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Sonic Underground
No Hedgehog is an Island (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "No Hedgehog is an Island".

[Scene: Fortress of Altitude, night]

Aleena: [As Narrator] We do not know what we would do when faced with an impossible situation. How much would we be willing to risk to save the world from chaos?
[The Fortress of Altitude is seen afloat and ruined with sparks flying. Sleet and Dingo escape using their magic carpet.]
Sleet: [Chuckles] Let's get out of here, Dingo. No, it's coming after us! [Holding a Chaos Emerald] Chaos Emerald. So long, Robotnik!
Dingo: [Chuckles] Yes!
[The fortress explodes. Robotnik hears a siren blare. He flinches as one explosion is caused near him. He is hit by a second explosion which sends him flying backwards. He slides and hits his head on the wall. He hears a rumbling sound and runs inside the ejection rocket.]
Robotnik: Abandon fortress!
[The door of the ejection rocket closes. The rocket flies out of the fortress up in the air. Its wings open and it steers across the sea. Meanwhile, The hedgehogs, along with Knuckles are still trapped inside the rumbling fortress.]
Manic: Whoa, we gotta get out of here!
[Torrents of water crash through the edge of the fortress and cover their feet.]
Sonic: Water! We landed in the sea! Let's all hunch!
[He zooms across the water and finds an inlet. He calls the rest of the group.]
Sonic: This way!
[He unlocks the inlet. However, as more water tries to barge through, he tries to keep it closed.]
Sonic: Uh... Maybe not. Argh!
[The inlet comes off. The water gushes through and drags Sonic back to where Knuckles is standing.]
Sonic: Man! [Clears his nose but Knuckles grabs his arm] Why's it always gotta be water?!
Sonia: [Finding a clear inlet, calling everyone] Quick! In here!
[Sonic and Manic fall through. Knuckles looks before he jumps in.]
Knuckles: [Angrily] But, this is a garbage disposal! No way I'm gonna be diced up like a plate of leftovers!
Sonia: Robotnik would never recycle his garbage. He's just dumping. Now [Pushes him] get down.
[Sonia falls in too just before another explosion is seen behind them. Everyone screams as they fall down the chute. They fly through the outlet and into the sea. Sonia, Knuckles and Manic float above water and look for Sonic.]
Sonia: Where's Sonic?
[Sonic floats briefly and thrashes his arms about in the water.]
Sonic: Ow! I can't swim!
[He brings his arm out as he sinks back into the sea.]
Sonia: Sonic!
Knuckles: Hold on, Sonic!
[Knuckles swims towards Sonic. Sonic's hand disappears and Knuckles dives down.]
Sonia: Sonic! Knuckles!
[A moment later, Knuckles pulls Sonic above water and is also holding a rope.]
Knuckles: I pulled this off the wreck!
[He ties the rope around Sonic.]
Knuckles: Hold on to this!
[The hedgehogs hold on to the rope. Knuckles bites into it and starts swimming Sonic to the shore.]
Sonic: Hey! What?! [Feels the rope tug] Argh!
Manic: [Feels the rope tug] Yikes!
Sonia: [Feels the rope tug] Whoa!
[Sonic, seen dragging across the water, manages to stand on the water and start surfing.]
Sonic: Hey! Way cool! [Stretches his arms out and wobbles.]
Manic: Yo, check this out!
[They talk over each other while they are taken to an island.]

