Quotation1 Nezu - A mecha rat (mecha nezumi) that sets a bomb once it spots Tails. Quotation2
— Description, Tails Adventure Japanese manual[2]

Nezu (ネズ?)[2] is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventure. It is a small rat mecha used by the Battle Kukku Empire.



The Nezu is a small robotic rat with an emerald green round body and a grey muzzle with a small black nose. It has four short mechanic legs with midnight blue boots. It also has antenna-looking round ears, a small pointy tail, and light bulbs for eyes.



Nezus in narrow Remote Robot tunnels in Volcanic Tunnel.

Nezus in Tails Adventure are recurring enemies featured in Volcanic Tunnel, Cavern Island and Polly Mountain 2. They usually stand still, but starts moving once the player get close. They do not start moving if Tails flies over them though. As they move towards the player, they will stop and place tiny bomb on the path before retreating back to their previous position.

Many Nezus can be placed in tricky sections or inside narrow tunnels which only Remote Robot can access. The player can destroy the Nezus using any type of weapon in the game. They are also easily defeated by flying over them and dropping bombs down on them or throw bombs at them from afar, as they do not start moving towards the player if Tails does not get close enough. Defeating one can sometimes cause a Ring to be dropped for the player to collect.

Powers and abilities

Nezus have an endless supply of tiny bombs which they can deploy.


  • The Nezus' name is derived from "Nezumi", which is Japanese for mouse.


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