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Nintendo Power was a monthly magazine published by Future US.

First Published in July/August 1988, it exclusively featured Nintendo systems, third party and Nintendo published games, and also gave video-game trivia constantly. Ever since Sega became a third party company, Sonic-related information has been featured in many volumes of Nintendo Power. The magazine, however, stopped publishing by the end of 2012 after Nintendo announced that they will not renew a licensing agreement with Future Publishing on 21 August 2013.[1] The last issue was released on December 2012.

Star Power

In every volume since 256, Nintendo Power had given two whole pages just for a character and its info, such as Yoshi. Some Sonic characters have been chosen for Star Power.

Sonic-related volumes

Main articles

These Sonic games were the main article in a volume. It is known as a main article topic if it appears on the cover.

Sub-main articles

These articles appear secondary to the main article (i.e. A Pokemon article is the main article, but a Sonic game appears after it). Only few Sonic games are put in sub-main articles.


As many other game magazines do, Nintendo Power has reviewed several games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Sonic the Hedgehog games reviewed by Nintendo Power generally receive positive feedback, however, no game in the series has received a perfect score (a 10 out of 10). Due to Nintendo not renewing their license for Nintendo games, Nintendo Power's last issue was released on December 2012, meaning that the last Sonic game reviewed by Nintendo Power was Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Sonic games reviewed by Nintendo Power, and their respective scores are the following:


  • In V285, their final issue, they listed their 285 top games of all-time for a Nintendo-hardware only. Sonic Colors was ranked 91 on the list, and Sonic Generations (3DS) was ranked 150.
  • Every volume that a Sonic character is chosen for the Star Power section has a Pokémon-themed main article story.




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