[Scene Change: The island]

[A campfire is made. Sonia straightens her hair and whips it to shake off the water.]
Sonia: Ah... That's much better. The weight look is definitely over rated.
[Sonic pokes around inside his ear. It pops and water pours out.]
Manic: [Chuckles] Bro. Hope there's not a fish in there. [Laughs]
Sonic: [Cringes] Very funny.
Knuckles: [Walks in] There is no time to argue. Robotnik's Chaos Emerald is still missing. We've gotta find it before whoever took it tries to use it.
Manic: We need the van.
Sonic: No prob lo, I know where to go. [Prepares a Super Peel Out] Be back as fast as I can drive a van. [Peels off]

[Scene Change]

[Sleet and Dingo are flying their carpet.]
Dingo: What are we gonna do now that we got the Chaos Emerald?
Sleet: We attack! [Shows the Emerald to Dingo] Use the emerald's power to overthrow Robotnik and make me the ruler of Mobius!
Dingo: Can we do that?
Sleet: Chaos Emerald, we can do anything!
Dingo: You mean all it takes to become ruler of Mobius is the Chaos Emerald?
Sleet: [Angrily] The last time, yes!
Dingo: [Stands up] That's what I thought you'd say.
[He grabs Sleet's arm that is holding the Emerald.]
Sleet: Huh?
Dingo: [Holds the Emerald and looks at it] Then, I'll be ruler of Mobius!
Sleet: You? [Scoffs] Ruler of Mobius? [Let's go of Dingo's arm] You can't even drink a glass of water without using two hands!
Dingo: Yeah, but I don't spill as much as I used to. So long, Sleet!
[In possession of the emerald, he jumps off the carpet. Sleet reaches out for him.]
Sleet: Wait! The Emerald!
[The carpet loses control. The camera cuts to Dingo, who is still falling.]
Dingo: When I'm ruler of Mobius, Sonia can be my queen!
[He opens his parachute. Dingo is pulled up by the resistance of the parachute and loses the Emerald - which eventually touches the ground and causes a bright green flash of light. Two shards break apart. Dingo land on the ground safely, lies down face first with the parachute covering him and mutters to himself.]

[Scene Change]

[A zooming Sonic stands near the Camper Van.]
Sonic: Funny. It doesn't look like rain. Oh well.
[He tries pulling the tree.]
Sonic: Hmmm...
[He spin attacks the tree. He move inside the van and tries starting it up. But it fails.]
Sonic: And not a tow-truck in sight.
[Meanwhile, the energy generated by the emerald increases in Dingo's sight.]
Dingo: Uh oh. Oh...
[He hides behind the parachute.]
Dingo:! What am I gonna do?!
[The emerald increases energy and explodes in a brighter flash of light which spreads across the area. Meanwhile, Sonic repeatedly presses a button in desperation.]
Sonic: What a time for the battery to kill dead.
[Sonic continues to press the button. Eventually, the emerald's energy reaches the van, and it starts up.]
Sonic: [Impressed] Whoa! Talk about a jump start! Let's go!
[The van takes off. It drives until its wheels gets stuck under a log. A few seconds later, Sonic manages to drive over the log. Meanwhile, Manic is sleeping by the campfire, while Sonia and Knuckles walk along the sand.]
Sonia: Oh it's so peaceful out here, you can almost forget about Butt-nik, about everything.
Knuckles: I can't forget about the Chaos Emerald. We've got to find it.
Sonia: Don't worry. We'll find it.
Knuckles: Maybe I should have stayed on the floating island. Great-grandfather Athair warned me that something bad would happen if I left the island.
Sonia: It's not your fault we didn't get the Chaos Emerald.
Knuckles: I know, but Athair is never wrong!
[They gasp and watch in the distance. The Emerald's energy approaches them at high speed.]
Knuckles: Energy!
[It strikes the ground. They stand back and dodge the attack. Sonia loses her footing and falls on her back.]
Sonia: Oh my gosh!
[Cracks form through the land underneath Sonia. Sonia is forced to keep her balance.]
Sonia: Help!
Knuckles: Look out!
Sonia: Knuckles!
[Sonia screams as she falls down through the cracks.]
Knuckles: Sonia!
[After a while, Sonia lands on a rock and breathes a sigh of relief. Suddenly, she looks up and hears more crumbling noises.]
Knuckles: Sonia, hold on!
Sonia: Well, duh.
[She braces herself by leaning next to her wall. The cracks cave in.]
Sonia: Elp!
[Suddenly, a piece of land breaks underneath her foot.]
Sonia: Help! Hurry, Knuckles!
[More land crumbles beneath her. Knuckles jumps to the other side of the crack and spins downwards. Sonia then sees a tunnel in front of her and gasps. Knuckles appears and offers a hand.]
Knuckles: Sonia?
Sonia: What took you so long?!
[The land breaks under her feet. Sonia falls but Knuckles grabs her just in time. He tries to pull her up but struggles. He looks at the falling rocks coming down.]
Knuckles: Uh oh.
[Knuckles pulls Sonia to safety just before the rocks fall on them. They make their way to the top on dry land. Manic arrives at the scene.]
Manic: Man. I'm like "What happened?".
[The ground shakes underneath them and they start wobbling. The cracks continue to cave in. As soon as the cave closes, a giant thud sends them up in mid-air and they all land on their backs. Knuckles rubs his head.]
Knuckles: Something must have released the chaos energy inside the Emerald.
Sonia: But the emerald makes them fly.
Manic: Yeah, man. It doesn't shake them apart like a pair of crazy maracas.
Knuckles: The Chaos Emerald is a source of power. You can harness it for all kinds of things, like levitating the floating island, or Robotnik's fortress. But if the energy is released without any control, the result is...
Sonia: Chaos?
Knuckles: [Quietly] All over Mobius.

