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Sonic Underground
New Echidna in Town (transcript)

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This is the Transcript for the Sonic Underground episode "New Echidna in Town".

[Theme song plays.]

Queen Aleena: (Narrating) My children still have many lessons to learn. But some lessons are so big, it takes a whole world to discover them. Now Mobius is learning the greatest lesson of all.
Dingo: Boy outside one thing, chaos ain't all it's cracked up to be. [He gets electrocuted after connecting the emerald shards] Whoa!
[Dingo has a spasm, he flies backwards and hits a mountain. He watches the two shards separate again.]
Dingo: (Sigh). Whoa!
[A huge green light expands and blinds the entire area as Sonic and his siblings drive in their Camper Van.]
Sonic: Whoa! We're really rockin' and rollin'!
Sonia: We've got to find Knuckles before Robotnik does!
[Sonic has a concentrated look on his face and pushes the gas pedal down. The green lighting flashes and chases them away. Thunder and lightning strikes. The van is parked and the trio move out.]
Sonia: [Echoed calling] Knuckles!
Manic: [Echoed calling] Yo dude!
[Lightning strikes again.]
Manic: Sleepless badger.
Sonia: (Gasps) Knuckles wouldn't have surrendered without a fight. He could be hurt, or worse...
[Sonia starts crying.]

[Scene Change]

[Lightning strikes a couple more times, and soon stops. Sleet and Knuckles walk towards Robotnik, whom smiles.]
Dr. Robotnik: Well, what have we here?! Knuckles the Echidna. Good work Sleet, [Walks to Sleet and pats him] I didn't think you had it in you.
Knuckles: He doesn't. I'm here on my own - To make a deal.
Dr. Robotnik: I don't make deals. [Lightning strikes] And even if I did... Why would I make a deal with you?
Knuckles: To save your precious Robotnik Empire. I know how to contain the Chaos Emerald. If we join forces, we have a chance to stop this Chaos.
[Lightning strikes again.]
Dr. Robotnik: Hmm, I'm always open to saving myself, but if I'm going to help you then you've got to help me. [Firmly] I want the hedgehogs...
[Lightning strikes again.]
Knuckles: [Shocked] You've got to be kidding! I'd never betray my friends!
Dr. Robotnik: Then I guess the destruction of Mobius will be your fault. (Laughs), Too bad.
Knuckles: You don't mean that, Robotnik. You're bluffing!
Dr. Robotnik: (Laughs) If I can't defeat Sonic, [Harshly] then I hope Mobius is destroyed!
[Chaos energy strikes the area. Knuckles is forced to cover his head as debris falls around the area.]
Sleet: He means it. He'll let Chaos destroy Mobius if you don't help us capture the hedgehogs.
[Knuckles puts his head down in sadness.]
Dr. Robotnik: (Laughs louder)
Knuckles: If you do capture them, Sonic, Manic... Sonia... Would you roboticize them?
Dr. Robotnik: Roboticize them? Of course not! I'd keep them as prisoners so I could taunt them with my victory.
Knuckles: But I, I can't betray my friends!
[Knuckles turns around to think.]
Knuckles: But I can't let Mobius be destroyed... Alright! I'll do it! [Starts crying] For the good of Mobius.
Dr. Robotnik: I knew you'd make the right decision. Someday, all of Mobius will thank you, well... almost all. (Laughs)
[Cuts to next scene.]
Sonia: If Knuckles is captured, we've got to rescue him.
Sonic: We've gotta save Mobius first or it won't matter - Know what I mean?!
Manic: No problemo sibs. How do we contain the Chaos Emerald without Knuckles? He's got the canister... Oh boy!
[The green light comes their way...]
Manic: Run for cover!
[They hide underneath the van. Some bolts fall off the Van and land on their heads.]
Sonia: Ow!
[The mysterious light comes over them.]
Sonic: Funny thing about chaos - You can't predict it.
Sonia: Knuckles!
[Knuckles arrives.]
Sonia: We though you were Buttnik's prisoner!
[Knuckles puts his hand out to halt Sonia.]
Sonia: Oh I thought we'd never see you again!
Knuckles: Well I... I managed to get away from Sleet.
Sonia: Alright, I'm glad you're back!
Knuckles: Sleet didn't get this.
Sonic: Great. Now all we need is to find the Emerald.
Knuckles: Well, I think I figured out where it is. But, I'm gonna need your help.
Sonic: Well, what are we waiting on?! Let's jam!
[Cuts to next scene. Sonic, Manic and Sonia are inside of the van.]
Manic: You know Knuckles, Sonia was ready to give up Mobius for you. Haha!
Sonia: [Protesting] I was not! You just keep your mind on finding that Emerald!
Knuckles: Yeah, Manic. Nothing's more important than saving Mobius... No matter what it takes.
[Cuts to next scene.]
Knuckles: The Chaos Emerald is just on the other side of this canyon.
[Robotnik - along with two Swatbots - is watching from high above, and spots their van.]
Dr. Robotnik: Open fire!
[The swatbots shoot out some glue. The van drives over it and gets stuck.]
Sonia: (Gasps)
[They all leave the van.]
Sonia: Huh?
Sonic: We're stuck!
[Lightning strikes again. Manic suddenly sees Robotnik from up high.]
Manic: Bad news sibs - Buttnik!
[The Swatbots aim their guns again.]
Dr. Robotnik: Don't leave! Stick around!
[The Swatbots fire again. Sonic, Manic and Sonia get stuck in huge dollops of glue. Sonic strains and tries to get the glue off, but they stick on both hands instead.]
Sonia: Sonic!
Sonic: Knuckles, quick! Help!
Knuckles: I'm sorry... But... It's for the good of Mobius.
[Sonic, Manic and Sonia gasp. Robotnik lowers and parks his vehicle.]
Dr. Robotnik: Surprise, surprise! It was your friend Knuckles who led you into my trap!
Manic and Sonia: Knuckles?!
[Knuckles looks guiltily at them, then looks down.]
Sonia: No! I don't believe it!
Knuckles: I had to. [Angrily to Robotnik] I kept my part of the bargain, Robotnik. Now we find the emerald!
Dr. Robotnik: Yes! The Emerald. But first thing's first - Bring out the portable roboticizing chamber!
Knuckles: (Gasps)
Sleet: A perfect ending, your roundness. Only you could trick Knuckles into betraying the hedgehogs.

