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No Brainer

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"No Brainer" is the sixteenth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It first aired by 24 September 1994.








The episode begins in Robotropolis. There, Chuck is carefully hiding a letter for the Knothole Freedom Fighters in a sculpture near an abandoned building. Meanwhile, Sally is watching Sonic through some binoculars. Seeing Sonic run away from Swat-Bot patrols while eating a chili dog at the same time makes Sally furious over how Sonic is jeopardizing their mission. Eventually, Sonic manages to escape the pursuit and joins up with Sally, Bunnie and Dulcy. Sally reminds Sonic that he has forgotten to pick up the message from Chuck. Sonic, however, jokes around about his slip-up and assures Sally that he is still able to get it. Immediately after, Sonic rushes off quickly and picks up the message from Chuck, which Sally takes from him after he returns. In that message, Chuck informs Sonic and co. that they must cancel their mission as Robotnik is moving the Roboticizer. Chuck also promises to let the heroes know when he can find out where the Roboticizer has been taken. Having no other choice, Sally decides that they must return to Knothole Village, but Sonic decides to head off on his own to get another chili dog. Although Sally has reservations about taking such a foolish risk, Sonic runs off anyway.

Meanwhile, in Robotnik's headquarters, Snively is sitting in Robotnik's chair and making decisions in Robotnik's place. He is interrupted, however, by the arrival of Robotnik himself, who grabs Snively by the collar. Robotnik then informs Snively that he is leaving to put an end to a small Freedom Fighter uprising on the northern frontier. As such, he tells Snively to manage Robotropolis in his absence while threatening to turn him into a "paperweight" if he messes up. Robotnik then throws Snively back into his chair and leaves without hearing Snively making a snide comment directed at him. At the same time, Sonic has found a chili dog vending machine in the sewers. After getting his treat however, Sonic sees a group of Swat-Bots leading some Freedom Fighters to the Roboticizer. At the entrance to the Roboticizer facility, Sonic hears the Swat-Bot utters a password that opens the doors. Deciding to save the Freedom Fighters, Sonic quickly eats his chili dog and tries to leave the sewer. The manhole cover, however, is set on too tight for Sonic to lift, so he resorts to his Super Spin and manages to blow the cover off. Approaching the door to the Roboticizer facility, Sonic eventually remembers the password the Swat-Bot uttered and speaks it out loudly, causing the door to open up in front of him. Inside the facility, Sonic watches from a hiding spot as the Freedom Fighters are lined up in front of the Roboticizer and one of them is put inside a glass tube by a Tech-Bot for roboticization. Deciding to stop the roboticization procedure, Sonic steps in and diverts the attention of the Swat-Bots. After knocking down the Swat-Bots, Sonic gives the Freedom Fighters a chance to escape. Sonic then proceeds to annoy the Tech-Bot by dancing on its keyboard, turning the Roboticizer off. Seeing what is happening on the monitors, an enraged Snively slams his fist into Robotnik's chair (only to injure it). Sonic then proceeds to free the last imprisoned Freedom Fighter from the Roboticizer, only for the Tech-Bot to shoot him in the back with the Memory Scrambler. Dazed, Sonic walks out of the facility. While heading towards the facility in Robotnik's hovercraft, Snively learns that Sonic has been hit by the Memory Scrambler from the Tech-Bot, and wants to know the location of Sonic. However, the Tech-Bot has lost his trail. Snively soon finds Sonic by accident while flying through the city though. Approaching the amnesiac Sonic, Snively introduces himself as his friend with a snicker.

The next day, back in Knothole, Sally is getting worried about the fact that Sonic has not returned yet. Bunnie, however, is not worried and insists that Sonic can take care of himself. Soon after, Dulcy comes crashing through the door into Sally's hut. After recovering, Dulcy reveals that she has not been able to find Sonic anywhere. Getting worried, Sally decides to send a message to Chuck. Calling upon Dove, Sally writes a letter and gives it to Dove before sending it off to Robotropolis. After Dove has departed, Bunnie comforts Sally.