[Scene Change]

[Meanwhile, Sleet searches the area on his carpet.]
Sleet: [Groans] I'll teach that free resort Dingo to bail out on me. When I get that Chaos Emerald back, I'll--
[--Sleet is attacked by two trees thrown upwards by the Emerald's energy. The carpet loses control, but Sleet keeps it steady. He sees spiked trees growing around the area and shooting off.]
Sleet: What chaos!
[A moment later, Sleet loses control again and somersaults a couple times.]
Sleet: Yikes! Fool Dingo must have unleashed the chaos energy trapped inside the Emerald. I'll need help if I'm gonna get that Chaos Emerald back under control, and there's only one person I know who can do that.
[He zooms off.]

[Scene Change: Robotropolis]

[The energy hits a building, causing it to sparkle and cover in smoke. The smoke covers the screen. Meanwhile Robotnik bangs his fist on the desk.]
Robotnik: My Fortress of Altitude I could have devastated all of Mobius! But now it's ruined! [Upset, as a pillow is placed behind his head.] All my plans. All my dreams. [Sighs] How's the tyrant supposed to tyrannize without his most powerful weapon?
[He rests his head on a pillow. However, his entire room shakes thanks to the emerald's energy. He falls off his chair and lands on his front.]
Robotnik: Wait til I get my hand son Sleet and Dingo. It's their fault Sonic took my Chaos Emerald! [Realizes] Unless they took it! They did. I'll make those rats wish they'd gone down with the ship!

[Scene Change: Outside]

[Dingo is standing with the two Emeralds generating energy. He is puzzled.]
Dingo: I gotta fix this thing, but how?
[He picks up both shards and clips them together. It electrocutes himself - showing his skeleton - and the entire planet. Meanwhile, the Camper Van drives its way across the land, with Sonic on the controls.]
Sonic: I got a whole hunch out of here.
[He presses a pedal. Suddenly, the ground rumbles and the van loses control. Geysers of emerald energy pop out randomly around the land. The camera cuts to a large glowing tornado up ahead. Sonic sees this and stops the van.]
Sonic: You gotta be kidding me. Man, this is turning into one crazy road trip!
[Sonic braces himself and puts his foot on the gas. The van struggles but shortly starts moving. It drives away from the tornado, which moves towards the camera and breaks up even more land. At Robotropolis, the tornado bursts water from one of the buildings.]
Robotnik: Ooh, you flea-infested over-achiever! You got a lot of nerve coming back here.
[Sleet sits on his knees with arms behind his back. He's in between two Swatbots. Robotnik approaches him and grabs his shoulders.]
Robotnik: Those hedgehogs didn't steal the Chaos Emerald. [Shakes his shoulders] You did, didn't you?!
Sleet: It was Dingo's idea.
Robotnik: Oh yeah right. Like Dingo's ever had an idea!
[He releases him and talks to the computer. The Swatbots grabs his shoulders.]
Robotnik: Take him away, and roboticize him twice!
Sleet: You need help to get the Emerald back?
[Sleet is dragged and placed inside the Roboticizer. The pod rises.]
Sleet: [Protesting] I know where Dingo is!
[The pod stops]
Robotnik: Lucky for you, we have to get that Emerald back and under control before Mobius is torn apart. [While Sleet tries to push the chamber down] But if you try to double cross me this time.
Sleet: Never, your rotunda. I've learned my lesson. You heard the boss.
Robotnik: Just make sure you remember that! [To the computer] Release him.

