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Ruins of New Megaopolis.

New Megaopolis is the capital city of the Eggman Empire and the home base of Doctor Eggman.


Birth of the Eggman Empire

With the destruction of Robotropolis, Dr. Eggman relocated his operations to the abandoned city of Old Megaopolis and began construction of a new artificial shell. Learning what Eggman was up to, the President of Station Square dispatched Rouge the Bat to deal with the situation but was captured. The President then sought out the help of Sonic the Hedgehog and Bunnie Rabbot to complete the mission and rescue her. (StH: #116)

During Sonic's long absence in space, Eggman expanded his territory and effectively created the Eggman Empire, with New Megaopolis as its capital city. New Megaopolis was the location of Dr. Eggman's Infiltrator factory. Learning of its location, the Knothole Freedom Fighters traveled to the city, infiltrated the factory and destroyed it, along with the Infiltrators. (StH: #130, #137)

Decimation by Enerjak

After being captured by Eggman, Knuckles, who had recently become Enerjak, destroyed the city when he escaped from the Egg Grape Chambers. He proceeded to lay waste to Eggman's robotic army, destroying ninety percent of Eggman's ground forces and decimating the entire Egg Fleet. (StH: #182, #183)


New Megaopolis is located Northeast of Old Megaopolis - the remains of New York City after the Xorda attack thousands of years ago - and ends at a huge peninsula. (StH: #137)


  • The name of the city has differed over time, sometimes seen as "New Megopolis" and "New Megapolis". Since author Ian Flynn took over, the name has consistently been "New Megaopolis".

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