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Sonic Boom
No Robots Allowed (transcript)

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This is the transcript for the Sonic Boom episode "No Robots Allowed".

[Scene: Seaside Island, day.]

[The sun is glaring down at Tails' House. Inside, Team Sonic is sweating. Tails slumps on the couch.]
Tails: Ugh...
[Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks are also sweating.]
Sonic: [grunts] This heatwave is too hot. What's a stronger word than hot?
Knuckles: Knuckles! I'm a stronger word than hot.
Amy: Maybe this'll help. [pulls out a handheld fan]
Sticks: We are suffering in this heat, and YOU have a fan?! Let's take it from her!
Amy: I was gonna share it!
Sticks: Oh, never mind then!
[Amy turns on the fan. It works for a few seconds before malfunctioning and spewing smoke. Amy hits it twice, but it does not work.]
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks: [groans]
Sonic: We're gonna need a bigger fan.
Knuckles: How about that one? [points to the Tailsmobile]
[The Tailsmobile is shown. Sticks, Tails, Amy, and Sonic take a look outside.]
Tails: Theoretically, that could work. But using it inside would be both impractical and dangerous so... if we seal all the windows then systematically open the highest-
[Cut to Sonic, who's already near the Tailsmobile.]
Sonic: [interrupts Tails' sentence] Or just giant fan!
[Sonic flicks a switch on the Tailsmobile, switching on it's propeller fan. The wind cools Team Sonic down, but the wind gets stronger, blowing them, and some of the furniture to the roof.]
Tails: This is kinda what I meant by impractical and dangerous! TURN IT OFF!!!
[Sonic heads down and tries to run forward to switch it off, but the wind is too strong and he is blown back. Amy and Knuckles manage to grab on to the poles of the roof.]
Knuckles: Ah, I almost crashed into Amy! [sees a piece of cake flying] Ooh! Cake! [lets go and hits Amy in the process]
[Amy spins on one of the poles before flying off, and hitting a part of the wall. But Sticks catches her on the basket of a cycle.]
Sticks: I'll get yooooou, my pretty! [cycles forward]
[Sticks is shown riding her bike in slow motion as the room gets darker temporarily. Meanwhile, Sonic grabs a pipe to hold on and spots an opening from the roof. He spin dashes his way out, runs to the Tailsmobile and switches off the fan.]
Sonic: Everyone okay?
Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, and Tails: Yeah.
Sonic: Everyone wanna do that again?
Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, and Tails: Yeah!
[The Tailsmobile is switched on again as Team Sonic and the furniture is swept away again, and Sonic joins them.]