[Scene Change: Floating Island]

[The trio are trapped inside a plethora of chaos energy.]
Knuckles: We gotta find the Emerald and see if...
[They all gasp and watch a tornado slowly approaching them.]
Sonia: Oh no!
Manic: Whoa, dude!
Knuckles: Look out!
[They all move away from the twister. The camera cuts to them hiding in a pit. the twister moves away.]
Manic: Man, that was close.
[The boys give themselves high fives, while Sonia watches the tornado.]
Sonia: [Scared] Well, we missed it alright... but... is it heading straight for Port Mobius?!

[Scene Change]

[Manic touches his Medallion which turns into a drum set. He bangs the drums with all his might while Sonia and Knuckles cover their ears and eyes. Soon, Knuckles screams as the Emerald's energy flashes. It shines a huge light which covers the screen. It is then turned into a firework display of purple, yellow and green bangers. Manic's drums bang to a beat as hurricane-symbol shaped works appear either side. A meteor shower covers the screen and touch the ground. The fireworks disappear and the energy stops.]
Manic: That should do it!
[The Camper Van arrives and parks next to the trio. As it does so, sand is whipped up in their faces, causing them to cough. Sonic opens the pod on top and loses his temper.]
Sonic: Hey! While you guys have been relaxing on the beach, the rest of Mobius has been falling apart!
Sonia: [Rubs sand off her skirt, Sassy voice] Tell us something we don't know.
Manic: Oh... Somebody's release the energy from the Chaos Emerald.
Sonic: No wonder things have been so... uh...
Sonia: Yank?
Sonic: Yeah. Thanks, sis. [He cringes]
Knuckles: Oh no...
Sonic: [Confidently] Hey! We're not beaten yet Knuckles! Don't let Chaos get you down!

[The song "Learn to Overcome" plays.]

[The three hedgehogs are alongside each other.]
Sonic: It's like I say. When faced with disaster, just move a little faster.
Knuckles: You're right. [Thumbs up] We're not beaten.
Sonic: Yes.
[The Underground nod their heads.]
Knuckles: There's one person who might be able to help us now: My great grandfather Athair, the ancient sage of the Echidnas.

[Scene Change]

[A thunderstorm strikes the area while the Camper Van drives along. We then see a map. Sleet puts his hand in the middle.]
Sleet: Dingo jumped out over these mountains. [Points ahead] He's got to be here somewhere.
Robotnik: Good. We'll split up and try to find that fool and the Emerald.
[Sleet is seen separated from Robotnik with two Swatbots. Robotnik's vehicle leaves and takes off.]
Sleet: Yes!... Emerald... Better find it first. Finders Keepers.

[Scene Change]

[Meanwhile, The Camper Van is parked next to a stairway. The heroes move out.]
Knuckles: Athair lives in a cave at the top of the mountain.
Manic: All the way up there? Yeah, what is it with you echidnas in height?
[They walk up the stairs.]
Sonia: [Annoyed] To think I paid good mobiums for exercise classes to do this!
Sonic: Look on the bright side, sis. After climbing these stairs, at least you'll get somewhere.
Sonia: [Annoyed] Very funny, Sonic!

