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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Nightside Rush

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The broken roads of this desolate, futuristic city run slick from constant rain.

— In-game description

Nightside Rush is the second course of the Babylon Rogues story in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and is located in Monopole. This racetrack consists of a course very Megalo Station and in the story Storm travels here to collect an Ark of the Cosmos.


The stage firsts starts at the same train station in Megalo Station. The race then eventually reaches an upside down track, probably assisted by the anti-gravity forces of the Ark of the Cosmos. The stage eventually returns to that same train station. The stage is practically the same as Megalo Station only that it is set at night and is constantly raining. There are shifting bridges which turn the stage upside down.


Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Find the fastest route and reach the goal in under 1:08 minutes! Jet
  • Normal: 1:08-1:03
  • Super: 1:02-1:00
  • Extreme: <1:00
2 Reach the goal with at least 120 Rings! Wave
  • Normal: 120-139 Rings
  • Super: 140-159 Rings
  • Extreme: 160 or more Rings
3 Score at least 9 points by performing really slick tricks! Storm
  • Normal: 9-16 points
  • Super: 17-21 points
  • Extreme: 22 or more points
4 Perform at least 20 air rides before reaching the goal! Wave
  • Normal: 20-27 air rides
  • Super: 28-33 air rides
  • Extreme: 34 air rides
5 Earn 4 points performing meteor bursts before reaching the goal! Jet
  • Normal: 4-8 points
  • Super: 9-11 points
  • Extreme: 12 or more points
6 Catch up to the fleeing robot and destroy it in 1:10 minutes or less Storm
  • Normal: 1:10-0:30
  • Super: 0:30-0:15
  • Extreme: <0:15
7 Use gravity action to smash at least 30 cars! Storm
  • Normal: 30-44 cars
  • Super: 45-56 cars
  • Extreme: 57 or more cars


  • This track's opposite stage, Megalo Station, is actually this track backwards.
  • When accessing the first Grind or Air-Ride section, the player is taken through a path which is notably the upside-down version of the main path after hitting the jump. The player may 'flip' themselves to the 'upside-down path' using Gravity Control directing upwards as soon as he/she hits that jump ramp (or the ramp which leads to a wall route) and climbs to a reasonable height. This also scores Gravity Points as if accessing a wall-route and the only way to access both of the Grind Areas of this course.




Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Through Traffic N/A 4:45


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