[Scene Change]

[More lightning strikes.]
Knuckles: You said you wouldn't roboticize them.
Dr. Robotnik: (Gasps) Not roboticize them?! Did I say that?
Sleet: Not that I recall.
Knuckles: (Gasps)
Dr. Robotnik: I didn't think so. Start with Sonia!
Sonia: Don't touch me you butt-head!
[The swatbot grabs Sonia.]
Sonia: Wha! Hey! Ow!
[She screams as the Swatbot carries her towards the Roboticizer's chamber.]
Knuckles: No!
[Knuckles prepares a fist attack, scaring Sleet behind the building. Robotnik also takes steps back. As a swatbot comes in and blocks the entrance, Knuckles comes in with his fists and destroys the swatbot. Knuckles grabs the Swatbot's gun and begins to shoot...]
Dr. Robotnik: No Knuckles...
[The gun is fired at the Swatbot holding Sonia, setting her free.]
Sonic: Yeah! Get 'em Knux!
Manic: Ah yeah, get 'em Knux, let 'em have it! Ha, ha... Nice going!
[Knuckles shoots the glue gun repeatedly at it, causing it to fall into the roboticizing pod.]
Dr. Robotnik: No! You can't roboticize a robot, you'll overload the system!
[As the roboticizer overloads, Sonic struggles to break free of the glue.]
Sonia: Whoa!
[The Roboticizer explodes, blasting Sonia high while still attached to the glue and making her scream. She is pulled into a particular spot, and her eyes roll in dizziness.]
Knuckles: Now to dissolve that glue.
[Knuckles uses a different gun on Sonia, removing the glue that was on her.]
Sonia: Ah!
[He shoots at Manic and Sonic, dissolving the glue and breaking them free.]
Manic: Good to have you back, dude.
[The hedgehogs hop inside their van. Knuckles destroys the glue around the Van. The Van drives away.]
Dr. Robotnik: [Angrily] He destroyed my roboticizing chamber! Get him!
[Swatbots chase after them.]
Manic: Hang on! Manic man stops for no bot!
[The van drives through two Swatbots, knocking them over. Lightning strikes again. Manic looks away while driving and exhales in relief.]
Sonia: (Gasps) Manic!
[Sonic immediately taps Manic, making him alert again. Lava spreads towards them from ahead.]
Manic: (Gasps)
[Manic puts his foot hard on the brake pedal. The van starts skidding.]
Manic: No!
Sonic: That chaos wave must have set it off!
Manic: Better back it up - Or we're hedgehog stew!
[Swatbots and Robotnik's vehicle chase from behind. Lightning strikes again.]
Manic: Yo, we can't go backwards!
Knuckles: Follow me!
[Knuckles jumps out and breaks a huge hole through a wall. They advance through the hole with the lava following them. The lava also heads for Robotnik's vehicle and his swatbots.]
Dr. Robotnik: (Gasps)
[Sleet presses a button repeatedly, but the vehicle doesn't move.]
Sleet: Huh?
[Instead the vehicle's tail-fin keeps hitting the terrain above.]
Dr. Robotnik: What are you waiting for, you fool?!
Sleet: I'm reversing, I'm reversing!
[The vehicle starts reversing away from the lava. Meanwhile, the hedgehogs make it to the ground above.]
Sonia: Quick thinking Knuckles!
Sonic: Yeah - I really dug what you did! (Laughs)
Manic: Good one Sonic!
Knuckles: [Miserably] I never should've trusted Robotnik.
Sonia: You were desperate to save Mobius. I might have done the same thing in your place.
Sonic: Hey, are you forgetting something? We still gotta find the Emerald!