[Scene Change]

[During a thunderstorm, Sleet looks around with his binoculars.]
Sleet: Dingo must be around here somewhere.
[He looks all the way to his left while thunder strikes again. He sees the four heroes walking up the mountain.]
Sleet: Farewell. Dingo can wait.
[He snickers. He then talks on his transceiver, with Robotnik on screen.]
Sleet: Robotnik, I found the hedgehogs.
Robotnik: Ooh?! [Laughs] This is turning into a good day after all.
[The heroes make it to the top of a stairway. Sonia and Manic are sweating and trying to catch their breath.]
Manic: Oh man. [Pants] I think Athair could've really used [Pants] an elevator.
Knuckles: He's a hermit. He doesn't have many visitors.
Manic: [Scoffs] No surprise there.
[They carry on walking and arrive at a cave. At the end of it is Athair, who is facing away from them.]
Knuckles: Great-grandfather Athair. There's been a terrible...
Athair: The Chaos Emerald has been broken. I can feel the chaos swirling around us tearing Mobius apart.
[He picks up the Canister and shows it to Knuckles.]
Athair: Take this, place the pieces of the emerald inside the canister.
Sonic: [Annoyed] And then what?
Athair: That is the only one way to stop the chaos from destroying Mobius. You must make an alliance... [Faces them] with Robotnik.
Sonic: [Shocked] Oh no! Robotnik?!
Manic: Oh seriously bad news, dude.
Sonic: Are you serious? Chaos is bad enough but Robotnik? Oh we're talking trouble.
Athair: It is the only way.
Sonic: [Bawling] But Robotnik? Knuckles, he can't be right.
Knuckles: [Holding the canister] Athair has spoken.

[Scene Change]

[The heroes walk back to their Camper Van.]
Manic: I'm with Sonic. No way I trust Butt-nik round that Chaos Emerald.
Knuckles: Sonia?
Sonia: Well, maybe, maybe Athair's wrong? Even wise men make mistakes.
Knuckles: Looks like I'm outvoted.
Sonic: Don't worry, Knuckles. It'll be cool. We just gotta find that juice.
[The door of the Camper Van opens. The Heroes step back as Sleet is at the other end.]
Sleet: [Evilly] Going somewhere?
Sonic: Sleet?
[The Swatbots approach the hedgehogs.]
Sleet: I've got you this time!
[Sonic presses the button that closes the door, locking sleet in. Knuckles - still holding the canister - spins and digs a hole. The Swatbots load their guns.]
Knuckles: In here!
[The Swatbots open fire. Sonic jumps in the hole, Sonia holds her nose as she jumps in. Manic dives in. Bullets are shot around the hole, then the shooting stops. The Camper Van's door is being banged repeatedly]
Sleet: [Muffled] Get me out! Let me out!
[The door opens and Sleet falls flat on the ground. The Swatbots ignore him, walk and stand beside the hole and start shooting again. Sleet grunts in anger. He catches up to them and pushes them aside.]
Sleet: Lost 'em!
[A hole has been dug next to the Camper Van. Manic jumps out and hurries inside.]
Sleet: Argh! [Points to the van] They're getting away!
[The Swatbots fire between the hole and the van. Sonia and Sonic make it to the van. Inside, Manic is the controller.]
Manic: Let's hold!
[The Camper Van gets away. The Underground celebrate and laugh at themselves. Sonia suddenly realizes something.]
Sonia: Hey, where's Knuckles?
[She and Sonic look around.]
Sonic: He was right behind me.
[Meanwhile, Sleet pushes the swatbots over in frustration.]
Sleet: Out of my way! [Shocked] You?
[He sees Knuckles still holding the canister.]
Sleet: But what are you doing here?
Knuckles: I need Robotnik's help to find the Chaos Emerald and save Mobius. [Offers the Canister to Sleet.] Take this to Robotnik.
[The canister glows. The text "to be continued..." appears on the screen while it circles out on the Canister and goes black. The credits appear.]