boast about how he can still summon minions at any time, but Eggman takes the opportunity to blast Tails' laptop out of his hands and back into the hands of Tails, who sets the Build-it Box so that it returns the Caterpixels to cyberspace. Upon Retro's request, Nominatus creates a barrier to allow him and his minions to escape, but Tails and Eggman quickly restore the file-size throttle, once again shrinking them and Ms. Tomatopotamus. Eggman traps Nominatus, Retro, and Beta in a container and takes them back to his lair, and Knuckles decides to keep Ms. Tomatopotamus as a pet.

At Eggman's lair, Eggman tosses the still-miniature Nominatus, Retro, and Beta into a terrarium; Nominatus promises that he will have his revenge, but for the time being, he and his minions are forced to settle for the sprinklings of food Eggman gives them.


Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Nominatus: l'élévation Nominatus: the rise
Italian L'ascesa di Nominatus The rise of Nominatus
Polish Przybycie Nominatusa Arrival of Nominatus
Portuguese (Brazil) Nominatus está de volta Nominatus is back
Portuguese (Portugal) Revolta do Nominatus Revolt of the Nominatus
Spanish (Latin America) Nominatus asciende Nominatus rises
Ukrainian Номінатус повертається Nominatus returns


  • Nine days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[5]
  • Sonic mentioning a "princess in a castle" is a reference to Princess Peach.
  • This episode includes a number of allusions to how Sonic Boom is a television series that airs new episodes featuring new adventures for the main characters every week:
    • Dr. Eggman noting that Team Sonic's adventure "this week" involves a pet is a reference to how Team Sonic has a new adventure in every new episode in the TV series, which airs once a week.
    • Eggman and Nominatus' intending to involve themselves in the narrative of Team Sonic's adventure is a reference to the storyline written for this episode.
    • Sonic believing Ms. Tomatopotamus to be the "main obstacle this week" is a reference to the TV series' episodic storytelling.
  • The music that plays during Nominatus, Retro and Beta's journey to Tails' laptop, is based on the main theme of the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia.
  • Amy mentioning a "cute, sneezing panda" as a viral sensation is a reference to the real-life viral video that was uploaded on YouTube.
  • Sonic talking about "weird pictures" of him that have gone viral is a reference to the various pieces of Sonic fan artwork on DeviantArt.[6]


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