[Scene Change]

[They drive in their Camper Van. Sonic sees the bright green light up ahead.]
Sonic: Hey, what's that!? That's gotta be the Emerald! [To Knuckles] Give me the canister and I'll check it out!
[More lightning strikes. Dingo - while shielding his eyes - runs toward the Chaos Emerald, but Sonic dashes ahead and spots him.]
Sonic: Hi guy! What's the prob?
Sleet: You are, hedgehog!
[Sleet and the swatbots arrive.]
Sonic: (Gasps)
Sleet: ...But not for long! [Ordering to the Swatbot] Get the Emerald!
[A swatbot grabs the Emerald.]
Dingo: (Chuckles) Sleet! Am I glad to see you.
Sleet: You traitor! I'll deal with you later. But first we've got to get the Emerald safe.
[Sleet uses the Shapeshift Remote to turn Dingo into a box.]
Dingo: Oh no, not that, Sleet!
[The swatbot puts the Chaos Emerald into the box.]
Sleet: Keep your mouth, and your door shut!
Sonic: That thing may keep me out, but it won't keep the Chaos in! This canister is the only thing that'll contain the Emerald.
Sleet: Why should I believe you?
Dingo: Uh, Sleet...
[Sleet gasps. Chaos energy tries to protrude through the box.]
Dingo: I don't feel so good! [Exclaims in pain.]
Sonic: Wuh-oh...
[Dingo grows radically and turns into a massive monster, making Sonic and Sleet panic.]

[Scene Change]

