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"Next Top Villain" is the thirty-seventh episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 1 August 2015 in the United States and on 29 August 2015 in France.


When Dave The Intern sets out to prove to his mother his villainy, his attempts are a failure until he inadvertently captures Eggman. With Eggman out of the picture, Dave the Intern hijacks his robots and attacks the village. Sonic must rescue Eggman and save the village.







At the beginning of the episode, Dave the Intern is playing with action figures in his room, imagining that he is an evil supervillain fighting Team Sonic. He then hears his mother calling him, questioning him why he is with the Lightning Bolt Society instead of being like Dr. Eggman. Later, the Lightning Bolt Society are seen gluing a coin to the ground as a prank, and Dave tells them that his mother does not allow him to hang out with them anymore. Hoping to replicate supervillain powers, Dave attempts to destroy Team Sonic by blowing a fan on a block of ice (resembling a freeze ray), using a reflecting mirror with the sunlight (like a death ray), and releasing rabbits on the team to maim them. None of these ideas work, however. Dr. Eggman is then seen mockingly applauding Dave for his efforts, and then shows Dave his new invention, the Electrocage. Suddenly, one of the rabbits accidentally knocks over a tree, trapping Eggman himself inside the cage.

The cage and Eggman inside it are then seen in Dave's room. Dave gloats about Eggman's capture, and then proceeds to mock Sonic and his friends on the news that he has taken over Eggman's position as the top villain. Sonic is then seen in an interview with Soar the Eagle, telling the reporter that he is glad Eggman is gone, and he thinks Dave is not much of a threat. Determined to prove Sonic wrong, Dave is seen piloting Octopus Bot, but he drives it recklessly. Team Sonic has had enough, so Sonic commands his team to prevent Dave from hurting himself and/or others and goes to rescue Eggman. After freeing the doctor, Sonic asks how Octopus Bot can be turned off. Eggman initially refuses to reveal his secrets, but after seeing Amy and Knuckles destroy two of the robot's tentacles and Dave squander the robot's ink, he complies. He explains that there is an off switch at the bottom of Octopus Bot's head. Luckily, as Dave takes a selfie, the Octopus Bot crashes into his house, and Sonic easily turns off the robot. Mrs. Dave's Mom is then heard congratulating her son for his malicious deed, saying that he is no longer a loser. Team Sonic heads home, but Tails sees the coin that the Lightning Bolt Society glued down. He tries to pick it up, but he cannot, making the Lightning Bolts laugh at him.




The hammer error

  • When Team Sonic turns around to go home, Amy's Hammer overlaps with her head for a split second.


During development of this episode, it was initially decided that Dave's helmet (and its lame cardboard counterpart) originally only had ice powers. However, the writers felt that they were limiting Dave' imaginary supervillain-abilities that way, and thus gave him additional powers.[3]

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Finnish Seuraava suuri vihollinen Next top villain
French Il y a un nouveau méchant en ville There is a New Villain in Town
Hungarian A gonosztevő utód The villain successor
Italian Dave l'implacabile Dave the implacable
Japanese 新しい悪の王 The New King of Evil
Korean 최고의 악당 되기 Becoming the Top Villain
Polish Najczarniejszy charakter Blackest character
Romanian Următorul personaj negativ faimos
Russian Ещё один злодей Another villain
Spanish (Latin America) El Próximo Máximo Villano The Next Maximum Villain
Thai สุดยอดวายร้ายตัวต่อไป[4] The next ultimate villain
Ukrainian Наступний найкращий лиходій The Next Best Villain


  • This episode aired in France as the thirty-eighth episode in the series.
  • The bears that attack Team Sonic during Dave's fantasy use the same character models as the Stunt Bears'.
  • The gold helmet Dave wears in his fantasy is very reminiscent to Magneto's trademark helmet from the X-Men series.
  • The action figures Dave plays with uses the same models as the ones for the figurines used by the evil Team Sonic in "Eggheads" when they planned their attack on Sonic.
  • During the scenes where Eggman is trapped in Dave's room, one can see that Dave has action figures of various subjects in the Sonic Boom television series. These include:
  • The music that Team Sonic dances to is based off the "Y.M.C.A." song.
  • The part where Knuckles is riding the Octopus Bot's tentacle and says "I'm Billy the Echidna" is a reference to the frontier outlaw in the American Old West named "Billy the Kid."
  • Sticks has no dialogue in this episode.
  • The book that Sticks reads in Amy's House is Sonic's Autobiography, a toy that can be found in Q-N-C's Toy Shop in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.
  • Despite that Sticks is disgusted by anything cute, adorable and fuzzy as stated in "Buster", she seems to be quite fond of the rabbits released by Dave in this episode.
  • The way that Dave's Mom talks is like the same way Mrs Wolowitz talks from The Big Bang Theory. Also, when Sonic and Dr. Eggman said "Nothing Mrs Dave's Mom," they briefly resembled the cast of The Big Bang Theory.
  • Concept artwork for this episode appeared in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.


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