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Nigel Dobbyn was an artist for Sonic the Comic.


Nigel Dobbyn had previously worked with editor Richard Burton on 2000 AD, but Burton had concerns over whether Dobbyn could fit in with STC's style. Dobbyn and Nigel Kitching developed the Sparkster strip with the intention that Dobbyn would draw it, although it ended up being drawn by Keith Page. Despite this, Kitching continued to request that Dobbyn be given stories in STC, and eventually this paid off. His first work on the series was for the spin-off Sonic the Poster Mag, in Sonic the Poster Mag #9, in which he illustrated "Trapped in the Vortex!"[1]

Nigel Dobbyn became a permanent member of staff beginning in Sonic the Comic #65, collaborating with writer Nigel Kitching on the Knuckles series of strips. Kitching, a close friend of Dobbyn and an artist himself, was so keen to work with Dobbyn that he volunteered to give up paid artist work on the Knuckles strip in favour of Dobbyn. Dobbyn and Kitching's Knuckles stories continued until Sonic the Comic #101, "Loose Ends", uninterrupted except for a three-issue stretch from Sonic the Comic #91 to #93, in which the Knuckles stories were temporarily replaced by a three-part Captain Plunder story called "Shanghaied", illustrated by Richard Elson.

Dobbyn has claimed that his favourite work on the series was in colouring the lineart of Roberto Corona.[1]

Nigel Dobbyn attended Summer of Sonic 2009,[2] having also provided original prints to be displayed at the 2008 convention.[3]

In 2019, Nigel died at the age of 56.[4]


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