[Scene Change: Doctor Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Inside, Eggman is lying down while Orbot and Cubot are fanning him.]
Eggman: This heat is more oppressive than my father.
Cubot: You could turn on the air conditioning!
Eggman: [gets up] Or, I could melt you down for scrap! My electric bills are skyhigh. What with all my inventions, monitors, the toaster, [scene of a toaster] not to mention robots, the other toaster, [scene of another toaster] so fan harder!
Orbot: In the interest of preserving our mechanical backs, might I suggest an energy source that's plentiful, safe and free?
Cubot: Coal?
Orbot: I was thinking Solar.
Eggman: Solar power? That's crazy! Just crazy enough to get this story started! You can stop fanning me.
[Cut to Orbot and Cubot, who stop fanning him with a sigh of relief. Screen goes back to Eggman.]
Eggman: And start installing solar panels on my roof!
[Cut to a scene on top of the lair roof, Orbot and Cubot are installing solar panels. Drilling noises are heard.]
Cubot: [sarcastically] Great idea Orbot. This is much less work. By the way, I'm being sarcastic.
Orbot: [sarcastically] Really? I had no idea.
Cubot: You didn't?
[Cut to Eggman, who's watching the work going on. Drilling noises are heard.]
Eggman: Finally!
[Eggman pushes a button on the control panel, which causes a solar panel to spark up, sending Orbot and Cubot flying. Cut to Eggman, who sees the energy meter increasing until it's full.]
Eggman: My solar panels are generating even more power than I need! Way to go me! Also the sun.
[Eggman pushes a button, then gets up and walks to a screen with a lightbulb.]
Eggman: But what to do with all the extra power?[Suddenly, the lightbulb is switched on]
Eggman: I know, I'll super charge my robots and send them on a mission of destruction! That's constructive! [walks over and pushes a button]
[The screen changes to show a blinking orange solar panel symbol, which moves aside to show a blinking symbol of Burnbot and several arrows pointing left.]
[Cut to a row of Motobugs, Crab bots, and Bee Bots eyes orange, they are now supercharged. They soon move out of the lair.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[The sun is glaring down on the village. Cut to Team Sonic are walking slowly, feeling even more hot.]
[Scene cuts to Sticks and Amy, then Tails and Sonic, and finally Knuckles, who sees an ice cream cart.]
Knuckles: Must get ice cream! [walks towards the cart.]
[The cart disappears, revealing that it was a mirage.]
Knuckles: [kneels] NOOOOOOOOOOO!
Tails: Hey look, an ice cream cart! [points]
[Cut to an actual ice cream cart, where the Ice Cream Vendor offers two cones of ice cream. Team Sonic run towards the cart and get the ice cream. Cut to Sonic, with his cone, but the ice cream melts. The other cones melt as well. The group looks at the vendor.]
Ice Cream Vendor: No refunds!
Knuckles: We should've gone to the mirage.
[Suddenly, the cart is taken away by a group of Bee Bots. Sonic sees them.]
[Sonic jumps on Knuckles hands, the latter giving him a lift. Sonic then Spin Dashes the two Bee Bots, causing the cart to fall and break. Cut to Amy, who smashes a Crab Bot with her hammer. The badnik pieces fall and Tails goes forward and examines the data with a device.]
Tails: These robots are supercharged!

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[At Meh Burger, Admiral Beaverton, Lady Walrus, and Professor Cluckins are sitting at a table.]
Cluckins: Beaverton! I'm quite proud to have been elected to the board of the Archipelago Homeowners Association. My first official act would be to make sure next year's victory dinner isn't held in this rathole.
[Suddenly, a Crab Bot lands on their table.]
Cluckins: [adjusts monocle and reads] If found, return to Doctor Eggman, 1 Lair Boulevard.
Lady Walrus: [shocked] He keeps those robots in his lair?!

[Scene Change: Doctor Eggman's Lair, day.]

[ Inside the lair, the air conditioner is on. Cut to the door opening, enter Orbot, with an envelope in his hand.]
Orbot: Mail's here! And someone got a letter from the Archipelago Homeowners Association!
Cubot: Who?
Eggman: What do those rule loving rule lovers want?
Orbot: [reads] It has come to our attention that you are keeping robots on your premises. Which is a direct contrevention of by Law CRM-114.
[Cut to Eggman while Orbot continues to read]
Orbot: You must vacate all robots immediatelly or face eviction!
Eggman: They wanna throw me out of my lair? How can they be so evil? Well there's only one way to fight this: I'll charm them!
Orbot: Don't you think menacing them would be more effective?
Eggman: [irritated] I'll menace you! We're going to invite those stuffed shirts over for a lovely dinner! And prove once and for all that there are no robots here.
Orbot: But there ARE robots here.
Cubot: Ahh! Where? [looks around]
Eggman: I'm painfully aware of that. We'll have to hide them!
[Montage sequence: Eggman throws some Motobugs in a room, puts Bee Bots in his closet, and stuffs the Crab Bots in a drawer. Cubot tries to disguise a Crab Bot with Eggman's moustache. Eggman tries to fit Burn Bot in one room, but it does not fit. Meanwhile, Orbot and Cubot shove each other one at a time in another room. Eggman tries to push Burn Bot in another room, but it does not fit there either. Cubot puts a plant behind Stuffer Bot. Orbot does not approve. Cubot puts the plant in front of Stuffer Bot and Orbot gives him a thumbs up. Meanwhile, Eggman puts a lampshade on Burn Bot.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island beach, evening.]