Back in Robotropolis, Snively introduces himself to the amnesiac Sonic as "Snively the Great" and the hedgehog's ally. He also tells Sonic that Sally is their common enemy and that she leads a band of troublemakers, which Sonic has infiltrated on behalf of him. Meanwhile, Dove delivers Sally's message to Chuck, who, after reading it, runs to the meeting place with Sally, Bunnie and Dulcy. Upon meeting with Sally and co., Chuck learns that they have been unable to find Sonic anywhere in Robotropolis. Chuck thus suggests that they check out the holding room where Robotnik keeps the prisoners scheduled to be roboticized. Meanwhile, Dulcy destroys a Surveillance Orb that has been following them. As Chuck heads out to check the holding room, Sally decides to go with him. Hiding inside Tech-Bot armor, Sally and Chuck manage to gain access to the holding room facility and get past the Swat-Bots. Upon arriving at the cell they have been looking for however, they discover that the cell is empty. Sally fears that Sonic could have been roboticized already, but Chuck claims that Robotnik would have revealed that if he had. Soon after though, the heroes hear Snively's laughter, and they see him and Sonic walking together while Snively tells Sonic jokes. Sally and Chuck thus decide to follow them. Outside the holding room facility, Snively orders Sonic to find Knothole, which is somewhere in the Great Forest. He also gives Sonic a radio to send Snively the coordinates of Knothole through, and tells Sonic that he is endowed with the ability to run at super speeds. Surprising himself with his super speed, Sonic initially runs off in the wrong direction, prompting Snively to show him where to go when he turns back. Having overheard their conversation, Chuck tells Sally to head back to Knothole while he snoops around in Robotropolis. Joining up with Bunnie and Dulcy, Sally and her group begin flying back to Knothole. On the way, however, Dulcy hits a tree and falls to the ground with Sally and Bunnie. Meanwhile, Sonic is running through the Great Forest, and Snively informs him over the radio that one of the Freedom Fighters should find him soon enough.

In Knothole, Sally reveals to everyone that Snively is using Sonic to reveal their location. Antoine remarks that he always knew that Sonic would cause trouble, but Dulcy quickly silences him. Bunnie then asks where Tails is, and Dulcy replies that Tails is currently in the watchtower. Terrified that Tails can reveal Knothole's location to Sonic, Sally says that they have to warn Tails as soon as possible. At the same time, Tails notices Sonic running through the forest and flies over to him. When Tails calls out to Sonic, the hedgehog stops up so abruptly that he gets buried in the ground. Jumping out of the hole he made, Sonic meets up with Tails. Tails expresses how worried he has been about Sonic, but then notices how strange Sonic is behaving, as he acts as if he is seeing him for the first time. Sonic then offers Tails a race to Knothole and convinces Tails to leave his post, which pleases Snively over the radio. Giving Tails a head start, Sonic begins racing him towards Knothole. Soon after, Dulcy arrives and tells Sally that Tails has disappeared. Knowing that Tails would never leave his post, Sally is sure that Tails is with Sonic. Eventually, Sonic reaches Knothole and Snively marks his location. Snively then orders the assault force to get ready and proclaims that "Snivley the Great" will soon destroy Knothole.

Back in Knothole, Sonic and Tails' race come to an end when Sonic stumbles and falls. This makes Tails worried because Sonic never stumbles. Trying to cover for his clumsiness, Sonic tells Tails that he is feeling tired and that he needs a nap. This makes Tails more suspicious, as he knows that Sonic never naps. Regardless, Sonic convinces Tails he needs his "beauty sleep". On the way to his hut however, Sonic choses the wrong hut. Tails first informs him that he was trying to open Sally's hut. Sonic then tries the hut next door, but Tails tells him that this is Dulcy's hut. In response, Sonic tells Tails that he was just testing him. To further "test" him, Sonic tells him to point out which hut belongs to him. Believing Sonic, Tails shows Sonic his hut, and Sonic congratulates him for picking the right one before heading inside of it. Still, Tails is perplexed by Sonic's behavior. Later, Tails meets Sally and Dulcy. He tells them that Sonic is taking a nap and that he has noticed that Sonic is not entirely himself. Upon hearing this, Dulcy explains everything to him. Some time afterward, Sally sneaks up to Sonic's hut and eavesdrops on his conversation with Snively over the radio through the window. Initially, Snively is angry that Sonic has not rounded up all the Freedom Fighters in one place, but he quickly recollects himself and asks Sonic to do so. He also added that he would soon arrive in Knothole.

