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The N-Gage is a PDA combining features of a telephone and a handheld game system from Nokia, announced on 4 November 2002 and released on 7 October 2003.[5] It runs the original Series 60 platform on Symbian OS v6.1.


Around 2000, gamers increasingly carried both mobile phones and handheld game systems. Nokia spotted an opportunity to combine these devices into one unit. Nokia announced in November 2002 that they would develop the N-Gage, a device that integrated these two devices. Instead of using cables, multiplayer gaming was accomplished with Bluetooth or the Internet (via the N-Gage Arena service). The N-Gage also included MP3 and Real Audio/Video playback and PDA-like features into the system.

With a launch price of US$299, the N-Gage was a moderate commercial success. In its first weeks of availability in the United States, it was outsold by the Game Boy Advance 100 to 1.[6][7] Within 17 days of the deck's release, popular retailers GameStop and Electronics Boutique began offering $100 rebates on the deck's price.[8]

List of games

Only one Sonic game was ever officially released on this system:


  • The Nokia N-Gage's name is a pun of the word "engage".


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