[The sun is setting, but it is still hot. Team Sonic are lying on the ground still feeling the heat. There are packs of sunscreen next to them and a radio playing music is resting on a rock.]
Knuckles: [sits up] I'm gonna cool off in the water.
[Knuckles gets up and runs towards the ocean. He jumps towards it, but the ocean disappears, revealing another mirage. Knuckles hits the ground.]
Knuckles: Awww, another mirage.
[Suddenly, an ice cream cart and the vendor show up. The Ice Cream Vendor is holding an ice cream.]
Knuckles: Are you a mirage?
[The Ice Cream Vendor nods. Despite this Knuckles takes the ice cream and eats it. Cut to the radio, which makes an announcement.]
Announcer: We interrupt this public domain music for some important exposition. [Sonic and Sticks sit up and listen] a rain storm is on it's way to finally break this heatwave.
Ice Cream Vendor: [sadly] Looks like I'm out of the mirage business. [disappears]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, evening.]

[A thunderstorm gathers close to the lair, as the sun sets. Inside the lair, Eggman is setting up a table. The room is decorated with curtains and small bushes. The doorbell rings.]
Cubot: [pops out of his hiding spot] Ooh! Our guests are here!
Eggman: [angrily] Get back in there! If they see a single robot here, I'll be lairless!
[Cubot goes back in the seat. Outside, lightning strikes the solar panels. Cut to a screen showing the energy being transferred to the robots. Cut to Eggman, and an alarm is heard.]
Eggman: I'm sure that was nothing...
[Cut to a group of red-eyed, overcharged Crab Bots. The scene also shows the overcharged Motobugs riding out, and the overcharged Bee Bots flying out. Two stray Crab Bots hop out from their places. Cut to Eggman, who presses a button to open the front door. The door opens to reveal the Archipelago Homeowners Association.]
Eggman: Welcome fine gentlemen of the Archipelago Homeowners Association!
Lady Walrus:[offended] Well I never!
Eggman: Oh, I'm sorry madam! I didn't recognise you with such a clean shave. Come in! Come in!
[A Crab bot appears. Eggman screams and pushes the button, closing the door. He grabs the Crab Bot and throws it in a drawer before opening the door again.]
Eggman: I'm terribly sorry, I have no idea how that happened.
Beaverton: You pressed a button.
Eggman: No I didn't.
[The same Crab bot tries to come out, but Eggman suits the drawer completely. He drags the Archipelago Homeowners Association to the table.]
Eggman: Let's eat!
Lady Walrus: You're hurting us!
Eggman: No I'm not.

[Scene Change: Doctor Eggman's Lair, night.]

[A group of Bee Bots fly out of the lair. Inside, Eggman comes in with a tray of shrimp puffs.]
Eggman: Who wants a Shrimp Puff?
Beaverton: I do!
Eggman: No you don't-I mean here! Have a whole tray!
Cluckins: Doctor Eggman, it has come to our attention that you keep robots on the premises!
Eggman: What? No no, my robots, eh, commute to work! And believe you me, that's not cheap!
[Cut to a Motobug coming forward, Eggman kicks it out of the room before the door closes.]
Eggman: That's the oven timer, heh.
[Eggman runs to another room, while Lady Walrus takes the tray and puts all the Shrimp Puffs in her purse. Beaverton and Cluckins give her a look.]
Lady Walrus: What? He's bringing more food!
[Meanwhile, Eggman is struggling to keep his haywire robots in another room. As he chases after a stray Bee Bot, some badniks escape. Eggman, now with the Bee Bot, hears Professor Cluckins.]
Cluckins: What's going on out there?
Eggman: Nothing, nothing, uh minor earthquake. That's the price we pay for this beautiful weather...
Beaverton: Do you require some assistance?
Eggman: No!
[ The door opens, showing Beaverton and Cluckins. Eggman throws the Bee Bot up and tackles both of them to the ground. Everyone sits up.]
Beaverton: [angrily] What is the meaning of this?
Eggman: I wanted to show you my new rug! Like it? I got it at a store.
[Cut to the door, where the badniks are making more noises. Eggman notices.]
Eggman: How about a little music?
[Eggman presses a button on his wrist controller. Music starts to play. He presses it five more times to make it louder.]
Cluckins: I say, that's a bit loud don't you think?
Eggman: Whaaat?
Eggman: [pauses]...That's my new sound system. Like it? I got it at a store!
[Cut to Lady Walrus, still sitting. Cubot, also supercharged, peeks out. Eggman arrives and puts his foot on the spot he's hiding in, closing it.]
Eggman: Care to dance?
[Eggman picks her up and starts dancing. Lady Walrus cries out in surprise. As they "dance", a Bee Bot emerges from its place. Eggman screams and turns his partner around. Another Bee Bot flies and Eggman turns her around again. As Cluckins and Beaverton recover themselves, a loud bang is heard.]
Lady Walrus: What was that?
Eggman: [drops her] My souffle!
[Eggman runs to the door. As he gets there, multiple Crab Bots, Bee Bots and Motobugs have escaped, and Eggman starts tearing them apart.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, night.]