After Sally returns to them, the Freedom Fighters decide to hide in an underground passage under a tree stump. Antoine complains, but the others silence him. Eventually, Sally enters the hiding place as the last and closes the tree stump on top of the passage. Sally then spies on Sonic through a hole in the tree stump. Outside, Sonic is calling out for the other Freedom Fighters, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Snively prepares to land in Robotnik's hovercraft, not knowing that Chuck is hiding onboard it. A Tech-Bot then provides Snively with an enhanced Memory Scrambler. Upon finally landing, Snively puts on a helmet and together with a group of Swat-Bots he flies towards his meeting place with Sonic onboard hover carriers, In the meantime, Chuck sneaks out of the hovercraft and runs off. Upon meeting with Sonic however, Snively learns from Sonic that the Freedom Fighters have all disappeared. Knowing that they must be hiding somewhere, Snively tells the Swat-Bots to turn on their heat sensors and look around to find them. Meanwhile, Chuck tells the Freedom Fighters about Snively's plan to use the Memory Scrambler on all of them to remove their memories temporarily. While Chuck does not know how long the Memory Scrambler's effects last, he knows that they can shake Sonic out of his amnesiac state with a Power Ring. Sally, however, notes that the next Power Ring is due to emerge in two minutes, and she does not believe that they can make it to the Lake of Rings in time. Tails, however, decides to take on this task and flies over to the lake, with Sally and Chuck following him. Fortunately, Tails manages to grab the Power Ring just as it emerges. Tails proceeds to give the Power Ring to Sally, who kisses him as thanks. She then tells him that he has to do one more thing for them.

While the Swat-buts search the area, Dulcy looks through the hole in the tree stump and silences Antoine when he starts to chat. Eventually, the Swat-Bots locate the Freedom Fighters underneath the tree stump, and Snively gives them five seconds to come out. In the very last second, the tree stump is opened, and Antoine comes out to greet Snively, who pushes him aside. Dulcy proceeds to threaten Snively, but Snively retaliates by zapping Dulcy with the Memory Scrambler. Snively then tells Sonic to find Sally, who is the one he cares most about to find. When Sonic sets off, Snively also orders a squadron of Stealthbots to take off. Meanwhile, Sonic stumbles during his run and is found by Tails. Tails proceeds to take Sonic to Sally and Chuck, who tell him that they are his friends. Sonic, however, does not believe them, and proclaims that the only friend he recognizes is Snively the Great. In response, Sally throws the Power Ring to Sonic, whose power restores his memory. Sonic proceeds to run around for a bit before coming back to his friends and thanking them for the help. Chuck then tells everyone that he has a plan. While he and Sally reprogram the Stealthbots to cancel the attack on Knothole, Sonic had to take care of Snively. Agreeing on the plan, the heroes separate and proceed to act.

Meanwhile, Bunnie, Rotor and Dulcy have all been hit by the Memory Scrambler. The only one left is Antoine, who tries to avoid Snively's wrath by kissing his boots. However, Snively does not care for that and hits him with the Memory Scrambler. Suddenly though, Sonic arrives and snatches the Memory Scrambler from Snively, whom Sonic hits with the Memory Scrambler. With Snively now amnesiac, Sonic presents himself as "Sonic the Magnificent". At the same time, Sally and Chuck have managed to get into Robotnik's hovercraft and broken into the Stealthbots' system. Chuck then contacts the Stealthbots, telling them to cancel their mission. However, the Stealthbots demand a special password in order to confirm the order. After not finding any password in the system, Sally realizes that the password must be Robotnik's favorite insulting description of Sonic: Rodent. Typing the word into the system, Chuck gives the Stealthbots the password. Confirming the password as correct, the Stealthbots return to base. Sally and Chuck then celebrate their success.

Later, Sonic, Sally and Chuck have taken Snively back to Robotnik's headquarters. There, Sonic shows an amnesiac Snively an holographic image of Robotnik and tells him that Robotnik is his enemy. Meanwhile, Sally and Chuck remove the location of Knothole from the database and replace it with the location of the Great Swamp. Snively then says goodbye to Sonic, thanking and praising him. Immediately after, Sonic and his friends hear Robotnik return, prompting them to flee the scene. Snively, on the other hand, begins to challenge and attack Robotnik. Robotnik, however, merely pushes Snively back against the wall. The angry doctor then grabs Snively and intends to punish him. However, in that moment, Snively regains his memory and tells Robotnik that he has found Knothole. This makes Robotnik release Snively, who promises to take him to Knothole. After arriving in the Great Swamp though, Robotnik gets annoyed by the mosquitoes there. Telling Snively that his patience is wearing thin, a confused Snively continues to try and find Knothole.



Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Czech Ztráta Paměti Memory loss
French Lavage de cerveau Brainwashing
German Sonic verliert sein Gedächtnis Sonic is losing his memory
Latin American Sin cerebro Without brain
Russian Без царя в голове The empty-headed one
Korean 기억을 잃은 소닉 Sonic lost memory
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