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The Nocturne Praetorian is an enemy that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. They are a unit of echidna soldiers from the Nocturnus Clan who were banished to the Twilight Cage.


The Nocturne Praetorian can be encountered on the Zoah Colony, Voxai Colony Alpha and Voxai Colony Beta, where they on each colony will appear after obtaining the respective Chaos Emerald in those locations. Their basic attack is shooting several energy blasts from the energy cannon build into the right hand of their armor, which can deal two hit per use and can inflict Weaken. Their POW moves are Immunity and Hellfire.


Numbers of actions 2[1]
HP 420[1]
Speed 32[1]
Attack 40[1]
Defense 43[1]
Luck 21[1]
Damage 70[1]
Armor 22[1]
Resistance Wind (25%)[1]
Water (50%)[1]
Weakness Fire (25%)[1]
Ice (10%)[1]
Lightning (10%)[1]
Earth (10%)[1]


  • The word "Praetorian" derives from the Praetorian Guard, a group of elite officers who hold the occupation of guarding the Roman Emperors and Generals from 275 B.C. to the 4th Century.
  • The Nocturne Praetorians have the same character model and artwork as the Nocturne High Praetorian.





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