[Team Sonic is eating late at Meh Burger. Knuckles puts down his burger.]
Knuckles: Sometimes I wish Meh Burger was a mirage.
Amy: Uh, guys?
[Suddenly, some of Eggman's supercharged badniks appear.]
Sonic: [stands up] Incoming!
[However, the badniks are moving out clumsily.]
Sonic: Outgoing? What's Egghead up to?

[Scene Change: Eggman's lair, night.]

[Eggman is struggling to hide the rest of the badniks. as he puts some of them in, the door opens and he turns around while having a Motobug in his hands. The Archipelago Homeowners Association see the scene and are not amused.]
Eggman: [throws the Motobug down] I know this looks bad, but I can explain!
[Eggman pulls out a remote control and presses a button, trapping the Association in an Electrocage.]
Beaverton: How rude!
Eggman: You come to MY lair for dinner empty handed and you call ME rude?
[Cut to Team Sonic, who are already inside the lair.]
Sonic: Hold it Eggy-mo-beggy!
[Knuckles, Tails, Sticks and Amy stare at him.]
Sonic: What? You think it's easy coming up with new one all the time?
Eggman: Oh goodie, everyone I despise is here. Robots, ATTACK!
[The robots do nothing.]
Eggman: Oh right, the, uh, malfunctioning thing.
[Cut to Sonic, who quickly takes the remote and frees the Association.]
Cluckins: [angered] Doctor Eggman, you are hereby evicted from this lair!
Eggman: NO! Please don't make me leave my lair, I can't be evil in a condo!
Beaverton: Then you have to get rid of all your robots!
Eggman: I can't! They're more than just machines of selfish, unmotivated, conquest, destruction and chaos! They're... they're...! My art!
[Cut to the Association, thinking.]
Beaverton: Hm. Art you say?
Cluckins: That's something else altogether!
Sonic: [turns around] Wait, what? You're not actually buying this?
Lady Walrus: According to CRM 114, sub paragraph 14, art is acceptable! Provided it's not displayed on your lawn!
Eggman: I never do that!
[Behind his back, Eggman has another remote, presses a button that causes a Motobug and a Crab Bot on his lawn to self destruct.]
Eggman: Good people of the Archipelago Homeowners Association, I agree to your extortion. and I bid you goodnight.
[The Archipelago Homeowners Association leave as the door closes. Eggman heaves a sigh of relief. But then the door opens and the haywire badniks enter inside and start making a mess.]
Sonic: Well, our work here is done. Good luck with the clean up [Tails, Knuckles, Sticks and Amy look at him.] [annoyed] That didn't come out right.
Knuckles: [laughs] ""! I get it.
[Team Sonic walk out of the door, while the badniks cause more damage. Cut to Eggman.]
Eggman: This is gonna be a loooong night.
[Eggman has a sad look on his face as a super charged Orbot comes with souffle, and covers him in the face with it.]
Eggman: My souffle!
[Camera zooms out to show Eggman's lair in the night, when lightning strikes. More noises are heard.]