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The Neutral Garden is the first Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2. It is the default Chao Garden, available from the start of the game.


The area is filled with palm trees that grow nuts which are used to feed the Chao. There is also a waterfall and pool with a cave behind the waterfall. The area is surrounded on almost all sides by a cliff like structure with the entrance and exit from the Main Hall being a small cave in the cliff. However opposite the entrance the garden ends and looking outwards nothing but sky can be seen. The cave behind the waterfall leads to a section where the Chao can be entered in races or martial art tournaments to win prizes.

There is also VMU stand in this area that was used for the Chao VMU minigame (Dreamcast version only). In Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, this was replaced by a Chao Machine with a GBA stand that was used to transfer Chao and other items between the Chao Garden in the Sonic Adventure series while in the 2012 re-release version, it is replaced with a machine shaped like a Chao's head, used to release Chao.



Name Artist Length Music Track
Neutral Chao Garden Fumie Kumatani 1:31

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