[Sonic and Sleet move away as Dingo edges up on them. He tramples over a Camper Van.]
Sonic: Wait Sleet... Morph him into a kitten, a puppy, anything!
[Sleet presses the button on the remote several times.]
Sleet: It's not working!
Sonic: Keep trying! I'll be back with help!
Sleet: [Nervous] Dingo! Oh... wow, partner... You don't look so good. Is there anything I can do for you? Is there anything you, you want?
Dingo: I want... CHAOS!!!
[Dingo blows Sleet away.]
[Cuts to Sonic.]
Knuckles: Did you get the Emerald?
Sonic: I think we're gonna need a bigger canister.
[Dingo approaches.]
Dingo: [Echoes] Chaos! I want CHAOS!!!
Manic: Dingo? Oh man, and I thought he was ugly before!
Sonia: Chaos definitely isn't his look.
Dingo: Rargh!
[Dingo unleashes an energy blast to the top of a mountain, which erupts into a volcano. He creates brick-shaped fists and pounds the top of two nearby mountains, erupting more lava. He roars at the heroes, whom have shocked looks on their faces.]
Knuckles: He'll tear the whole planet apart!
Sonic: Not if we stop him!
[Sonic gives the canister to Knuckles and shoots at Dingo using his gun (guitar), but he is unharmed.]
Dingo: Argh!
[Dingo smashes down on the ground so Sonic dashes away to avoid.]
Sonic: Ah!
[Manic brings out his drums and bangs them repeatedly.]
Dingo: You call that an earthquake? This is an earthquake.
[But Dingo pounds the ground so hard that Manic's drum set shatters.]
Manic: (Gasps) Whoa dude!
[An arch breaks off and another volcano erupts.]
Sonic: [Nervous] He's too strong!
[Dingo casually walks away. Robotnik's vehicle arrives by the hedgehogs.]
Sonic: Robotnik! Oh just what we need.
Dr. Robotnik: Get the hedgehogs!
Knuckles: Wait! Dingo swallowed the Chaos Emerald!
Manic: He's turned into a monster!
Sonia: He'll spread chaos all over Mobius!
Dr. Robotnik: And your point is...
Sonia: He's heading straight for Robotropolis! He'll turn you into rubble if we don't stop him!
Dr. Robotnik: [Pretending] Ooh, I'm scared! As if Dingo could do anything right. [Ordering to the Swatbots] Get up!
[Swatbots set off.]
Dr. Robotnik: Ahh.
Sonic: But Dingo stole the Emerald from you! You gonna let him get away with that? You're the man, the Buttnik! The Butt my sir, you're gonna let Dingo make a monkey out of you? You'll be the laughing stock of Mobius!
Dr. Robotnik: Nobody steals from Robotnik and gets away with it. I do all the stealing around here!
Sonic: That's the old Buttnik I know and don't love! Now picture this... I got a plan to put Dingo in his place.
[Sonic whispers into Robotnik's ears.]
Dr. Robotnik: Hmm... I like it!

[Scene Change]

Dingo: Robotropolis! And it's all mine!
[Dingo prepares to unleash chaos energy, but he hears Manic's drumset playing and looks back.]
[Sonic, Manic and Sonia bring out their musical instruments.]

[The song "Mobius Stomp" plays.]

[The Swatbots use the glue gun to stick Dingo to the ground.]
Dingo: [Struggles] I can't walk!
[Sonic pushes Robotnik forward for a brief moment.]
Dr. Robotnik: W-What are you doing? What am I supposed to do now?
[Sonic gives Robotnik a thumb up.]
Sonic: Just stand right there!
Dr. Robotnik: Why? [Sonic zooms off] No wait!
Dingo: I'm falling!
[Dingo tumbles on top of Robotnik and he spits out the Chaos Emerald. The Chaos Emerald shards floats up in the air. Knuckles - holding the canister - runs as hard as he can. He then dives and body surfs along the ground, keeping the canister upright. He catches all the shards and the canister glows. He closes the lid of the canister. The hedgehogs walk over to him.]
Sonic: Nice catch!
Knuckles: Give the credit to the team!

[Scene Change]

[Dingo shrinks away, still on top of Robotnik, who mutters. Dingo suddenly sees Robotnik and puts his hands by his mouth.]
Dingo: Uh oh.
[He jumps off of the glue patch and tip-toes towards Sleet while Robotnik rubs his sore head. Sleet already has his hands on his hips along with an angry look on his face.]
Dingo: Uh... Hi, Sleet.
Dr. Robotnik: [Angrily] Dingo! I'm gonna roboticize you! First for stealing the Chaos Emerald, again for letting Sonic escape and a third time for flattening me! And then!... [Evilly] No more Mr. Nice guy!

[Scene Change]

Knuckles: Athair, we brought you the Chaos Emerald for safekeeping.
Athair: The Emerald must be kept by you. On the floating island.
Sonia: But you'll be coming with us won't you, to join the resistance?
Athair: Knuckles' duty lies on the floating island. Just as your duty lies with the resistance.
Sonic: And finding mom!
Knuckles: But if you ever need a break from fighting Buttnik, there's always room on the floating island.
Sonia: And you're welcome to sit in with a Band anytime!
[Sonia kisses Knuckles. The screen fades to black and the credits appear.]