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Never Lake is a location that appears in Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a pristine lake area on Mobius where the Miracle Planet appears in the skies above for a three days every month.


Never Lake is a clear lake located in a scarce terrain with several rock formations and mountains around it. In the past, the area was as well surrounded by fledging forestation.[1] Due to Dr. Robotnik, a mountain adjacent to Never Lake also had Robotnik's face carved into it.

Connecting Never Lake to the Miracle Planet is a mystical chain that nobody understands. Although it seems hundreds of miles long, one can walk its entire length in a few hours.[2] When the Miracle Planet vanishes, the chain remains visible from both planets,[3] however one only needs to stand a few yards along the chain from the Miracle Planet to remain in the same dimension as Mobius. In either case, while the two planets are out of phase, the chain appears to end in space, supported by unknown means.[4]

There are no Star Post at Never Lake, meaning that instantaneous travel there is not possible.[1]


Before Dr. Robotnik came and laid its environment to waste, Never Lake was one of the greatest beauty spots on Mobius.[5] When Amy Rose was kidnapped by Metallix, she was taken to Never Lake. The lake thus became the site of Sonic's first battle with the Metallix as Sonic came to save Amy.[1] The other Freedom Fighters soon after arrived at Never Lake, but failed to catch up to Sonic on the Miracle Planet.[3]

The Freedom Fighters later came to Never Lake to visit Miracle Planet for mission which left Porker Lewis stranded on the planet.[2][4] A month later, Sonic reunited with Porker (who was in fact a Metallix in disguise) at Never Lake. In the meantime, the Chaotix arrived at Never Lake to investigate the activity of the Brotherhood of Metallix on the Miracle Planet. Meeting with Sonic and the fake Porker, the group journeyed to the Miracle Planet along Never Lake's giant chain. On the way, the heroes destroyed the Porker Metallix when it attacked them.[5][6]

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