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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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New Mobotropolis is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is the new Nanite City created by Nicole using the nanites. It is the name of the rechristened Nanite City to form the nearly-perfect recreated Mobotropolis. After Dr. Eggman led an assault with his Egg Fleet that obliterated Knothole, Nicole had all of the Mobians transported to New Mobotropolis, which were protected by the city's energy barrier. It is currently the capital of the Kingdom of Acorn and the home of its citizens.



Sometime after the destruction of A.D.A.M., Nicole took control of the Nanite City and began using the Nanites to create a picture perfect recreation of Mobotropolis that she called New Mobotropolis, intending to surprise her friends. However, due to the destruction of Knothole by the Eggman Empire, she was forced to unveil her side-project to her friends early; when she and Tails rewrote the function of Eggman's beams, everyone was sent not to the Egg Grapes but to the safety of New Megaopolis. (StH: #169, #175, #176)


Following the rescue of the citizens of Knothole from the Egg Grape Chambers, a number of enemies of Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters found themselves transported to New Mobotropolis as well, including Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus, Nack the Weasel, Bean the Dynamite, and Bark the Polar Bear. Mogul quickly attempted to rally the people to his leadership, but he and the others were teleported to New Mobotropolis' prison cells by Nicole. (StH: #176, #177)

Political Strife

Shortly after relocating to New Mobotropolis, Amadeus Prower and several others staged a protest intent on removing the Acorns from power due to their failures in the past. Amadeus was subsequently imprisoned for his role in what was seen as a treasonous riot. He later explained to King Elias that under the rule of the Acorns they'd lost both Knothole and Mobotropolis, while a group of children had made the most progress in protecting the people. He thusly believed that the people should have the right to choose their own government rather than be stuck with a failing monarchy. Rosemary Prower and Tails would later break Amadeus out of prison resulting in a fight between Sonic and Tails while Amadeus confronted King Elias. While Sonic and Tails made amends, Sally was forced to intervene when she was alerted to the situation by Nicole. She berated the two for going directly to fighting and told them of her own experiences when she headed the Knothole Council and asked them to find a compromise, resulting in the creation of the seven-member Acorn Council. (StH: #178, #179)

Points of Interest

Castle Acorn

Civic Center

A social gathering center for everything between club meetings and city referendums.


Center of learning for mobians of all ages. Nicole was able to recreate the majority of the materials lost in the destruction of Robotropolis. Information is available in both book form and raw data.


Crops are produced within the city's walls and distributed here. Additionally, craftsmen which produce jewelry and other knickknacks sell them here.

Other Points of Interest



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